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Why Stocking Mail is Not Used All the Time

Why Stocking Mail is Not Used All the Time 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Why Stocking Mail is Not Used All the Time

The North Pole Post Office is one of the busiest departments at the North Pole. It is operating at full capacity right now as believers around the world send mail to Santa.

Stocking Mail

In years past we have explained how Stocking Mail, a revolutionary messaging system exclusive to the North Pole, has been engaged at the last minute every Christmas season for over a decade now to help get urgent messages to Santa.

Here’s how it works: once Santa gives the word to engage the system, any believer anywhere in the world can stick a handwritten note, a card, a letter, or a drawing into their hung Christmas stocking and it will transmit instantly to Santa himself, even while he is on his sleigh.

The system has been successfully used for several Christmas seasons and literally billions of last-minute messages to Santa have been received.

But it is not for everyday use. Here are some things to remember about Stocking Mail:

1. It’s one way. You can send a message to Santa but he cannot send you anything back.

2. It is technical. Your actual paper message doesn’t actually go anywhere. It gets electronically scanned and transmitted.

3. Santa gets it electronically, too – not as a piece of paper. He sees it on a screen, often right in the sleigh.

4. It does get routed through the elf teams at the North Pole Post Office, meaning that others besides Santa can see it. That is so that the message gets to the right people that can help Santa should he chose to do anything about your message.

5. Stocking Mail is ONLY used when Santa instructs for the system to be turned on. It is NOT for everyday use.

Stocking mail is proprietary technology, meaning it is not available anywhere else in the world by any one else.

There are other reasons why Stocking Mail is not used except for last minute messages. Due to security concerns we cannot share all of those other reasons with you.

For more information about Stocking Mail and how it is used, please listen to the latest North Pole Radio News report in the player above.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Santa is so gentle. I wonder if Santa couldn’t receive a message about something important before using Stocking Mail because it was too late to receive the message. Elf Crash said it’s on the 23rd, but is it EST? Okay, we can email Santa until he approves the stocking mail, right? Thank you! By the way, I like hamsters too! Of course, I’ll never put them into my stocking! XD

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