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Santa and St. Nicholas

It’s St. Nicholas Day today at the North Pole and around the world. Every December 6th the world pauses to remember the man who is the hero and the inspiration for Santa Claus.


Santa, who is away visiting children today, sent greetings via video to North Pole residents enjoying the traditional St. Nicholas Day festivities at the North Pole.

At the North Pole Events center Elf Dr. Grant Smedley, professor of Claus history at Southern North Pole University, hosted a symposium celebrating the life and legend of St. Nicholas.

The tale was recounted of the time Nicholas of Myra, a bishop, worked to find food for the starving people of his city. It was a port city that frequently harbored large ships headed for distant lands. During this period of famine, Nicholas famously visited the captains of ships holding grain, asked each of them to give up a portion of their cargo to feed the hungry population.

In so doing, Nicholas promised the captains that when they reached their destinations their ships would be accounted for as full – as if nothing was missing at all. Based upon Nicholas’ reputation and humble pleas the captains donated the grain he asked for and the people were saved.

But many wrote from distant destinations when they arrived that their ships were full, just as Nicholas promised.

Nicholas was known as a champion of children, widows and others at a disadvantage. The tales of his selfless giving and often life-saving good works have inspired generations of admirers, including Santa Claus.

For more information about St. Nicholas and how the North Pole remembers him, please listen to the North Pole Radio news report in the player above.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Happy St. Nicholas Day! I wanted to know about him, so I’m glad to hear that. Both St. Nicholas and Santa are the greatest. I think a lot of people helped St. Nicholas then. I’m delighted to help Santa as his elf with the North Pole elves together now. That’s a miracle! XD

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