3 Weeks Until Christmas 1

Hi everybody! There are three weeks left now until Christmas and it’s a great time to be an elf!

Countdown to Christmas

I cannot tell you how great the energy is now at the North Pole. We’ve done a good job with Operation Merry Christmas so far this year and you can just tell everyone feels good about it. Smiles are everywhere!

The News Department this week tried to throw cold water on all the good stuff going on at the North Pole this week by telling us there’s a brewing eggnog crisis coming just in time for Christmas.

Well, have no fear. Mrs. Claus to the rescue!

Mrs. Claus has told me to tell you that she is going to share her recipe for eggnog.

Anyone who has been at the Claus residence during December when Mrs. Claus makes and serves her eggnog would tell you that it is the treat of all treats.

You already know that elves are just crazy for eggnog. And they drink that Elf Eggnog brand stuff they have here at the North Pole like it’s going out of style. But Mrs. Claus’ eggnog is considered even better than that stuff. It’s the best of the best and it is one reason why the North Pole Christmas Party is so well attended every year.

So this is huge news.

Now, I don’t know what day Mrs. Claus is going to publish it. It is part of a new series of features that Mrs. Claus is preparing called Tips and Tricks. She plans on sharing a lot of things, not just recipes.

Mrs. Claus is a shy person. We have been trying for a long time to get her to do this but she has not wanted to do it out of fear that it would put attention on her and take it away from the more important things of Christmas.

But I think the Great Eggnog Crisis of 2023 at the North Pole convinced her.

Many have thought for a long time that Mrs. Claus was keeping her eggnog recipe a family secret.

That’s not true at all, she tells me. In fact, she told me that she has shared the recipe with others many times before.

She warns me, however, it isn’t the easiest stuff in the world to make. And maybe that’s why she’s famous for it and almost nobody else is.

Anyway, it’s good news and you should be looking forward to it.


Elf Trixie





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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Hello, Elf Trixie! Only three weeks until Santa’s launching! That’s so fast! The elves at the North Pole are so lucky to have Mrs. Claus’s eggnog, and hopefully, the Elf Eggnog will be made regularly soon! XD I wonder if Elf Trixie always drinks Mrs. C’s eggnog. I haven’t tried eggnog yet, so it’s one of my wish lists. And I wish Elf Ernest would tell me his recipe someday! XD

  2. Jaxon Bennett
    Jaxon Bennett says:

    For Christmas I originally wanted football gear but now I want a acuRite weather station I am so excited for you to come, Santa.

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