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Chat Recap: Update on Operation Merry Christmas


With the return of Santa and Mrs. Claus to the North Pole with the reindeer the chat with Elves Ernest and Crash about Operation Merry Christmas took on an unexpected tone. It dominated much of the conversation. Here is a transcript of that chat:

Elf Frank Myrrh Folks we’re here today for a very different chat than we had planned. A lot has changed in the last several hours.
Elf Frank Myrrh But, we move forward and we’re excited to have both Elf Ernest and Elf Crash with us to catch us up on the latest
Elf Frank Myrrh Ernest, let’s start with you.
Elf Ernest Okay, fire away
Elf Frank Myrrh For much of the last week it appeared you were “the man” at the North Pole in the absence of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Was that the plan?
Elf Ernest Well, no. I don’t think the plan was for Santa to be gone as long as he was. But I’ve been the PR elf for many years and it makes it look that way some times.
Crash Murphy I think it would have been fine. People know you Ernest.
Elf Frank Myrrh Does that put a lot of pressure on you?
Elf Ernest Maybe a little. More from elves at the North Pole than from people out in the world.
Elf Frank Myrrh Well, now that Santa in particular is back, does that mean we’re going to see a lot of him?
Elf Ernest Yes, but only for a few days. I think Santa is heading out right after Halloween to visit children everywhere. He does it every year. So I think the next couple of days we get to have him!
Elf Frank Myrrh Folks, today’s chat is an informal affair. If you have a question for Ernest or Crash, please feel free to ask at any time
Elf Frank Myrrh Ernest, do you know what Santa’s plans are between now and Halloween?
Elf Ulan Okay!
Elf Ernest Santa is not sitting around. He’s spending a little time with his dogs this morning, but I understand he’s heading over to the Reindeer Barn to talk over reindeer plans with Elf Victor.
Elf Frank Myrrh What kind of plans for the reindeer?
Elf Ernest I think they want to talk about the timeline of preparedness for the reindeer. Santa says he’s seen then several times over the past year, even had a few of them with him in his travels at times
Elf Ernest Santa says he knows they are in good shape and ready to work for Christmas. So I think today he’ll share all that with Victor and maybe set some dates for the reindeer games
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, I’m sorry if you were confused about my comment. My name was wrong on the Halloween costume report post. I’m so embarrassed it
Elf Ernest Oh, Elf Ulan. Do NOT worry about it. Could happen to anyone!
Crash Murphy Frank, I know late this afternoon Santa has told Elf Roger Star that he’s heading over to Flight Command
Elf Frank Myrrh Are you in on that meeting? Why is Santa going over there?
Crash Murphy I think that meeting is about the test flights. Santa wants to get caught up on the sleigh and how it is coming along.
Crash Murphy I’m suppose to meet with him just after that.
Elf Frank Myrrh You? What does he want to see you about?
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Ernest. I feel relieved to hear that. I am always wrong texting
Crash Murphy Tracker elves. We talked quite a bit by phone last week. So I know what is on his mind. So I don’t think it will be a long meeting.
Crash Murphy Have you talked to Elf Joel, Frank?
Elf Frank Myrrh No, but I would guess he’s extremely busy
Elf Ernest Oh gosh I didn’t even think about that
Crash Murphy Yeah, he says that once the news broke yesterday that Santa was back his phone blew up.
Crash Murphy Everyone wants a piece of Santa’s time.
Elf Ulan Elf Crash, Elf Ernest, do you know where Santa, Mrs. Claus, and his reindeer meet before returning to the North Pole?
Elf Ernest That’s a really good question, Elf Ulan. And no, we haven’t learned that story yet. Funny you ask that, I asked Elf Trixie to see if she could find out and tell us in her update scheduled for tomorrow.
Elf Ernest Elf Trixie has been with Mrs. Claus since yesterday afternoon, going over things with Santa and talking about plans for next week.
Elf Frank Myrrh Do you think Mrs. Claus feels a little forgotten with Santa being back?
Elf Ernest No, she’s just not that way, Frank. I know she knows that with Santa leaving again right after Halloween, she’ll be doing much as she has done all year.
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Ernest! Please ask Elf Trixie about it! I want to know it!
Elf Frank Myrrh Crash, how do you think things will unfold between and Thanksgiving?
Crash Murphy Frank, I see things being pretty normal around here. Right after Halloween we’ll all get down to decorating for Christmas everywhere. And we’ll be working on getting things ready for the Elf Parade on Thanksgiving.
Elf Frank Myrrh So nothing out of the ordinary?
Crash Murphy I doubt it. Unless Santa has news for us this weekend we’re not expecting.
Crash Murphy And I think everyone wants a traditional time. They are ready for it.
Elf Ernest In years past when Santa has gone on walkabout it feels weird when he is gone. And it is always a party when he returns.
Elf Frank Myrrh How do you see the readiness of Operation Merry Christmas, Elf Ernest?
Elf Ernest I agree with Elf Crash. I think we’re in really good shape. Mrs. Claus and I met to talk about it long before she left for Canada. Things are right on track. It’s going to be a great season and we see no big worries.
Elf Ulan Elf Crash, about elf jobs for tracker elves, don’t we change any jobs this year? Keep the same jobs?
Elf Frank Myrrh I hate to ask this question, but are there any worries about the Bah Humbug virus this year?
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan, there might be some job changes. One of the things I know Santa wants to talk about are Santa’s Council, and adding elves to that. Also to update the Senior Elf Group.
Elf Ernest Frank, the Bah Humbug virus is always on our radar. Elf Dr. Lionel says there are no signs of it so far this year. Of course, he’s going to have all the reindeer tested.
Elf Frank Myrrh Do the reindeer bring the virus to the North Pole?
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Crash. So we will hear about the news soon!?
Elf Ernest I don’t know. I just know that’s the protocol every year. That’s one of the reason he was worried about how long it was taking for the reindeer to get back. I guess it takes some time to get thousands of reindeer tested.
Elf Frank Myrrh Interesting.
Crash Murphy Yes, Elf Ulan. I also think Santa will be on [link src=”SantaTrackers.net”]  more than most elves realize. He’s actually been active the past several days.
Elf Ulan Does the virus come from reindeer?
Crash Murphy From my understanding the virus does NOT come from reindeer. But they can get it and be carriers. I doubt there are any problems with them. The word I get is that they are all very healthy
Elf Ernest Yes, that’s what I hear too. The reindeer elves are all very excited because every one of the reindeer are so happy to be back.
Elf Frank Myrrh That’s something else we need to follow up on – where have the reindeer been and what have they been doing all year?
Elf Juniper I’m relatively new, can someone explain the bah humbug virus?
Elf Ulan Elf Crash, yeah, I saw Santa came to the Elf Wall recently! He seemed happy to know a lot of new elves there!
Elf Ernest Yes, Elf Ed Zachary and I actually met to make a list of news stories the News Department needs to follow up on and that was just one of them.
Elf Frank Myrrh Elf Juniper, the Bah Humbug bug – as we used to call it many years ago – is a nasty flu-like virus that saps the Christmas spirit from an elf. It can be a real problem for anyone working for Santa.
Elf Frank Myrrh It has been more than 30 years since it first hit the North Pole at Christmas
Elf Juniper Oh no! Can it be prevented/treated?
Elf Ernest Yes, 1992, in fact. That was one scary Christmas.
Elf Frank Myrrh Yes, Elf Lionel and his team at the North Pole Medical Center developed medicine for it. We test for it all the time.
Crash Murphy It has not been a factor for several years. I think they have it under control. I’m proud to have never had it.
Elf Juniper Can it affect people who aren’t elves?
Elf Ernest Honestly, I don’t even like talking about it. Especially since the times of Covid.
Crash Murphy It can affect anyone.
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, thank you! Yeah, I’m happy to hear reindeer are happy to return to the North Pole. But I didn’t know it was from the virus, lol
Elf Frank Myrrh Why don’t you like to talk about it, Elf Ernest?
Elf Ernest Because it scares the children, Frank.
Elf Frank Myrrh Oh my goodness. I didn’t even think about it.
Elf Ernest Yeah, that is why the Christmas of 1992 was so hard. The children were frightened by it. That Santa wouldn’t come because of it.
Elf Ernest You should have seen the mail we got about it.
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, if someone is having the virus, do they laugh all day?
Elf Frank Myrrh So I’m guessing that story isn’t on your list with Elf Ed Zachary?
Elf Ernest No, definitely not. Especially since it’s not a story.
Elf Ernest No, Elf Ulan. The virus makes an elf very sad. Kinda depresssed. They don’t want the lights, trees or decorations. It’s called the Bah Humbug virus for a reason. They don’t want Christmas at all. It’s very sad.
Crash Murphy I know several elves who experienced it. It isn’t something you want to get. Not ever.
Elf Ernest Correct.
Elf Frank Myrrh Ernest, what will be your role going forward for Operation Merry Christmas?
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, oh no! It’s the opposite symptoms! That’s too bad! So you need to protect yourself from the virus
Elf Ernest My job is to assist Mrs. Claus in any way that I can. Santa will have me working on some special projects. And, of course, I’ll be deeply involved with the news department to make sure we cover the stories the public needs to hear
Elf Ernest Yes, Elf Ulan. That’s correct. Also good health is really important. Eating correctly, getting good sleep, exercise, drinking plenty of eggnog
Crash Murphy Yeah, I was kind of surprised Elf Victoria Wassail was on the radio yesterday.
Elf Ernest Thank goodness she was!
Crash Murphy Yeah, when Frank wants to slack there are others to fill in!
Elf Frank Myrrh Hey now
Elf Ernest Hahaha – Frank was off, Crash. Thank goodness Elf Victoria was there.
Elf Frank Myrrh We will be hearing from several news anchors in the weeks ahead. That’s actually a thing, Crash
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest, thank you! But I don’t have eggnog here though. What should I drink instead?
Crash Murphy It is? You’re going to take more time off?
Elf Frank Myrrh No, but my understanding is that we want more of the elves we all hear on Christmas Eve during the big broadcast to get some exposure so that people know them
Elf Ernest Yes, we’re hoping to give some news assignments to Elf Red Stocking, to Elf Holly Berry and a few others in advance of the Tracking Santa radio show
Elf Ernest Elf Ulan, you can make eggnog. But I don’t know of any other particular beverage that is good for fighting that virus.
Elf Ernest Maybe we should test with some Christmas cookies!
Crash Murphy Ooh, I volunteer as tribute!
Elf Frank Myrrh We’re beyond our time limit here, folks. Any last questions today for Elves Crash and Ernest?
Elf Frank Myrrh Crash, will Santa be doing chats at all with Tracker elves?
Crash Murphy Yes, we are working on dates.
Elf Ulan Okay, Christmas cookies! (I don’t know how to make eggnog lol! I haven’t had it yet)
Elf Ernest Elf Ulan, I’ll instruct the news department to put out something on eggnog. You could make it if it is not available locally to you. I think you’ll like it! It’s very popular here.
Elf Frank Myrrh It all sounds very exciting. Thanks for being here everyone.
Elf Juniper I also can’t have eggnog often because of food sensitivities, so Christmas cookies as an alternative are great!
Crash Murphy Thanks, Frank! Nice job!
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Ernest, Elf Crash, and Elf Frank! I’m curious what kind if costume you are wearing for Halloween party!
Elf Ernest Ok, Elf Juniper. I’ll ask Dr. Lionel about that for sure! Cookies are a sensitive thing sometime for a few folks too. So having alternatives are a great idea
Elf Frank Myrrh Oh, we didn’t even have time to talk about Halloween.
Elf Frank Myrrh Sorry about that.
Elf Juniper thank you all for all the help!!
Crash Murphy I’m sure we’ll cover Halloween on the radio
Elf Ernest Thanks everyone!
Elf Frank Myrrh Indeed, thank you all. Make it a great day!
Crash Murphy Bey everyone!
Elf Ulan Elf Ernest! Thank you for the recipe! I’m so happy to hear that!
Elf Ulan Bye!
Crash Murphy That should say BYE everyone. I’m such a dork.
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    Thank you for the recap so fast, Elf Winslow! It was a special and very exciting chat. Thank you, Elf Ernest; I’m pleased to know the eggnog recipes from the North Pole! (but one of my wish lists is to receive eggnog from Santa, though, lol.) Elf Crash and Elf Frank, thank you; we’re happy to hear about the Halloween costumes report on the radio soon and also to hear that Santa comes to the elf community a lot! It makes our tracker elves more motivated! XD

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