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10 Weeks Until Christmas

10 Weeks Until Christmas 1

There are 10 weeks until Christmas and I’m not liking the fact there are no Clauses at the North Pole.

Countdown to Christmas

Mrs. C was supposed to be at her family’s home in Canada for Thanksgiving held last Monday. She was supposed to be home Thursday but called to say she was going to be out a little longer.

That means the big meetings scheduled for tomorrow will be covered by me. I have had a mind to cancel them.

First up is Elf Harriet’s meeting. She is the head elf in Wrapping. She’s totally organized and I love her sense of humor. My kind of girl. Gets stuff done and doesn’t take any…guff. But I know she’s a little miffed because Wrapping is short on some supplies.

That means the next meeting of the day, with Purchasing, and Elf Gaylord, will be a rough one. Gaylord is a great elf but he has an answer for everything. Unfortunately, it’s usually the wrong answer and at ten weeks out we can’t be making excuses. I’m going to have to play hard ball with Gaylord because if Santa comes back and Wrapping has no tape then someone’s going to be in trouble. It ain’t going to be me.

After Purchasing I meet with the Post Office. My good friend Elf Hugo always treats me like a queen but I’ve noticed he likes to come at Mrs. Claus with a big list of stuff he needs. I need Elf Hugo to understand I’m just a fill-in and not Mrs. Claus. His wish list is not going to get far with me. What will Hugo ask for? My guess is more elves. It’s only the middle of October and already the North Pole Post Office is getting slammed.

I get it. Tis the season at the North Pole and all.

After that comes lunch and I’ll be hungry.

It’ll be important to get a full lunch because right after I head over to the Reindeer Barn. Talk about depressing duty. There’s no reindeer there and the elves over there are bored. So bored, in fact, some are volunteering for duty at the Post Office. No kidding. Mrs. Claus had a hard time cheering those elves up the last meeting, what is this poor little elf going to be able to do for them now?

Once I get out of the Reindeer meeting I’m off to see Elf Crash Murphy, to talk about tracker elves. That should be a good meeting. Crash is pretty chill and the tracker elves never really ask for much. Good elves, those trackers.

Following that there’s a staff meeting for Mrs. Claus’ office, which I run anyway. We have been working combined with Santa’s staff and those guys know the routine of this time of year better anyway. Should be a fast meeting.

Then comes the weekly meeting of the Halloween Committee. This is the meeting I really don’t want to go to. Everything is pretty much done and I don’t really know what more to tell these elves. But Halloween is just a few weeks away now and I’m afraid they will bring up something I won’t know or have time to do anything with. I really wish Mrs. Claus was here for this one, it’s her thing.

So….with that said, when will she get back?


Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Hello Elf Trixie! Oh, you had many meetings instead of Mrs. Claus. I hope your meetings went smoothly.
    I’m looking forward to hearing about all of your Halloween costumes and the party with Mrs. Claus! XD

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