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Rare Chat Opportunity with Elf Ed Zachary Announced


Elf Ed Zachary, famed Defender of Santa Claus, columnist at the North Pole Gazette, and newly promoted head of the North Pole News Department, has agreed to be interviewed by Elf Ernest in North Pole Chat.

The event is scheduled at a bit of an odd time in order to accommodate Mr. Zachary’s busy schedule. It will be held on Tuesday, October 3rd at 6pm EST:


Elf Ed Zachary famously handles a lot of mail answering the toughest questions about Santa Claus and North Pole life. But he avoids North Pole Radio news and appearing in chats. It took some time to convince him to come to North Pole Chat and he only agreed to do it when Elf Ernest volunteered to host the chat (they are old friends).

Elf Ed Zachary is the most senior elf on staff in North Pole news. He has seen a lot over the years. We welcome your questions for him.

Hope to see you then!


Elf Winslow

3 replies
  1. Divyansh Singh Kshatriya
    Divyansh Singh Kshatriya says:

    Hello North pole and santa I want to you to come in India and see India and come at my home

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow! I’m delighted to talk with Ed Zachary in the chat! I hope I can join it. It’ll be Wednesday morning local, but I want to try! XD I’m looking forward to seeing everyone then!! XD

  3. snowy night
    snowy night says:

    hey elf winslow thanks for letting me talk to ed zachary realy am happy thanks il will be their.

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