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Mrs. Claus will Travel Alone to Canada

Mrs. Claus

Santa Claus will miss the Claus family annual trip to Canada to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. The event will be held on Monday, October 9th. The Office of Mrs. Claus today announced that she will be traveling alone to the event.

This will mark the first time in years that Santa will miss this traditional event. Mrs. Claus has family in Canada that invite Santa and Mrs. Claus every year.

The announcement also indicated that Mrs. Claus will be traveling alone, piloting a sleigh by herself. This is not unusual has Mrs. Claus has been a certified sleigh pilot for decades.

North Pole Security has announced that Mrs. Claus will be using the sleigh Santa piloted around the world last Christmas for her transportation. The sleigh is a favorite of Santa’s. First constructed for Christmas 1972 the large sleigh is on record as one of the fastest ever built.

Santa’s reindeer are not yet back at the North Pole. So for now it is planned for Mrs. Claus to use eight reindeer from Santa’s personal stables at his ranch for this trip.

North Pole Flight Command has indicated that this sleigh will be tracked ever moment it is gone from the North Pole and that no problems are anticipated for this annual trip.

It is still unknown as to when Santa and the reindeer will be returning to the North Pole.

Given that the Office of Mrs. Claus is announcing now that she will be attending this event without Santa it goes to reason that Santa is not planning on being back at the North Pole before October 9th.

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  1. Elf Dave
    Elf Dave says:

    Starting to wonder why Santa is taking so long coming back! It’s October! I know it’s a couple months to Christmas but I hope he gets back before the weather gets bad.

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. I hope Mrs. Claus has arrived at her family’s home in Canada safely. Did some North Pole elves follow for her flight safety? I wish Santa would be there to make a happy surprise to her there! I hope Mrs. Claus and her family have a great time together. ^^

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