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Santa Handing Out Prizes


Santa Claus has made it known that he will be visiting SantaTrackers.net to “hand out prizes” in the Elf Community there.

The notice of Santa’s visit was posted by Elf Max, who showed one of Santa’s prizes, a nice little SantaTrackers.net button, made especially for elves:

Santa Trackers Button

Santa, who is on walkabout still, is saying he is in Sector 5 and even his sleigh has been added to the list of test sleighs as being over Central and North America this week.

The search for Santa continues intensely in Sector 5, especially by the elves of North Pole Security, who have been charged with finding him as part of a training exercise. Since Santa left the North Pole on March 25th nobody has yet been able to find him.

But Santa’s involvement with the elves at SantaTrackers.net is a good sign that he may be coming home to the North Pole soon. Getting ready for the season ahead is really on his mind.

We will keep you posted on the search for Santa and his activities as the month of September unfolds.

Elf Harold Star

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Nice pin. It sounds like Santa has had a lot of fun on his walkabout this year. But I think he will be glad to get back home too. He has really challenged his security team this year as well as us Tracker Elves!

That’s A NICE Pin. I’m Hoping I can make chat room❄❄⛄⛄⛄🎅🏼🎅🏼🎄🎄🎄😉😉🤶🤶🤶

Thank you, Harold! Yes, we saw it in the community. It’s charming, and we want one too! And Santa came there to do quizzes! We were so excited to answer questions. Thank you, Santa! I wonder if the Elf Agent X team could get where he is then, and Santa will also meet the sleighs in Sector 5. I’m looking forward to hearing the next update! XD