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Secrets of a Professional Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Secrets of a Professional Santa Tracker

In a special episode of the North Pole Podcast elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy discuss the work of a professional Santa Tracker, Elf Petey LaCroix.

Elf Petey is part of a team of special elves charged with tracking Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. But they aren’t tracking Santa like everyone else does. They are tracking Santa to see the sleigh in action. Using special equipment they try to record the sleigh in flight to learn about how it performs.

Elf Petey, you see, is part of the sleigh design team. It is their job to work to continually improve Santa’s sleigh. That means he not only has to know how to see Santa in high-speed flight but he has to be a sleigh pilot himself. In fact, every member of the professional Santa tracker elf team is a pilot, a sleigh designer, an expert is aeronautics with years and years of highly technical education.

Elf Crash talks with Elf Petey about his experience tracking Santa in this capacity. He talks about why these trackers head out to dark, remote locations only to wait for the split-second moment of time that they can catch Santa in flight. Petey has a number of experiences along the way to share.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to post any comments or questions you might have below.

Elf Harold Star

2 replies
  1. Elf sugar cookie
    Elf sugar cookie says:

    My job on christmas eve is to track santa like everyone else merry Christmas elf petey and elf Harold star .

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Wow, every team member is a pilot, not only Elf Petey! They are amazing. I’m curious what their training was for it. But before being a pilot, they have to be verified by Santa, right? I want to take the training for Santa’s verified. Thank you, Elf Crash, for asking Elf Petey. I wish he could come to the chat someday! XD

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