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4 Months Until Christmas

4 Months

Hi friends! Today marks 4 months until Christmas and it is a very busy time right now.

4 Months

Over at Santa’s workshop there is a weird kind of deadline. You see, Santa does not have many wish lists sent in yet. A lot of believers honestly don’t think about sending Santa a wish list until it is closer to Christmas. For Elf Bernard and the elves of Santa’s workshop this is a little bit of a problem. That means they have to guess what will be the most requested toys come Christmas.

They don’t always get it right.

So they turn to the North Pole Post Office and Elf Hugo’s team of elves over there for clues. What are the kids asking about? How many are sending in questions? What seems to be most popular from different parts of the world? These questions, and more, are the kinds of things Elf Bernard and team are asking about as they continue to make toys.

Santa’s workshop is not the only group asking questions.

Elf Hugo tells me this is the time of year when school teachers from around the world start to send in questions. Those questions are usually a bit different. The questions teachers tend to send in are more about the mechanics of how Santa makes delivery on Christmas Eve and what places he may travel to first.

Teachers are really smart. They listen to their students and group together their questions to make them fit about lesson plans in the classroom. That’s why Santa is such a big fan of school teachers. They get a lot of important questions answered.

We have a whole team here in the Public Relations department dedicated to answering mail from school teachers. We will advise the news department of the questions that come in and sometimes even try to shape posts and podcasts around those questions. Look for Frank and Crash to do a new episode of the North Pole Podcast soon featuring answers to questions teachers send in.

And finally, just a note about Santa’s reindeer. A lot of you are asking questions about them.

Yes, it is time to think of the reindeer coming home to the North Pole. It’s still a little early, but maybe next month at this time we will have news to report.

But don’t worry! Santa’s reindeer will return. They always do.

Until next month, friends!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Ernest! I thought that Santa told Elf Barnard about toys that children want. I also discussed the wish list with my friend last week, lol! I hope many kids who read this news will start sending their lists. Yes, teachers are amazing. They have their students interested in, notice, consider, and achieve the goal. I have asked some students in older grades what they want for Christmas, but they didn’t answer in front of their friends. I heard everyone is a child from Santa’s of the view. I enjoy making a wish list, right?
    Yeah, Santa’s reindeer will return to the North Pole like migrating birds!
    I’m looking forward to hearing their story his year. Merry Christmas! XD

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