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Santa Declares a Holiday


Santa may have set a new speed record in getting around the world but he certainly has set no such records since getting back to the North Pole. Yesterday, after almost a full day back, Santa presided over a very brief ceremony to reset the countdown clocks at the North Pole and then hastily declared a holiday. All elves are off work and all departments are closed until January 2nd at the North Pole.

This is not unusual. Santa and most elves work nearly every day in December before Christmas so it is customary to take a few days off between Christmas and the New Year holiday.

Santa returned to the North Pole Christmas Party, along with other elves who were out and about as part of Operation Merry Christmas, and that party went well into Christmas Day at the North Pole.

Next came the “long winter’s nap”, a time for Santa and the elves to rest after the long weekend.

Santa’s reindeer too have been getting some rest. We have had many reach out to the North Pole to inquire about Vixen and how she is doing after the long flight around the world. We are happy to report that Vixen is resting well and without pain. She is very glad she made the extra effort to fly with Santa and doctors who looked at her upon her return feel Vixen can continue to recover. She too will be taking a bit of a rest over the next several days.

Many elves here at the North Pole are already talking about Operation Merry Christmas for next year. This year was so successful many are wondering if it is even possible for next year to be better.

According to Elf Crash Murphy, who checked in with Santa Trackers a few days ago, there is much work to be done and many areas in which improvements can be made.

But that’s conversation for later.

For right now, Santa wants everyone involved with Operation Merry Christmas to rest and celebrate. He feels there is much to be happy about and that the next several days should be a reward for a job well done.

The new year at the North Pole begins next week. With that comes a new routine, some changes and all new energy as we get ready for Santa’s next ride. We hope you continue forward with us!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Ernest! Congratulations, Santa (over and over)! I think Santa and the elves celebrated Santa’s flights and Christmas happily, and I hope they are having a peaceful, relaxing, happy rest of the holidays now. We, tracker elves, also celebrate his new record from different countries. Yeah, I’m curious about what Santa wants to do next with his sleigh. I sent the survey to Elf Crash, and I hope it will be okay. I’m excited that the next Operation Merry Christmas will continue to be more excellent. I’d happily work it with you all for Santa if you like! XD

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