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North Pole Radio News
Mrs. Claus Late in Returning

Mrs. Claus was in Canada this week to celebrate Thanksgiving there with her family, as we reported earlier. But she has not returned to the North Pole as scheduled.

According to a press release from her office today Mrs. Claus has decided to extend her stay. She is safe and well.

North Pole Flight Command, using new technology in a test of the Reindeer Tracking Office, confirms that Mrs. Claus’ reindeer are indeed still in Canada.

Elf Trixie, Mrs. Claus’ Chief of Staff, said she did hear from Mrs. Claus earlier this week to review “routine data” in a scheduled phone call. Mrs. Claus felt then that since everything was going so well at the North Pole there was no need for her to return as scheduled.

It is not yet known when she will return.

The question was asked last week before Mrs. Claus left about “who is in charge?” while both she and Santa are away.

That technically falls to Elf Ernest, Senior Vice President of Public Relations and chair of the North Pole Santa’s Council. Elf Ernest declined to comment when I called him.

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Elf Harold Star

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. I hope she enjoys staying a lot with her family in Canada. I think Operation Merry Christmas this year is going well; that’s why Santa and Mrs. Claus seem relieved and also believe in elves at the North Pole and the test flights to work well. Whoever is at the North Pole can be in charge instead of her and Santa. And our elves will follow them too! XD

  2. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    Can you please send me and my sister to the north pole and please let Mrs Claus come back soon I can tell her it

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