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Reindeer Radar Test Approved

Rumors of the Reindeer Radar Project are true.

In September, North Pole Flight Command will test new technology that will be embedded in the equipment worn by reindeer in flight from the North Pole.

You may be aware of embedded technology already in use on Santa’s team. It is dedicated to providing health updates, flight data and current weather conditions on Santa’s sleigh. But the new Reindeer Radar Project is different than that. It is for reindeer who are NOT part of Santa’s team.

Support reindeer, freighters, scouts and other teams of reindeer by the thousands are dispatched from the North Pole every Christmas Eve. They fly all over the world on support missions for Santa.

A uniform system of the latest technology has been developed that will provide North Pole Flight Command with a whole new level of data that can be used to aid Santa’s flight.

It is much more comprehensive than the present technology employed on Santa’s team. It is designed to aid in the tracking of weather, in improving communications, and in making flight operations more efficient.

They become, in effect, mobile satellites, which can instantly transmit live data that can aid several North Pole departments.

In September test flight teams of reindeer will be outfitted with this new equipment to begin testing it.

It is not known if the system can be tested and approved for use this Christmas.

It is an exciting program involving dozens of departments at the North Pole.

We will keep you posted on its progress.

Elf Harold Star

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  1. Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Wow, that’s super great! If the radar equipment is put on each reindeer, they can collect accurate information about their conditions, weather, etc. I hope the test will work well and also both reports, including the weather from the reindeer and our elves, can affect Santa’s sleigh well. XD

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