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Chat with Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus today met with friends and elves in North Pole Chat, as scheduled. A lot was discussed, including Santa’s love of silly hats. Here is the transcript:

Elf Ernest Our chat today is with Mrs. Claus. She is being assisted by her Chief of Staff, Elf Trixie. Mrs. Claus will be here in just a moment.
Elf Ernest Hello, Mrs. C. It’s nice to see you here!
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Ernest!
Mrs. Claus Thank you. I’m sorry I missed my scheduled chat a few weeks ago
Elf Ernest Hello, Elf Ulan!
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Trixie!
Mrs. Claus Oh my. I get to chat with Elf Ulan today?
Elf Trixie Hi Elf Ulan!
Elf Ulan Hello, Mrs. Claus!
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, we have some visitors but I also have some questions for you that have come in via email. So we have plenty to discuss today.
Mrs. Claus Ok, I’m ready.
Elf Ernest Let’s begin with questions from our site users who are here today.
Elf Ernest Do any of you have a question for Mrs. C?
sallywobbles what is your favorite cookie to make?
Mrs. Claus I love to make a lot of cookies. Right now I’ve been working on perfecting an eggnog snickerdoodle. I don’t quite have it right. What’s your favorite?
Elf Ulan Mrs. Claus, how did you return to the North Pole? Was Santa together?
sallywobbles chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter cookies
Elf Trixie I’ve tried these eggnog snickerdoodles. They are dang near PERFECT
Mrs. Claus Peanut butter cookies can be done a lot of different ways.
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, one of the burning questions that we have been getting a TON for you is about what happened last month when you went to Canada? You were there much longer than scheduled.
Mrs. Claus Well, Ernest. Santa kidnapped me. There is no other way to say it.
Elf Ernest Really?!!!
Mrs. Claus Yes, he called me and asked me to meet him in Vancouver on that Tuesday after Thanksgiving. And it had been so long since we had been together, I went.
Mrs. Claus Then he kind of swept me away on an adventure and we went to a lot of places. He had many things he wanted to show me.
Mrs. Claus So that’s why I was gone so long. I’m sorry.
Elf Ernest I think things are okay. I’m glad you got away with Santa. That makes me happy for both of you!
Mrs. Claus Yes, it was fun to get some time together. I’m so proud of everyone at the North Pole who held things together
Elf Ernest How did Santa feel about things for the few days he was here?
Mrs. Claus He’s pretty happy about things. A little worried right now about the Regional Tracking Center in Iceland, but other than that I think we are worry free
Elf Ernest When did Santa leave the North Pole this past week?
Mrs. Claus Oh goodness, he left right after Halloween, Ernest
sallywobbles how is the reindeers
Elf Ernest There have been so many zoom meetings with him I can’t tell where he is!
Mrs. Claus He’s out meeting children now, as he does every year. This is his favorite
Elf Ulan Mrs. Claus, what happened in Iceland?
Mrs. Claus sallywobbles, the reindeer seem to be just fine. Lots of baby reindeer this year. LOTS
Elf Ernest Elf Ulan, the past couple of days Iceland has had thousands of earthquakes. The are expecting a volcanic eruption. It’s not far from our tracking center there.
Mrs. Claus Yes, that situation in Iceland is something Santa is quite concerned about
Mrs. Claus Elf Roger Star is keeping Santa and I updated by text on this situation
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, do you know if Flight Command has an alternative location planned if they need to get out of Iceland.
sallywobbles cool for about the baby reindeers and yikes! in Iceland hope everyone there is safe
Mrs. Claus Yes, there’s always a backup plan. I don’t know what it is. But I’m sure it will be discussed.
Mrs. Claus Yes, the safety of our elves and everyone there is of great concern to us.
Elf Ernest Do we have a lot of tracker elves there?
Elf Ulan Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t know about the earthquake there. Are elves okay?
Mrs. Claus In Iceland? I’m sure we do.
Mrs. Claus The earthquakes have not been bad. But they have been constant. Shaking all the time. I saw a video and it would make me very nervous to be there.
Elf Ernest So far, Elf Roger reports that everyone is fine and they are monitoring the situation very closely.
sallywobbles that’s good to hear
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, do you get very involved with North Pole Flight Command?
Mrs. Claus Honestly, no. I enjoy them. I watch what the trackers report. I really enjoy that. But when Santa is gone I’m focused more on the North Pole and what we have going on here.
Elf Ulan I feel relieved to hear they are fine
Elf Ernest Have your duties changed since Santa returned from Walkabout?
Mrs. Claus Yes, they have. Things are “normal” now. Whatever that is!
Mrs. Claus This week we’ve been working on the Thanksgiving plans
Mrs. Claus The Elf Parade and all that. It’s been fun and much more what I like to do.
Elf Ernest But Santa’s gone again….hasn’t that kept you doing what you’ve been doing all year?
Mrs. Claus Santa is not gone like he was on walkabout. He’s calling everyone now. Lots of video calls as you said. On walkabout he was hardly in contact at all.
Mrs. Claus Plus he’ll be back and forth to the North Pole some between now and Christmas.
Elf Ulan May I ask Santa to send some hats during his walkabout this time?
Mrs. Claus Oh Ulan – he sent home SO many hats!
Mrs. Claus Santa does not like to admit this but he’s a hat man. He loves hats
Elfholly Hi everyone
Elf Ernest Hello!
Elf Ernest Why wouldn’t Santa want to admit he likes hats? What’s wrong with that?
Mrs. Claus Well some of them are silly hats, Ernest
Elf Ernest Really? Like…how silly?
Elfholly Elf ernest did Santa receive a girl name jaiya Christmas list  she could not send it through mail so she sent it online on here
Mrs. Claus Well he got this hat in India that has HUGE elephant ears and a big trunk that sticks out from the front. It’s goofy
Mrs. Claus goofy
sallywobbles I like the new design on the Santa Update site.
Elf Ernest Elf Holly….I don’t know. Santa receives millions of messages. I can try to find out.
Elf Ernest Thank you, sallywobbles
Elfholly thank you
Mrs. Claus I will have Elf Trixie see if she can track it down, Elf Holly. We’re getting a lot of mail now.
Elf Ulan Wow, do both of you enjoy wearing hats?
Elfholly she has been worried Santa might have not received it
Elf Ernest Do you get mail too, Mrs. C?
Elfholly thank you
Mrs. Claus Elf Ulan, I have hats. Mostly the kind of stuff I wear in the garden. I like hats fine. But Santa goes crazy over them.
Mrs. Claus Yes, Ernest, I get a fair amount of mail. Nothing like Santa does though. I try to help him with his mail as much as I can.
Elf Ernest I’ve seen Santa wear a lot of ballcaps. But I haven’t seen his silly hats at all.
Mrs. Claus I think he saves the silly hats for me.
Mrs. Claus Santa likes to make me laugh.
Mrs. Claus One of his favorites is a hat he calls his 500 gallon cowboy hat.
sallywobbles has it snowed in the North pole the year?
Elf Ernest Oh boy
Elf Ulan Did Santa present the hat to you?
Mrs. Claus Santa gets me hats. But he knows what I will and will not wear. I don’t like silly hats
Elfholly are elf on the shelf real
Mrs. Claus But Santa puts on this GIANT cowboy had that makes his head look like a peanut. Then he prancers around the room on a stick pony and says, “Dance with me, Princess!”
Elf Ernest I’d love to see video of that!
Elf notjack good morning everyone!
Elf Ulan What’s your favorite hat Santa gave?
Mrs. Claus Hahaha…I’d never do that to him. He’s just having fun with me. That’s why I love him so
Mrs. Claus Last Christmas Santa gave me a pink sun hat.
Elf Ulan So cute!
sallywobbles that’s cute
Mrs. Claus At first I didn’t care much for it. But as the year went on I found myself wearing it a lot, especially in the garden. Now’s it’s all dirty and i have to figure out how to wash it
Mrs. Claus Hello Elf Notjack
Elf Ulan Do you like pink?
sallywobbles has its snow at the North pole yet?
Mrs. Claus Yes, I do love pink. But other colors too. Some pink is TOO pink, you know. I like a soft pink
Elfholly have you ever been to wadley it is in Georgia mrs.claus
Mrs. Claus Oh gosh, yes. We have had a lot of snow at the North Pole. That’s one of the things about the Elf Parade we talked about yesterday.
Mrs. Claus I don’t recall that I’ve been to Wadley. Maybe I have.
DamonWestover Hello Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus DamonWestover is here!!!!!
Elfholly has santa been to wadley
Elf Ulan Soft pink is lovely on you too!
Mrs. Claus Hi Damon!
DamonWestover This Elf Westover
Mrs. Claus How’s my favorite little radio elf! I love the radio show you did last year
DamonWestover Hi
Mrs. Claus Goodness…how is your family, Damon?
DamonWestover Me?
DamonWestover Yeah My Grandpa Helped Me
DamonWestover Great
Mrs. Claus Your Grandpa is a good elf
DamonWestover I Glad I An Tracker Elf
DamonWestover Thank You
Mrs. Claus that’s great to hear. Say hello to your Mother for me. Oh, and your little sister too
DamonWestover So How Everybodys Day?
Mrs. Claus Fantastic! You’ll be a great tracker. Thank you for your service as an elf
DamonWestover Ok I Will
DamonWestover Np
DamonWestover It Means No Problem
Elf Ernest I don’t know Elf Westover….but obviously Mrs. Claus does
DamonWestover Yeah
Mrs. Claus Yes, he’s a good elf.
DamonWestover I Know Elf Max
Mrs. Claus You do? Elf Max is the best
DamonWestover And I Will Try To be On Duty On 23rd To 25
Elf Ernest Do you know a lot of tracker elves?
Mrs. Claus Excellent, Damon!
Mrs. Claus Yes, I know a few. I want to get to know more. I think Elf Ulan and I could talk about a LOT of things. She’s so nice!
DamonWestover Did You Enjoy The Stuff I Got You ANd Santa Mrs. Claus?
Mrs. Claus Of course, Damon. What cookies are you going to make this year?
DamonWestover Ooh Honesly I Have No Idea
DamonWestover Still 43 Days Away
Elf Ulan Are Mrs. Claus and Weatover friends?
Elf Ernest Folks, we’re about out of time. Do you have any last questions for Mrs. Claus?
Mrs. Claus Oh this has been so fun!
Mrs. Claus I know many of you will be chatting with Santa at the other website in a little bit
Elf notjack yessir!
DamonWestover No We Have Just You Know Have Like I Know Her She Knows Me Its a Mrs. Claus Thing Thats All
Mrs. Claus Elf Ulan, I’m well aware of Elf Westover. He’s been an elf for a while. Great family.
Elf Ulan Thank you so much, Mrs. Claus today. I want to help you there someday!
DamonWestover Ok Anyways I Will Ask
DamonWestover When Can I Meet Santa Claus?
Mrs. Claus Elf Ulan, I hope we make it happen
elf white snow flake Hi
DamonWestover Mrs. Claus Can I meet Santa Claus?
Mrs. Claus Golly, Damon…you’ll have to ask Santa that. He’s a busy guy. I understand he’s in your area soon
DamonWestover This Year?
DamonWestover Ok
Elf Ernest You haven’t met Santa yet?
Elfholly when will santa be in wadley
DamonWestover I Also Saw Cameras And People Watching
DamonWestover So Your Aware
Elf Ulan Thank you, Mrs. Claus. I hope so too!
Mrs. Claus He would be in Georgia soon, too.
Mrs. Claus I’m not sure what events are in Wadley, but most towns have events that Santa tries to get to.
DamonWestover Anyways I Got To Get To My Job Nice Seeing You Mrs. Claus Have a Chat Soon
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, thank you for being here today.
Elf Ulan Thank you!
sallywobbles bye Mrs. Claus
DamonWestover Remember The Elf Code
Mrs. Claus Thank you, Ernest. And thank you everyone. You’ll all so kind!
Mrs. Claus Bye!
DamonWestover Thank You Mrs. Claus
Elf notjack Bye Mrs. Claus! and everyone
Elfholly it is no events in wadley but if everyone see him it would put a smile on humans face
sallywobbles bye
DamonWestover Goodbye
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Ernest and Elf Trixie!
Elf notjack Thank you!
Elf Ernest Thank you everyone! Elves…the chat with Santa begins at SantaTrackers.net at the top of the hour. See you there!


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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow! Thank you, Elf Ernest, Elf Trixie, and Mrs. Claus! It was a fantastic time with all of them! I’m so happy to hear Mrs. C and Santa spent time together in Canada and enjoyed with many hats! Thank you always, Mrs. C, for talking a lot and remembering me. And I’m happy to meet her friend here too.
    I’m looking forward to helping Mrs. C someday! XD

  2. Ruby
    Ruby says:

    Hello, I think Mrs Claus(e?) is amazing – I know that Santa doesn’t do all the work!!! I have this weird feeling that Mrs.C does most!!!! You MC are amazing! A very important part of Christmas!

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