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North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Santa Escapes Again

He did it again. Santa escaped the near-certain capture we reported earlier this week from the state of Michigan in Sector 5.

As we reported then, Santa was spotted in a restaurant in Portland, Michigan and the elves of North Pole Security gave chase, tracking Santa down as far west down I-96 to Coopersville.

We regret to report that Santa has eluded capture yet again after ditching his rental car in Grand Rapids and hopping a shuttle for Dunshore Boating on the waters edge of Lake Michigan. Santa hired a fishing guide and took to the lake, where trackers from NPS lost him.

We do know for sure it was Santa. Early this morning Santa sent an email to Elf Agent X, congratulating him on the near-capture. He also left this cryptic poem:

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Hilary’s all wet and so are you, too

The rains in the Rockies
Are steady and cool

It’s a good time for me
To get time by the pool

The reindeer are ready,
The sleigh’s doing great

The workshop is hummin’,
So I might be late

For the carving of pumpkins,
And costumes so fun

For apples and donuts
Til the fall stuff is done

Mrs. Claus, my sweet honey
Could miss me some more

As I wander to and fro
Seeking believers on shore

The ocean’s so big,
The mountains so high

I’ll visit them all,
As I charge through the sky

Where’s Rudolph and Donner?
Where’s Vixen and the others?

I know where they are
But I won’t tell their mothers.

If over the horizon,
I fly and I soar

Undetected, undeterred
While you search for me more

It’s okay, elves and friends
It’s good to get away

I will come home again,
In a month and a day.

Did I really say when?

What a silly boy I am
Don’t believe all you read

I’m making some of this up
Because I really can’t rhyme.

Gotta go-go-go.

Analysts are pouring over this strange poem from Santa, searching for clues of his next destination and trying to figure out when he plans a return to the North Pole.

For more information, please click on the North Pole Radio News report above.

Elf Harold Star

5 replies
  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. I’m curious how Santa registered the rental car. What name did he use for it? I wonder which trues or falses are in his poem. I believe Elf Pinky that Santa will get into the test flight in Sector 5. The sleigh is over the north of Texas now. Are they getting closer? I imagine he is interested in many things, so his walkabout takes a while, he asks for people’s wish lists, etc.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from Elf Flank and Elf Crash for a new update on how Santa and Elf Agent X are going. XD

  2. Elf Tory
    Elf Tory says:

    Hi, I am Elf Tory is was I would like to be called and I live in Calafornia I have saw santa 2 times in my local town. I dont know how to contact the north pole or how to talk the north pole elfs or anything so this is the only way i can hopefully get your attention I will try to find another way but for now this is my only way Everyone have a great day Goodbye! 🙂

  3. sarah
    sarah says:

    I know where he might be heading. If y’all remember that in the chat with Santa, he told me to keep looking up?
    He also told me that he wants me to catch him. if his poem gives you any clues, he is heading towrds Oklahoma, after going to California.

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