Pre-Flight Operations Begin 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Pre-Flight Operations Begin

Signs of Santa’s upcoming flight are starting to show. Yesterday, North Pole Flight Command announced the repositioning of the North Pole Navy. The ships of the navy are headed to their assigned bases of operation to support Santa’s flight.


In addition, it appears some sort of change is in store for the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. There has been a lot of radio traffic between test pilots and Flight Command the last several days and as of today’s tracking it appears the test flights are headed towards Alaska.

Santa’s reindeer are perhaps showing the most significant changes of all: they are now isolated in a remote North Pole ranch, where they will continue with their pre-flight workouts. It is standard for them to be put in isolation a week ahead of launch to help keep them from catching a cold or other illness in advance of Santa’s launch.

Meanwhile, two important groups are holding meetings that will contribute to operations next weekend: the North Pole Radio News team has assembled and are planning their two-radio news event covering Santa’s flight. And the advance Scouting Team, which are professional tracker elves with field assignments to observe Santa in flight, are meeting to learn of their assignments and to receive final instructions before they head out into the field.

For more information about these pre-flight events, please use the player above to listen to the latest North Pole Radio News report.

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    Thank you, Elf Harold. The test flights ended, and then Operation Airlift started. How their combination is so excellent! I am really impressed with all of them. Thank you for telling us, Elf Crash. I’ll do my best, too, even though it’s a little more than them. XD

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