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29 Weeks Until Christmas


Hi gang – we’re down to 29 weeks until Christmas and the whole world here at the North Pole is having a great time with the whole sleigh race thing between Team Red and Team Pink.

Countdown to Christmas

Don’t let anyone, even Santa and Mrs. Claus, tell you different. This IS a competition and everyone here is following it like it is the Super Bowl.

And so far, the girls are skunking the boys. Bad. Real bad. And it is all anyone has been talking about.

The races have so far happened in the skies over the North Pole. So a lot of elves here have been eye-witnesses to these events.

For weeks now they have been out there watching these crazy weird sleighs. And the girls have won every single day.

It hasn’t even been close and that’s why so many are talking about it. In fact, some are starting to say that there’s something wrong with those reindeer or with that red sleigh or even with Santa himself.

The simple truth is that the girls just want it more.

We passed an important milestone this week. There are only 200 days left until Santa launches.

But hardly anyone here noticed it or talked about it.

We are approaching the end of elf vacation season – pretty much everyone has to be back by the end of June.

But even those on vacation are checking in on these races.

Meanwhile, while Santa and Mrs. Claus mess with these fancy sleighs, the real test flights of Santa’s sleigh for this year are getting underway too. So far, those flights have only been at the North Pole too.

But they are getting ready to head out. I’m not sure yet what the schedule is but the chances of you being able to see sleighs high in the sky are growing. If it is summer where you are the odds are pretty good you might spot a sleigh of a test flight.

I’m sure Elf Meg from Flight Command will be updating us soon on all that.

Until then watch the girls and Team Mrs. Claus go. They just can’t be beat.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Hi Elf Trixie! Yeah, Santa’s launch is coming soon every day! I’m curious how you and other elves at the North Pole are doing this elf’s vacation. I’m a little confused about how the girls of the Pink team win with the boys. I guess not speeding. Do you have some pictures? I want to see it, lol
    I look forward to hearing about the test lights going, the Leon Day, and Christmas in July soon! XD

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