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All About Your Christmas Tree

We are now just 4 weeks until Christmas!

Christmas Tree

Hi everyone. Elf Ernest here, filling in for Elf Trixie this week.

By tradition, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving every year, Santa has us make an important post all about the Christmas tree.

Why? Well, because for many people their tradition is to put up their Christmas tree for the season on this weekend.

For some people that means heading out to the woods to cut down a tree or head to a tree lot to get a tree. And still for others it means putting up an artificial tree of some kind.

The type of tree honestly doesn’t matter. What matters, and this is why Santa wants us to talk about it every year, is that we recognize what the Christmas tree IS.

The Christmas tree comes into our home every year. It becomes a central part of our Christmas. It becomes a part of our family.

That is why Santa always encourages you to give your tree a name.

Yes, really.

Some people hear that and they think, “How silly!”.

But Santa is absolutely serious about this.

The Christmas tree is a light bringer in every home. Santa should know. He visits more homes and Christmas trees than anyone.

Light is always good. Always. Anything that brings light or adds light is good.

Light is symbolic of many things. It is symbolic of truth. This is why it is so important to Santa and to the celebration of Christmas.

We all do things around our trees. We gather around it. We make things in front of it. We sing, some dance, others play music and, of course, on Christmas morning we hold our festivities right there in front of the tree.

So, as you enjoying finding and setting up your tree, talk about these things and why the Christmas tree is important to you. And by all means, give your tree a good name.

For more information about the Christmas tree, please listen to the North Pole Radio News report in the player above.

Elf Ernest



Christmas Tree

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Ernest! I hope Elf Trixie is doing well. Elves Frank and Crash are so funny! I also named my Christmas tree. Do you usually call your tree by a girl’s name or don’t care? (I don’t know about it!) I’m so happy because I can enjoy the event of the North Pole together! XD

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