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7 Months Until Christmas

7 Months Until Christmas 1

Hi gang! Just 7 months to go until Christmas. As Elf Trixie told you earlier this week, there is a lot of reindeer and sleigh excitement at the North Pole.

Test Flights

I’ll just add to it by saying this: The regular test flights of Santa’s sleigh – the one planned to be used on Christmas Eve – is going to get very little attention as long as Santa and Mrs. Claus are piloting those crazy new sleighs.

I’ve seen them.

Now, let me just caution you about these sleighs. They are really radical. That means they are kind of strange. You know how that make those monster trucks with the big giants wheels that in no way could be used on a regular street? That’s kind of how I want you to picture these new sleighs Santa and Mrs. Claus will be testing.

There’s just no way they could ever be used for an actual Christmas Eve flight. First of all, they have a cockpit. The pilot is squeezed into a tight, tiny space with a reclining seat that nearly puts them on their back. They can see – but they just don’t sit in it the same way as a regular sleigh.

That is because these sleighs are shaped like a piece of pie that has been placed on it’s side. It’s long and pointy and narrow at the front end – very wedge-like. That is the only way I can think of to describe it.

I talked to Elf Roger Star, Director of North Pole Flight Command, who has many years of sleigh flight and sleigh design experience. He told me this sleigh was designed using some of the most cutting edge technology known to science. Santa himself has been very involved for a number of years with this experimental design.

Roger explained that Santa wanted two of these sleighs made, flown with different reindeer and different pilots, to answer some very specific questions. So there is a special reason he and Mrs. Claus as doing this the way they are.

But how they see it is very different than the average elf is perceiving at the North Pole.

Some elves have taken to calling it a battle between the boys and the girls. Team Pink, which is led by Mrs. Claus, has all girls as reindeer powering this crazy sleigh. They are, for whatever reason, getting a lot of attention and many elves here at the North Pole want them to “win”.

Both Santa and Mrs. Claus said there is no competition and, thus, no winning.

But if you listen to the radio here or all the news reports it is all anyone cares about right now. They are talking about nothing else.

I can tell you this: this whole event, whatever it is, is sure driving up the Christmas spirit. We’re a long ways from Christmas but the reports I’m seeing from the workshop, from the post office and from the Wrapping Department all seem to indicate that production is way up and a lot of stuff for Christmas is getting done ahead of schedule.

We’ll take that good news any day of the week.

Coming up next month is, of course, Leon Day and the kick-off to Christmas in July. The news from the North Pole always picks up with this great event so check back often for updates. There will be scheduled chats, feature stories and even some fun events to share in with the North Pole in the next couple of months.

Elf Ernest

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Hi Elf Ernest! You’re so lucky to see the sleighs! I think Santa and Elf Roger wanted to make their ideal sleigh freely. If they don’t compete with each other, I think they would like us to have fun and also think about Christmas, Santa, and the North Pole. Leon Day and Christmas in July are coming soon!
    I’m looking forward to having fun with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves at the Noth Pole and around the world! XD

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