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8 Months Until Christmas

8 Months Until Christmas

Today marks just 8 months until Christmas Eve is and there is a lot of work to be done. And it is getting done!

North Pole

I know Elf Trixie has been updating you weekly but in this months update I wanted to address a lot of the questions that have been coming in to the North Pole Post Office.

By far the biggest question is “Where is Santa?”, followed by “Why is Santa so quiet?”

Santa is here and he’s super busy. And he’s so quiet because he’s catching up on a lot of projects. He was gone so much of last year that he fell behind on a lot of things he had going on. He has also been busy catching up with everyone at the North Pole that he fell out of contact with during his absence last year.

I told Santa that many of you are anxious to hear from him. He told me to let you know he’s sorry and that he’ll schedule a chat real soon – maybe even as part of Christmas in July.

But he’s good. Everything is going well for Santa and he wants you to know he appreciates your concerns and your questions.

Another thing we have been seeing a lot of questions coming in about are the reindeer.

There really isn’t much to tell you right now. They all went home in January and we hear all of them are well. They are back to their home countries and enjoying their time off. We are not scheduled to see most of them until later in the autumn months.

However, you do need to know that some of the test flight reindeer teams are re-assembling soon and will begin training. The test flights of Santa’s sleigh are scheduled to begin the first week of June. So we will not be reindeer-less entirely at the North Pole.

The North Pole Post Office also reports a big uptick in wish lists for Santa. We are quite impressed that some of you already know what you want for Christmas.

It’s entirely okay for you to send in a wish list to Santa now. In fact, it’s very helpful. Whatever you put on your lists is what Santa’s workshop works on.

Even if you change your mind later, and many of you too, it’s okay. Santa wants to make sure we have leftovers of everything anyway. So wish lists now are just as good as wish lists later.

From all indications with 8 months left to go all things are on track for Operation Merry Christmas this year. Keep your cards, letters and artwork coming. We enjoy hearing from you all year long!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Ernest! I’m glad to hear about Santa, even though he’s quiet, lol. I hope he’s thinking about this year from his walkabout last year. I hope we can help with his new ideas. Oh, that’s right, sending wish lists earlier helps Santa’s workshop. I’ll send it soon! That’s very nice, we can change it later too. Thanks to you, we can see Operation Merry Christmas is gradually going well!

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