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Chat with Elf Ed Zachary

Elf Ed Zachary

North Pole Chat featured a discussion with North Pole News Director, Elf Ed Zachary. Elf Ed Zachary has had a storied career in journalism at the North Pole and knows Santa well. In this discussion he addresses his personal relationship with Santa and answers questions about elf life. Here is the chat transcript:

Elf Ernest Hi everyone!
Elf Ernest Today we have with us Elf Ed Zachary, News Director at the North Pole.
Elf Ernest For those of you unfamiliar with Elf Ed Zachary let me introduce you
Elf Ulan Please ask my questions to Elf Ed Zachary instead of me thank you!
Elf Ernest Mr. Zachary is one of the senior most newsmen at the North Pole
Elf Ernest He has worked for years as a columnist at the North Pole Gazette
Elf Ernest Answer questions and giving commentary of North Pole life
Elf Ernest He is known as the Famous Defender of Santa Claus
Elf Ernest Because he long ago was assigned to deal with some of the meaner letters coming in about Santa
Elf Ernest And in explaining how Santa works to non-believers
Elf Ernest Mr. Zachary, we thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us today.
Elf Ed Zachary Ernest, a pleasure. It’s nice to be among friends.
Elf Ernest Just how close to Santa are you? Would you say you are one of his oldest friends?
Elf Ed Zachary We didn’t begin as friends, Ernest. In fact, when I started at the North Pole I was afraid of him. It took me a few years to even approach him.
Elf Ernest Why?
Elf Ed Zachary I think it was just intimidation of the surroundings, to begin with. I was an experienced reporter but I came here completely unprepared for how the North Pole worked. I grew up a believer, but being close to it all was kind of a shock
Elf Ernest In what way?
Elf Ed Zachary Well, everyone here talks about Santa in such a familiar way, like the know him. And of course, that’s because they DO know him. He’s from here. He lives here. They see him all the time.
Elf Ed Zachary But i had actually only seen Santa  a few times before and that was when I was a child
Elf Ed Zachary Its different to be here as an adult and to be familiar with him. That was hard for a social hermit like myself.
Elf Ernest Hahaha – you call yourself a social hermit. Funny you mention that. I have some questions in my email for you from people who want to know why you aren’t on North Pole Radio News or why you seem to harsh and distant sometimes.
Elf Ed Zachary Well, for starters, I’ve got a face made for radio. I tried it once or twice and I just don’t care for that kind of journalism. I’m not quick on my feet like Elf Frank Myrrh. I need time to think through answers. I prefer to interface through a keyboard, not a microphone
Elf Ernest Some think you’re a bit stern
Elf Ed Zachary I’m aware. I don’t like to come across that way. I just don’t like to suffer fools as they say
Elf Ernest So….you don’t like people?
Elf Ed Zachary No, I love people. I just don’t care for fools.
Elf Max By fools….you mean non-believers?
Elf Ed Zachary Hi Elf Max. Yes, I don’t like non-believers who are rude and many are. That has at least been my experience.
Elf Ernest I heard you get the toughest questions about Santa Claus. Is that why you feel that way?
Elf Ed Zachary Well, kind of. Not all non-believers are rude but the mail I get seems to come from a lot of mean people sometimes.
Elf Ernest How did you get the job of defending Santa to mocking non-believers?
Elf Ed Zachary Long, long time ago they use to just throw those letters away. But one year Santa came to me with a letter from a little girl who didn’t believe but that he felt deserved an answer
Elf Ed Zachary She wasn’t rude or mean. She just couldn’t understand how Santa could get around the world in one night. He had me write an article explaining it and that’s how it all started.
Elf Ernest Do you like handling stuff like that?
Elf Ed Zachary If people are nice, it’s good work. I feel like it serves a good purpose. But a lot times I get people who are mean. It still doesn’t make sense to me that a person who claims that Santa is not real writes to Santa to complain about him.
Elf Ernest Is that still happening? After all these years?
Elf Ed Zachary Oh yes, every day. You would not believe how much mail like that we get
Elf Ernest Is it addressed to you or to Santa?
Elf Ed Zachary I get a lot but it comes in for Santa in bunches, too
Elf Max Are there questions you won’t answer?
Elf Ed Zachary Yes, there are some topics I just won’t waste time on.
Elf Ernest Really? Like what?
Elf Ed Zachary Like how the reindeer fly. I’ve addressed that, so have several others, including Santa. But I more or less ignore that question now.
Elf Max Does Santa ever tell you what to talk about?
Elf Ed Zachary Not really. I worked for Elf Ernest for a number of years, Elf Max, and he and I would discuss it. But Santa leaves me alone.
Elf Ernest How close are you to Santa these days?
elf white snow flake Hi
Elf Ed Zachary We’re neighbors now. I bought a place out by Santa’s ranch and we see each other now and then.
Elf Ed Zachary Hi Elf White Snow Flake
elf white snow flake North Pole Live Radio Station On THIS Website
Elf Ed Zachary I will socialize with Santa and Mrs. Claus now and then, but it is usually in the off season
Elf Ed Zachary OOohhh, that’s a TERRIBLE awful no good very bad radio station. It would never be on an official North Pole website because it’s not from the North Pole.
Elf Ernest Hahaha – you ARE blunt, Mr. Zachary.
Elf Ed Zachary I’m sorry, but I’m paid to have opinions, I guess you could say
elf white snow flake Ok who is Elf Coffee Bean
Elf Ed Zachary I get impatient with non-North Pole sources and that’s a bad one
Elf Ed Zachary I have no idea who Elf Coffee Bean is. Should I? Do you know that elf, Ernest?
Elf Ernest That’s a new one on me. Where did you meet Elf Coffee Bean, Elf White Snow Flake?
Elf Ed Zachary Probably in a Star Bucks
Elf Max Hahaha….
elf white snow flake I saw that name on Santa Update
Elf Ernest Oh my…Elf Ed Zachary, you are just as quick on your feet as Elf Frank Myrrh….and twice as blunt
elf white snow flake North Pole weather
Elf Ed Zachary Really? Where? I don’t recall a writer on our staff with that name
Elf Ed Zachary And the only one who does weather around here is Elf Seymour Snow
elf white snow flake Can he Post It On This Website?
Elf Ernest In your new position as the News Director, do you find you have to learn more of these elf names?
Elf Ed Zachary The weather is a feature we’re currently testing for [link src=”SantaUpdate.com”]. It is news but not really relevant until about the time Santa flies. So we’re experimenting with some stuff. We might do something before Christmas this year.
Elf Ed Zachary And yes, Ernest. Your masterplan is working. My new duties does put me in contact with a lot more elves. I have to know a lot more people now.
elf white snow flake Wish we could chat everyday here
Elf Max Just curious….what kind of weather features are you testing?
elf white snow flake North Pole
Elf Ed Zachary We’re testing out a webcam. It’s kind of clunky now but we think it would be cool if site users could actually see the weather in real time at the North Pole
Elf Max That sounds simple enough. What’s the problem in setting that up?
elf white snow flake Cool Thank You Very Much If You Add It On This Website
Elf Ed Zachary Well…it’s the weather! Most of the year it’s really dark here and who wants to see a black screen? The rest of the time it’s so light it burns out the camera. So we are looking in to options to address that.
Elf Max That would be cool. But I think even a weather widget of some type would do the job.
Elf Ed Zachary We’re working on that. Finding one that works consistently that gives accurate data has been a challenge. We’re big on the truth here and if that’s not giving accurate information we don’t want it.
elf white snow flake My Christmas List Is Ready For North Pole Resident
Elf Ed Zachary We actually have a very sophisticated weather widget now but nobody understands it.
Elf Max We do? Where is it?
Elf Ed Zachary It’s the snow you see falling on your screen. It reflects snowfall in real time at the North Pole.
Elf Max Ah! Really? I never knew!
Elf Ed Zachary That’s the problem, nobody seemed to get it. I’m pushing to remove it.
Elf Ernest Don’t do that!
Elf Max Yeah, I kinda like it!
elf white snow flake Is it snowing windy sunny? I like that Posted
Elf Ed Zachary Yes, that’s the feedback we received. People think it is pretty.
Elf Max All I ever see is snow on my laptop screen. Does it snow all the time?
Elf Ed Zachary Well, it is the North Pole.
Elf Ed Zachary I just think we need to do it better. Explain it more. Kind of like what Elf White Snow is suggesting…something that everyday tells the weather in brief terms.
elf white snow flake Any new updates for this website
Elf Ed Zachary Believe it or not, that’s a lot of work to do.
Elf Ernest Any last questions for Elf Ed Zachary?
Elf Max Will you be writing more articles for SantaUpdate or is all your stuff now over at [link src=”SantaTrackers.net”]?
Elf Ed Zachary I’ll be writing for both websites.
elf white snow flake I think that’s everything my Christmas List is ready for North Pole Resident
Elf Ernest Fantastic! Thanks for being with us today, Mr. Zachary?
Elf Ed Zachary Thanks for having me! Bye everyone!
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    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow. I wanted to join this chat very much. Thank you for asking my question, Elf Ernest. I’m happy to know about Elf Ed Zachary. He’s very kind and polite. I should check the weather widget! I’ll ask Elf Max later, lol. I believe that some non-believers would want to believe in Santa after they feel connected with Santa. I hope I can join the following chat with Elf Ed Zachary! XD

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