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Tahiti Has to Really Wait for Santa

Tahiti Has to Really Wait for Santa 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Tahiti Has to Really Wait for Santa

News Bulletin: Tahiti sits just east of an invisible line that marks the difference between December 23rd and December 24th. It means they really have to wait a long time for Santa.

Santa Tracker Map – Click here to see the latest location of Santa’s sleigh

Santa Tracking StatusNorth Pole Flight Command
Sector 1Standing Down
In the Red ZoneSector 2Active
In the Red ZoneSector 3Active
In the Red ZoneSector 4Active
In the Red ZoneSector 5Active
Understanding Sectors

Status of Operation Merry Christmas
Santa: Feeling good, looking sharp
Sleigh: Now in Sector 1
Reindeer: Feeling good
Santa’s Workshop: Hard at work
North Pole Post Office: Stocking Mail activated
Wrapping Department: Still quite busy
North Pole Security: Monitoring several areas of concern

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