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North Pole Radio News
Tracker Elves Go on Alert

Tracker elves who track Santa for Santa are now on high alert. Within the next 24 hours they will be checking-in with North Pole Flight Command in advance of Santa’s launch.

Tracker Elves

There are two kinds of tracker elves: there are North Pole Elves and Freelance elves. A freelance elf is one who works on a contract basis. They serve from where they live. They have a lot of independence and it’s a good way for someone to learn if elf life is for them.

A North Pole tracker elf is one who might also live away from the North Pole but they serve because they are serious about having an elf career. Some tracker elves go on to work in other parts of Santa’s Operation Merry Christmas. They can do everything from flying sleighs to serving in Santa’s Workshop. Santa literally has thousands of other kinds of jobs for those he calls elves.

Tracking Santa for Santa is a great place to start learning what it means to be an elf.

Millions of tracker elves are checking-in and preparing to send in last minute reports from their location to North Pole Flight Command. That information, if useful, then gets embedded into Santa’s flight plan and may even be forwarded to Santa in the sleigh on Christmas Eve. It’s all an effort to keep Santa safe, on time, and successful in his Christmas mission.

For more information on the latest of tracking Santa for Santa, please listen to the North Pole Radio news report in the player above.

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Tracker Elves

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    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold! Thank you always, Elf Crash, for answering our questions, and also leading us to track Santa for Santa! I’m ready to check in anytime. And Elf Frank, yes, tracking Santa for Santa is my life too! XD

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