Hi there friends! Are ya happy? There are only 44 weeks now until Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas

Thank you for all the emails. Sincerely. So many of you wrote in last week thinking I was unhappy or maybe a little miffed at the whole Valentine’s Day thing. I guess I came on a little strong in my post and I’m sorry about that.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. It just annoys me a little.

Someday, when I do have a sweetheart, I am sure I will like it.

Anyways, let’s get to some of the questions you sent in, shall we?

Are there such things as Valentine’s cookies? GREAT QUESTION, from Emily in Iowa, USA.

There are! And they are a lot like Christmas sugar cookies! Same recipe, different shape. Lots of hearts and pink frosting. LOL.

Actually, Mrs. Claus made these vanilla crème cookies that had a little macadamia nut on it that I couldn’t stay away from. There were long and skinny cookies – I don’t know why she made them that way – but they just melt in your mouth. I don’t know how she does it. But if Mrs. C is making cookies, I’m so there.

Traeden of somewhere in Georgia, USA, asked this question:

What do elves wear on Valentine’s Day?

I’m really glad you asked that question. Because at the North Pole, it’s different. Now, remember, I grew up in Colorado and since Valentine’s Day is in the winter there most people wear coats and heavy sweaters and stuff for cold weather. And you would think the North Pole would be the same.

But it’s not.

Somehow it has become tradition at the North Pole for Valentine’s Day to be a very dressy occasion. Not formal like a prom, but everyone here dresses nice. The guys are dressed in long sleeved shirts and ties, the girls in dresses, pretty shoes and jewelry. Almost like they are all date-ready.

It is considered good manners to dress up on Valentine’s Day.

I’m told that many years ago, long before I came to the North Pole, Mrs. Claus used to host workshops for elves on proper manners. She taught the men how to iron their shirts, the importance of their grooming, like cleaning under their fingernails.

Believe it or not, some of that basic stuff is hard for a working elf. Especially the guys who work in the heavy mechanical parts of Santa’s workshop. They fix machines and things and their hands deal with oily stuff sometimes.

So they appreciated those classes by Mrs. Claus.

One of the courses Mrs. C taught was about holiday etiquette. They were very well attended classes because nobody really knew what the “rules” were when it came to holidays.

As you know, holidays at the North Pole can be different. The Halloween Party, as you are well aware, always features a food fight. It’s a lot of fun. But even that has rules people need to follow so that no one gets hurt. And that includes hurt feelings, something a lot of elves didn’t really think about until Mrs. Claus taught about it.

Anyways, the Valentine’s Day Etiquette Class was one of the most well attended that Mrs. Claus hosted and she made the most of it. Ever since elves have been dressing up nice for Valentine’s Day.

So, even though Valentine’s is not my favorite of all days good things came out of it because you guys expressed concern and asked questions.

Next up on the calendar at the North Pole for a holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. And if you want to know about that I’ll tell you everything. It’s a different holiday here at the North Pole too.


Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Hi Elf Trixie! I didn’t know Valentine’s Day was a holiday at the North Pole! And her manners at the workshop are so lovely. I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day with a future gentle elf someday (and me too, lol)! I’ll also follow the fantastic manner to be a nicer elf! I’m not good at baking, but I wish I could do a hand massage to the elves someday if they are okay. My country doesn’t have St. Patrick’s Day, so I’m curious how you celebrate it. Do you put on any green or different on the day? XD

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