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Happy Halloween at the North Pole

North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Happy Halloween at the North Pole

Happy Halloween from the North Pole. Events today at the North Pole include several fun events that lead to the Annual North Pole Halloween Party.

One such event is the pumpkin roll, which is held outdoor at the top of Jack O’ Lantern Hill in North Pole Village Park. Snow or now snow, elves gather to roll their carved and lighted pumpkins down the hill in a race marking both speed and accuracy. Elves win prizes for getting their pumpkins down the hill the fastest or for getting them down into a special trough made to catch them.

Neither is easy to do because the pumpkins are carved and usually uneven in shape. There is a good amount of snow at the North Pole this year for this event, so fears of fires are low this year. Besides, the North Pole Fire Department supervises this event so it is not dangerous. (Don’t try this where you are without the help of your local Fire Department).

That popular event is followed by the world’s largest “bobbing for apples” event held indoors at the North Pole Events Center.

A luncheon is held at the Events Center too, usually very warm foods designed to help folks coming in from the outdoor activities.

Then comes the Annual North Pole Halloween Party, featuring the largest costume contest of the year, an event elves just love. For more information about the Halloween Party please listen to the North Pole Radio News Report in the player above.
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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Happy Halloween! All the events sound fantastic! I’m curious about who won each event and if a funny story happened. Did Mrs. Claus make the luncheon? I wish I could help her. Yeah, I want to see Elf Frank’s Tinker Bell, and also Peter or Wendy of Elf Crash! I think it would be fun for a costume contest for Elf Frank by vote, and then he put on the won costume to report the events! How about Elf Harold and Santa? What outfit did they choose this year? XD

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