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Reindeer Handlers Growing Impatient

North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Reindeer Handlers Growing Impatient

The Reindeer barn doors are closed and elves who usually tend to the needs of the reindeer are bored. Really bored.

Only a handful of reindeer remain at the North Pole at this time. Teams usually assigned to Santa and Mrs. Claus are gone with them and all of Santa’s usual reindeer still have not returned yet to the North Pole.

According to Elf Victor, head elf of Reindeer Operations at the North Pole, it is not unusual for the reindeer to be so late in returning. But he does think the absence of Santa and Mrs. Claus has everything to do with why the reindeer are not yet here this year.

Regardless, Elf Victor says there is no reason to think Santa’s flight or that the work of Operation Merry Christmas will not go forward.

For more information about the current status of the reindeer, please listen to the North Pole Radio News report in the player above.

Elf Harold Star

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. I hope the elves in the reindeer department are doing well to make their bodies healthier and stronger. They will soon be busy after the reindeer return to the North Pole. I’m glad to hear that the equipments on these reindeer work well. So the Flight Command knows where Mrs. Claus’s reindeer are and their conditions, and also the test flight reindeer. I’d be happy if I could help the elves for the reindeer in the future. XD

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