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Increased Mail Streams Into the North Pole Post Office

Increased Mail Streams Into the North Pole Post Office 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Increased Mail Streams Into the North Pole Post Office

The North Pole Post Office has reported that mail for Santa has increased more than 40 percent over the previous month.

North Pole Post Office

This kind of increase is normal at this time of the year. For Elf Hugo, Postmaster at the North Pole Post Office, and for all of his elf team, the mail just comes in more and more in the lead-up to Christmas.

Most mail tends to focus on wish lists. But Elf Hugo says they field a number of questions about other things. Questions about Santa, about life of the North Pole and what it is like to be an elf.

They forward these questions to the News Department at the North Pole and sometimes even to Santa himself. They all work hard to answer questions as they come in.

We encourage site visitors to search for answers in past news reports, podcasts and postings. The answers are usually here.

You can reach out to the North Pole Post Office for just about anything at the North Pole:

To send a wish list to Santa, click here
To ask a question, click here

To see all the North Pole Post Office has to offer, click here

The latest North Pole Radio News report, which can be heard in the player above, features a conversation between Elf Frank Myrrh and Elf Hugo.

Elf Harold Star



Operation Merry Christmas

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. And Elf Frank, thank you for the interviews. I hope Elf Hugo is okay because his voice sounded tired. Christmas music and eggnog can heal him. I feel relieved to hear that Santa, Mrs. Claus, and his reindeer are okay. Thank you for your hard work, Elf Hugo! We’d be happy to hear an update from them in the future! XD

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