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A Chat with Elf Ernest

Chat with Elf Ernest

Elf Ernest is the Senior Vice President of Public Relations at the North Pole. In this chat, Elf Ernest talks a bit about his history and also the history of Santa Update. He tells of how the effort of answering questions about Santa and the North Pole began this website more than 3 decades ago.

He also discusses the names of Santa and Mrs. Claus and why they use the names they do. Here is a transcript of that conversation:

Elf Frank Myrrh Today we’re chatting with Elf Ernest, Santa’s Senior Vice President of Public Relations
Elf Frank Myrrh Hello Elf Sugar Cookie!
Elf Frank Myrrh Elf Ulan!
Elf Ulan Hi! XD
Elf Frank Myrrh Thank you for being here.
Elf Frank Myrrh Elf Ernest, thank you too for being here. This has to be a little weird for you.
Elf Ernest It does, actually. I’m usually the one doing the hosting….
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you both for holding this chat!
Elf Frank Myrrh Well, let’s talk about that a little bit. You’re so hands on I don’t think people really appreciate WHO you really are.
Elf Ulan Yes, thank you so much for this chat!,
Elf Ernest I’m just an elf, Frank. Just like you. Just like Sugar Cookie and Ulan, too
Elf Frank Myrrh No, I’m going to take exception to that. You are the Senior Vice President at the North Pole. The only elf with that title, Ernest.
Elf Frank Myrrh How did that happen?
Elf Ernest I laugh about it, Frank. I’ve always been the Senior VP, even before there were other vice presidents. More than 30 years now.
Sally wobbles Hi
Elf Frank Myrrh Why did Santa give you that title?
Elf Ernest Well, it was because back in those days we just wanted to answer questions for people. And Santa wanted me to sound more official. I guess he didn’t think it was good enough to just say Elf Ernest
Elf Frank Myrrh How much has your job changed from that day to this?
Elf Ernest It hasn’t changed and it has changed a lot if you can believe that, Frank.
Elf Frank Myrrh What do you mean?
Elf Ernest What I mean is that my job is still about answering questions. It’s just that in those days it was just me. Now we have these websites, the radio station, a big News department that you’re a part of – but at the end of the day it is still about answering questions
Elf Frank Myrrh So the Public Relations Department was just….you?
Elf Ernest Yes. Just me and my fax machine. That was the extent of our technology back in those days.
Elf Frank Myrrh How did you connect with just a fax machine?
Elf Ernest Well, we’d get letters at the North Pole and the ones the North Pole Post Office and Santa felt were important or that contained important questions were sent to me.
Sally wobbles hi
Elf Ernest Some would send in letter after letter with long lists of questions.
Elf Sugar Cookie Hi, Sally!
Elf Ernest Santa had me reach out to those people so we could get questions faster. The fax machine was the way I responded to their questions. We didn’t have a website or a newsletter or any kind of means to respond to them
Elf Frank Myrrh Well, speaking of questions, I’m sure our guests today might have a few. Let’s let them ask you questions now.
Elf Ernest Ok, I’ll do my best.
Elf Frank Myrrh Who has a question for Elf Ernest?
Elf Lachie Hello! Am I late?
Elf Ulan I do!
Elf Frank Myrrh Hello Elf Lachie – you’re right on time. We’re just starting to ask questions of Elf Ernest
Elf Frank Myrrh Go ahead Elf Ulan
Elf Lachie Great! Thanks
Elf Sugar Cookie Hi Elf Ernest! How was the jump from faxes to the Internet and radio for you?
Elf Ulan Thank you! Elf Ernest, are you the oldest elf at the North Pole now?
Elf Ernest We never anticipated that the faxes would get passed around from person to person. We would answer a question for someone, they would share that answer, and the next thing we knew we had a new fax friend asking questions
Elf Ernest After doing it that way for a few years we found ourselves faxing stuff all over the world, which was kind of expensive and very time consuming.
Elf Ernest We discovered the Internet and email around 1993, and started experimenting with it. And we found it was easier for people to share an email than it was to share a fax
Elf Ernest So we started just emailing stuff, then we built our first website, and it just went from there….it happened quite fast
Elf Ernest Elf Ulan, I am no spring chicken but I’m also not the oldest elf at the North Pole. I think Elf Gloria is, followed by Elf Victor….both have been in service to Santa for longer than me
Elf Frank Myrrh Ernest, does being the Senior Vice President mean you get special projects from Santa?
Elf Sugar Cookie Well, I’m very thankful for you and for all the interested “fax friends”! The North Pole websites have been a huge blessing in my life and in so many others.
Elf Ernest Sometimes. Especially in the weeks before Christmas. Every elf needs to expect special projects from Santa.
Sally wobbles How many year did take you to become an elf at the North Pole
Elf Ernest Aw, thank you Elf Sugar Cookie, it is SO nice to hear that!
Elf Sugar Cookie Of course!!
Elf Ernest Sally, my elf journey began when I was quite young. I’ve been an elf really since I was a child, which gives me a connection I guess with a lot of new elves today.
Elf Ernest I worked in a lot of different things, often doing different things for many years for Santa before I got into doing PR work.
Jayden Hello
Elf Frank Myrrh Hello Jayden
Elf Sugar Cookie Hi Jayden!
Jayden Elf Ernest
Elf Ernest I think an elf needs to get used to the idea that Santa will give them a lot of different things to do, including things they don’t know anything about.
Elf Ernest Hi Jayden
Elf Frank Myrrh Did you have any experience in PR before doing this, Elf Ernest?
Elf Ernest No, I didn’t. My goal was to become a toymaker. And I never did.
Elf Ulan Hi Jayden
Elf Frank Myrrh Wow. Why a toy maker?
Jayden Elf Ernest how is Santa?
Elf Ernest I just loved the idea of working in Santa’s workshop. I think a lot of people want to be that kind of elf.
Elf Ernest Santa is doing really well. Super busy, but also SUPER happy right now.
Elf Frank Myrrh Did you have training in toy making?
Elf Ernest I was going to a trade school, yes. I was learning to build things out of wood and metal. I was working in the Post Office and that’s when I started seeing all these questions….
Elf Ernest I talked to Santa one day about all these letters piled up with unanswered questions….and the rest, as they say is history….
Elf Frank Myrrh So you stopped going to school?
Jayden Is Santa real
Elf Ernest No, I got my certificate…well, my first one.
Elf Ernest Yes, Jayden, Santa is real.
Jayden Ok
Elf Ernest In fact, we’re all real. Not a fake one among us.
Jayden I’m going to get off of here I might be back on later
Elf Frank Myrrh See? Ernest, how did you learn to answer a question like that?
Jayden If your still on
Elf Ernest Ok, Jayden, bye….
Jayden Bye
Elf Ernest Well, that’s a question we get a lot.
Elf Frank Myrrh How do you handle it when someone doesn’t believe you?
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Ernest. You have known Santa and other elves since you were a child. So Santa knew you well! (By the way, I don’t know what spring chicken means…
Elf Ernest I try to be as nice as I can. I realized long ago that not everyone is going to believe. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have questions. My job is to just answer questions. Not push belief.
Elf Ernest Sorry Elf Ulan. Spring chicken is someone young….so I’m not young.
Elf Ernest I forget I sometimes use phrases and language that might not be recognizable to everyone, sorry about that
Elf Frank Myrrh Did Santa know you wanted to be a workshop elf?
Elf Ernest Yes, he did. I told him that.
Elf Frank Myrrh Do you feel bad you never got to do that?
Sally wobbles How many questions do you have to answer?
Elf Ernest No. I love my elf job. I didn’t plan to do this and Santa didn’t plan for it to happen. It just happened and I love it. This is better, to me, than working in Santa’s Workshop. I get to talk to people from all over about Santa. Who wouldn’t love that?
Elf Ernest Sally, we get better than 74,000 questions a day on average. Of course, we get a lot of the same questions all the time.
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, thank you for telling me! Please don’t be sorry, I always enjoy learning new words, lol
Sally wobbles Wow that’s a lot of questions
Elf Ernest That’s really why the website exists – to archive our answers and to share the history of what happens with Santa every year. You can now see the history of all that transpired going back many years now.
Elf Sugar Cookie What are some of the most common questions you answer?
Elf Ernest Common questions we get are “Is Santa real?”, “What is Mrs. Claus’ first name?, “How does Santa get around the world in one night?”, etc
Elf Frank Myrrh Don’t you get tired of answering the same questions over and over?
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, Did you answer all of the questions?
Elf Ernest Not really. I enjoy WHY they are asking the question. There’s always a story behind the questions.
Elf Ernest No, I don’t answer all the questions. Many elves help, like Elf Crash, and Elf Frank, and Elf Ed Zachary. They all have functions related to my job that have grown or developed over the course of my time as an elf.
Elf Frank Myrrh Have you ever had a question you couldn’t or wouldn’t answer?
Elf Ernest Oh yes. There are some things I have to keep confidential. So some questions I don’t answer.
Elf Frank Myrrh Really, like what?
Elf Ernest Hahaha, I know that trick, Frank.
Elf Sugar Cookie That seemed like a trick question lol
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, thank you for answering the question, so we can know more about Santa
Elf Frank Myrrh No, I mean that seriously. I’ve only heard you answer anything that gets asked of you. I’ve never heard you say you can’t answer a question.
Elf Ulan About Santa and the North Pole elves!
Elf Ernest Well, if I can’t give the information someone is looking for I’ll be honest and just tell them, “Hey, I know but I’m not able to answer that”
Elf Ernest A good example of a question I can’t answer is the real first name of Mrs. Claus.
Elf Ernest I know the answer to that question.
Elf Ernest I’m likely one of the few people in the world who knows her real first name. But I can’t tell anyone that.
Elf Frank Myrrh Why not? You’re among friends. What is Mrs. Claus’ real first name?
Elf Ernest Nope. I won’t answer. Santa asked me never to divulge her first name. She’s Mrs. Claus. That’s the end of the story. So I can’t honestly answer that question because it needs to stay private
Elf Frank Myrrh Have you ever heard Santa address Mrs. Claus by her first name?
Elf Sugar Cookie Is Santa’s real name Santa Claus?
Elf Ulan I heard Santa or Mrs. Claus don’t want to tell it, right?
Elf Ernest Yes, many years ago. And I was stunned when he did it.
Elf Ernest Santa’s real name is Kris Kringle, and I think everyone knows that.
Elf Ernest That’s the funny thing. Everyone knows Santa’s real first name and literally no one uses it. Everyone calls him Santa.
Elf Frank Myrrh Does Mrs. Claus call him Kris?
Elf Ernest NO. She calls him Santa!
Elf Sugar Cookie Does Santa prefer to be called Kris Kringle, or does he mind Santa?
Elf Ulan Oh, I thought his name was from Saint Claus
Frosty McSnowflake Why is her name Mrs Claus, and not Mrs Kringle?
Elf Lachie How did the name ‘Santa Claus’ originate?
Elf Ernest Santa goes by many names. And he answers to many names. But “Santa” is the name I think he prefers
Elf Frank Myrrh Frosty, EXCELLENT QUESTION
Elf Ernest We talked a little about Santa and St. Nicholas the other day. The name Santa comes from Saint, and it has stuck because people confuse Santa Claus with St. Nicholas.
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus is not the name she uses to sign the checks, Elf Frosty. I love your question. Mrs. Claus loves being Mrs. Santa. But she doesn’t want people to confuse her with Santa. So she uses Mrs. Claus and Santa just loves that.
Elf Ernest But I have seen her Kringle name used on Christmas cards she sends to family. It’s not unheard of.
Elf Frank Myrrh Mrs. Claus signs checks?
Elf Ernest Hahaha – no she doesn’t sign checks. I was just using another phrase, sorry.
Elf Frank Myrrh Do Santa and Mrs. Claus not want people to know their real identities? Why the names used like this?
Elf Ernest No, it’s not like that at all. They don’t want the focus to be on THEM. By making it “Santa and Mrs. Claus” they are keeping the focus on others. If they used real names there will be a lot of distraction from what Christmas is really all about.
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, you’re so lucky! Can I get a chance to exchange a card with Mrs. C?
Elf Frank Myrrh This chat has gone very fast. Are there any last minute questions?
Elf Ulan And you all?
Elf Frank Myrrh Elf Ernest, thank you for the extra time today and the detailed answers you’re giving!
Elf Lachie Yes, we’re overtime. Thank you Elf Ernest.
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you so much, Elf Ernest and Elf Frank! This has been a fantastic chat!
Sally wobbles Merry Christmas
Elf Ernest Elf Ulan, that’s a tough question to answer to. I’ve never known Mrs. Claus to do that. But have you asked her yourself? I know she admires you a great deal!
Sally wobbles bye
Elf Ernest Bye Sally!
Elf Lachie Any other chats today?
Frosty McSnowflake Thanks, Elf Ernest, great answers to the questions!
Elf Frank Myrrh Mrs. Claus chats next week, right?
Elf Ernest Yes, she’ll be here next Saturday.
Elf Ulan Thank you so much, Elf Ernest! I want to call you my big Elf brother, lol
Elf Ernest I’d ask her straight up, Elf Ulan!
Elf Ernest Aw, thanks Little Sister Elf!
Elf Frank Myrrh Hahaha
Elf Frank Myrrh Ernest, thank you for your conversation today. I think we should do this one again1
Elf Ernest I would love to. Thanks everyone!
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  1. Matt sullivan
    Matt sullivan says:

    Hi I’m matt Sullivan from Jacksonville NC I still believe in Santa Im not a kid no more but I still believe please tell him please don’t forget me and my mom and dad this year
    Merry christmas

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow! I’m always thankful for being in the chat rooms, and I’m delighted to learn about Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves around Santa. I wanted to know about Elf Ernest since the past chat, so thank you, Elf Frank! I’m so happy about this chat! I’m curious how people learned to send questions before starting these sites. And I wonder if I could become a nicer elf, such as Elf Ernest and other elves, when I was a child and met Santa. Thank you so much, Elf Frank and everyone there, and my Big Brother Elf, Ernest! See you again soon! XD

  3. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow! I’m always thankful for the chat rooms, and I’m delighted to learn about Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves around Santa. I wanted to know about Elf Ernest since the past chat, so thank you, Elf Frank! I’m so happy about this chat! I’m curious how people learned to send questions before starting these sites. And I wonder if I could become a nicer elf, such as Elf Ernest and other elves, when I was a child and met Santa. Thank you so much, Elf Frank and everyone there, and my Big Brother Elf Ernest! See you again soon! XD

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