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Incredible Finish to the Reindeer Games

For the first time in 28 years Rudolph is the champion of the Annual Reindeer Games at the North Pole.

Reindeer Games Winner

Rudolph capped his championship run with a surprise win in the sky pull, a strenuous competition of sleigh pulling while in flight. Once again, this has not historically been Rudolph’s strongest event and once again he had to beat Donner, his father, in order to win it.

The entire outcome of the games hinged on this race. It is a race that takes place high above the North Pole, and the heavy weather that has dogged these games. More than two dozen sleighs were in flight between the competition and the judging, and it all took place under starry skies high above the storm clouds.

In that atmosphere, where all conditions are equal and favor no particular reindeer, Rudolph beat Donner head-to-head as they raced to a set position in the sky. Rudolph won in convincing fashion, beating Donner by nearly a sleigh length.

Rudolph entered the day in a statistical dead heat with no less than 17 other reindeer. He and many others all needed to do well in every event of the games on Wednesday to have a shot at the title. Just Rudolph and Donner achieved that.

For more information about the close of the reindeer games, please listen to the North Pole Radio news report in the player above.

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  1. Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Congratulations to Rudolph! Wow, amazing!! How exciting races, Elf Crash and other elves are so lucky to see it. I think Donner is proud of him too. Also, I was relieved the games finished safely. I want to praise Donner and other reindeer for their best. Please have a happy, joyful Thanksgiving day and weekend. Do the reindeer spend time together with Santa or their keeper elves too? I hope the weather will be ok. XD

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