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How Santa Gets Your Messages

The North Pole Post Office is handling record amounts of mail and messages for Santa, which is to be expected with Christmas just a few days away.


But among the many questions streaming into the North Pole right now is just how Santa gets the messages that come in.

It’s a great question because everyone knows how busy Santa is right now. If you’ve tried to see Santa you know how long the lines are. And you know that Santa is trying to see as many children as possible.

So how does Santa find time to see the HUGE amount of messages that are coming in?

The answer is twofold: Santa does it with technology – and a lot of elves.

There are two groups of elves: those who work on the office staff of Santa and those who are assigned at the North Pole Post Office to sort his mail. They organize the mail and prioritize the messages.

Then they use technology to put it all in front of Santa at every possible free moment.

During this time of the year – except on Christmas Eve, of course – Santa doesn’t even pilot his own sleigh. He is, instead, reading his messages. When he sits down for lunch, he’s pouring through his messages. Before he goes to bed at night, he reads messages.

This is work that Santa loves. He really enjoys reading the mail that comes in from you.

For more information about how the mail works for Santa, please listen to the latest North Pole Radio News report in the player above.

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  1. Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold! Santa is brilliant and makes efforts to memorize our messages, too. Thank you always, Elf Hugo and all elves at the North Pole Post Office, for delivering our messages to Santa! Yeah, I feel relieved, and I can use it just in case! But I should send a message earlier; otherwise, I would fall asleep and miss it, lol ^^

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