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North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
50 Days Until Santa Launches

Another marker in the countdown to Christmas passes today as just 50 days remain until Santa launches from the North Pole.


This important point in the season highlights all that needs to be done in advance of that big day.

Santa himself has much to do. In fact, he’s leaving the North Pole today to head out into the world for one important purpose: to meet with as many individual children as he can.

He wants to see them, talk to them and hear their Christmas wishes. He cannot possibly meet every child in 50 days but he can talk to a awful lot of them.

In his absence a lot of work is being done by teams of elves at the North Pole to get ready for that big day.

At North Pole Flight Command all hands are on deck preparing Santa’s sleigh with test flights of the new design. Santa recently made some big changes to the sleigh and Version 2a, which is what they presently call it, is flying around the clock to get the details just right.

Other departments are working all the details as well: Santa’s workshop is busy making toys, the North Pole Post Office is busy receiving mail and organizing wish lists from believers, and the Wrapping Department is working non-stop to make it all look festive.

We call all this Operation Merry Christmas and while we work on it all year we officially kick off that effort on Thanksgiving night.

For more news about the North Pole effort with 50 days to go until launch, please click on the player above to hear the latest from North Pole Radio News.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Wow, 50 days! Sounds faster! I feel relieved that losing 2000 pounds is not difficult. I hope the builder can lose the sleigh weight well! And I hope Santa can listen to the children around the world well and stay safe! I’m curious if they ask Santa for some funny wishes! XD

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