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17 Weeks Until Christmas


Hi guys, there are now only 17 weeks until Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas

As we head into the end of August you can feel the changes coming here at the North Pole.

Like most places, the children here are back in school. They are, like believers everywhere, starting to send in a lot more mail to the North Pole.

I visited with Elf Hugo at the North Pole Post Office this week. The post office is one of the coolest places at the North Pole.

When I talk to my friends back home about possibly visiting the North Pole they all say they want to see Santa’s workshop. That’s a cool place but for me, if you really want to see the most interesting facility here at the North Pole with hard working elves and magical stuff, you need to visit the North Pole Post Office.

You see, it’s always busy there. Seriously, these guys never get a day off. Not in the months before Christmas, not at Christmas time, and not even in the days after Christmas.

Elf Hugo told me they have already held their annual “Christmas meeting” with all the Post Office elves.

Those guys are ready for the deluge of Christmas mail that comes in. It’s what they call “wish list season”.

Now, understand this: Santa wants you to send him a wish list. He does not care how long or short it is, he doesn’t mind if you change your mind and send in another list or two or twenty between now and Christmas, and he doesn’t mind if you admit you don’t really know what you want for Christmas.

He just wants you to send it in as often as you can.

Elf Hugo and their team have a system for handling all this stuff. It routes in quickly and gets to Santa no matter where he is. Even now, at a time when he is away from the North Pole, Santa sees this kind of mail.

There are tools and elves and systems and protocols and other stuff in place that I don’t even know that somehow makes it so that your message for Santa gets TO Santa as quickly as possible.

Santa wants you to understand that and to use the system set up by Elf Hugo and his team of hard working elves at the North Pole Post Office.

And here’s another thing: parents can use it too. That’s the beauty of it. Anyone can use it, even non-believers.

And yeah, a lot of non-believers DO use it to send mail to Santa Claus. I know, it sounds silly. I had to ask Elf Hugo about that twice. Why would people who do not believe in Santa still write letters to him?

Well, Elf Hugo says that is complicated and that he does not really care WHY anyone writes to Santa. His job is to just get the message delivered.

But Elf Hugo knows all mail to Santa is important and special. He has teams of elves who work the sensitive jobs of sorting Santa’s mail and seeing that they get organized for Santa’s review. Many send in traditional wish lists of stuff they want for Christmas. Some send in questions. Others want special things. Many want favors.

The non-believers mostly write in to say they actually do not want to be non-believers. They want to believe in Santa but do not know how to do that without someone calling them crazy.

That is one reason why the North Pole has websites like this one. Santa Update is dedicated to sharing news of Santa and the North Pole for ALL people. We answer questions year-round.

But Santa does not just stop there. That is why he wants the mail from the non-believers. He wants to help them to believe again because believing in Santa is helpful, fun, safe and enjoyable.

So, believe or not, please use the North Pole postal system. They are there to help us.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Trixie! It’s getting faster to close Christmas! That’s amazing; Santa receives all of their wish lists and messages! Of course, I believe in Santa, but my family is unsure because they’ve never seen him yet. And they make a wish list, lol! I think they want to believe Santa is real there, so they send messages to him.
    Thank you, Elf Hugo and the elves in the Post Office, for giving all to Santa. I wonder how they know the letters are from believers or not. I’ll send a wish list, and I hope Santa enjoys reading our messages and making it comes true! XD

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