Reindeer Back-Up Team
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Santa Names the Reindeer Back-Up Team

Santa held a meeting via Zoom earlier today with officials in the Reindeer Department and senior elves from North Pole Flight Command to discuss the back-up strategy for Santa’s reindeer.


This has been a topic of great interest given the tentative status of Vixen. As we have reported, Santa has used the same starting nine reindeer for decades and nobody expects a change in that team. However, Vixen’s slow recovery from surgery over the summer and the fact that she missed the Reindeer Games this year have led many to wonder if this might be the year a new name is mentioned amongst Santa’s team.

Without naming the starting nine for this year yet, Santa did commit to a new strategy regarding his back up reindeer. He is naming 15 reindeer to be alternates (it used to be only 8). This year’s back-up team will be, in no particular order:

1. Thor
2. Maverick
3. Daisy
4. Flora
5. Lupita
6. Trixie
7. Alejandro
8. Akito
9. The Mighty Mick
10. Odin
11. Ryder
12. Clancy
13. Olivia
14. Frieda
15. Annika

In years past the back-up team, if they are utilized as all, are called upon to provide periods of relief for Santa’s starting team of reindeer. This last happened in 2013 when a back-up team relieved Santa’s team in Iceland and briefly flew for Santa over the Atlantic Ocean to South America.

Most years the back-up reindeer wait and never get a chance to officially fly for Santa.

For more information on the back-up reindeer strategy at the North Pole, please listen to the North Pole Radio News report in the player above.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold! Wow, I didn’t know Santa names reindeer for the backup team every year. I’m glad Trixie and The Mighty Mick are on the team. Elf Crash, I’m curious: the other reindeer are the same members yearly. I hope they will take turns flying with the nine reindeer someday. I pray for Vixen to get fully and fly stable with them! I wish I could take care of her and others someday! XD

  2. Jonatan Araújo silva
    Jonatan Araújo silva says:

    Oi papai Noel eu quero te pedir um presente de Natal eu quero muito um vídeo game para eu joga fifa

  3. Darya
    Darya says:

    I didn’t even know Santa had back up reindeer but it is a great idea to have them. North Pole news is very fascinating.

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