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Dancer and Vixen Sit Out the Games

The annual Reindeer Games at the North Pole have started with two of Santa’s reindeer sitting out of the competition.


Dancer had surgery not long after last Christmas. She has been in physical therapy since that time to restore her flexibility. Her treatment has gone well but out of an abundance of caution her trainers want to spare her the intensity of competition so it won’t affect her chances to fly with Santa on Christmas Eve.

Vixen is another story.

Vixen too had surgery, but it was during the summer, so her recovery is not as advanced. Trainers say she is fine and on a solid path for recovery. Her back left leg is still really tender and the timeline for her restoration to full activity is still unknown. Knowing Vixen, who is very feisty, she will insist on being a part of Santa’s team come Christmas Eve.

We understand that she is a little upset about not being allowed to compete in the games. Vixen last won the games in 2016.

For more information about the reindeer and the games, please listen to the North Pole Radio News report in the player above.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Thank you, Elf Frank and Crash! I hope the judgment can make fair measure for each reindeer. So, who won in the long jump? I hope Rudolph will be in good luck in the next game! And I hope Dancer and Vixen get well soon and fly well on Christmas Eve with other reindeer! I’m happy to know what kind of games they do! XD

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