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Elf Crash Murphy, new International Director of Santa Trackers, finished up our series of Christmas-in-July chats by discussing the plans for Santa tracking this year. Here is the transcript of that chat:

Elf Frank Myrrh Hello, Crash.
Elf Frank Myrrh What happened?
Elf Weathertracker Hi Crash
Elf Ulan XD Hello, Elf Crash!
Crash Murphy I don’t know! Internet went down at the house. I had to run here to the office
Elf Frank Myrrh Musta forgot to pay the bill
Crash Murphy Hi everyone, sorry I’m late
Elf Weathertracker Oh no, hopefully it gets fixed soon Crash
Elf Frank Myrrh You’re not late, you’re a minute early
Crash Murphy I am? Well nevermind then. I’m not sorry.
Elf Ernest Hahaha.
Elf Ulan XD I hope you can fix that soon!
Elf Frank Myrrh We’ll give you a minute to catch your breath!
Elf Frank Myrrh Folks, our final chat of Christmas in July is with International Director of Santa Trackers, Elf Crash Murphy
Elf Frank Myrrh I’m told he’s got an announcement or two to make
Elf Frank Myrrh So we will begin the chat with that and then I’ll ask him a few questions.
Elf Frank Myrrh Please hold your questions until I open the chat for discussion.
Elf Frank Myrrh Crash, are you ready?
Crash Murphy Yessir – let’s do it.
Elf Frank Myrrh Let’s begin with your announcement
Crash Murphy Okay, today I just wanted to give a little timeline of what trackers can expect for the rest of the season
Crash Murphy The new month of August begins and it is always a very fast start each time it comes around
Crash Murphy First of all, we activate the Elf Supervisors this next week.
Star45678 Hey
Crash Murphy All the Regional Tracking Centers are now identified and located.
Star45678 Hello crash Murphy
Crash Murphy I will be taking the Elf Supervisors and some select personnel for training this next week.
Crash Murphy They will be active thereafter on the Elf Wall at [link src=”SantaTrackers.net”]
Crash Murphy The months of August and September will be dedicated to first-time reporting of physical items during these weeks.
Crash Murphy October will be a time dedicated to inspections of chimneys and roof tops
Crash Murphy Then the more subtle reports for societal and environment issues will be reported in November and December
Crash Murphy Pretty much the same road map as last year.
Crash Murphy With this structured plan we feel we can compile, world wide, a good database of fresh information for Santa to use on his flight.
Elf Frank Myrrh Crash, what about landing zones? That was brought up last year in a big way
Crash Murphy Yes, Frank. We will be announcing some guidelines for landing zones, for those believers out there that want to build them for Santa to use
Elf Frank Myrrh Where do we stand on the issue of new elves and recruiting them this year?
Crash Murphy Elf Moe and his team are taking up that challenge, Frank. There will be new elves but they are going to very carefully manage the flow. We’ll bring them in slowly.
Elf Frank Myrrh Ok, anything else we need to know?
Crash Murphy I’ve had some questions about the North Pole Navy and their role. And we’ll address that in a series of articles we’ll post up at [link src=”SantaTrackers.net”].
Elf Frank Myrrh Oh wow, that’s a great one! I look forward to that.
Elf Frank Myrrh Folks, we’ll now give you an opportunity to ask questions of Crash on any topic. Thanks for those announcements, Crash
Elf Ernest Crash, I have a question
Elf Weathertracker I have a question
Elf Ulan XD I have one too!
Elf Ernest How will YOUR role differ this year? Will you still be doing the news with Frank?
Elf Frank Myrrh Go ahead and throw your questions out there
Crash Murphy My role will likely not look much different this year on the outside, but on the inside I’m already doing many different things
Elf Frank Myrrh What do you mean by that?
Elf Weathertracker Crash, with the training this next week, I am one of the Elves that needs to join the training?
Elf Ulan XD Elf Crash, do you still have the reports we sent last year?
Crash Murphy Well, I have a bigger role to play with the test flights of the sleigh and the operation of the North Pole Navy. I’ll be spending time with those guys that I never did before.
Crash Murphy Elf WeatherTracker, no. This training is for the Elf Supervisors – yours being Elf Pinky, for example. She will get some information about this season, then travel to her new regional location for the season which will be in Canada
Elf Weathertracker Ok, thank you Crash
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan, yes, we do have the reports from last season. One of our many projects is to line up last year’s reports with this year’s reports and condense them down to what we’re calling a “change log”, which is what Santa will use
Elf Frank Myrrh Crash, how does Santa have time to see all these reports?
Crash Murphy He doesn’t, Frank. North Pole Flight Command has a team that takes the reports and condenses them into a database that Santa can bring up. Santa has a screen on the sleigh that feeds him data for each area before he arrives
Elf Weathertracker Crash, do you have any idea about why Santa wants elf Seymour snow, to get in contact with me?
Crash Murphy Basically we break it down and give it to Santa when he needs it. Not all at once. If can call up any info he wants but we try to stay about five minutes ahead of him
Crash Murphy Elf Seymour Snow is the head of the Weather Department. I’m guessing Santa sees you as a resource that can be useful to Seymour
Crash Murphy I’ll be seeing Elf Seymour this week because he is one of many elves who will be presenting to the Elf Supervisors in their training this week
Elf Weathertracker Oh wow, that’s is great to know
Elf Ulan XD Thank you Elf Crash, so we send a “change log” report? Do we receive a point for it this year?
Elf Frank Myrrh Who else will the Elf Supervisors be hearing from?
Crash Murphy No, Elf Ulan. Just send in reports as you regularly do. The change log gets generated at Flight Command for Santa. And yes, you get points for everything you do
Crash Murphy The Elf Supervisors will hear from Elf Roger Star, Elf Buck Sanchez, Elf Bernard, Elf Harriet, Elf Quinton Q. Quigley – really all the hot shots will be there except for you, Frank, and Elf Ernest
Elf Ulan XD Okay, Thank you Elf Crash!
Elf Frank Myrrh I’m a little bummed not to be included!
Elf Weathertracker Crash do you have any idea where Santa is currently without breaking any rules?
Crash Murphy Sorry, Frank. We’re actually meeting at the new regional location in Iceland, and it’s a little small
Crash Murphy Elf WeatherTracker, no, I have no clue where Santa is right now. I think Elf Agent X is working on something on that, however
Elf Ernest I’m happy to be manning the fort at the North Pole, Crash
Elf Frank Myrrh It occurs to me that maybe the reason we’re not going, Ernest, is because they don’t want news coverage
Elf Weathertracker I have been keeping my eyes up as Santa said for me to do
Crash Murphy Great job, Elf Weathertracker
Elf Ulan XD I have another question about Go to bad time. When is it over? Is it Santa leaving my country or the sector?
Crash Murphy There is some truth to that Frank. We do cover some sensitive topics in this training and it should NOT be covered in the news.
Crash Murphy Technically, bed time happens in each Sector BEFORE Santa arrives
Crash Murphy There has been a lot of talk this year in Flight Command about when Santa should target arrival in each location.
Crash Murphy Santa was moving so fast last year that we didn’t give people a lot of time to get to bed
Crash Murphy I don’t know if a decision has been made yet but I think they want Santa to target an arrival around midnight this year
Elf Frank Myrrh Oh that’s interesting
Elf Frank Myrrh Any idea what SANTA thinks of that?
Elf Weathertracker I normally am in bed now later then 9:30 pm at night
Crash Murphy I don’t think Santa will like that idea, honestly. He’s always pushing for a new record. We’re going to suggest a later launch time, just to adjust for this
Elf Frank Myrrh Santa’s going to get there in the time it takes to go around the world. I don’t think it would really matter when he launches, right?
Elf Ulan XD So, Elf Crash, is the bedtime until when?
Crash Murphy Right! It’s going to take about 30 hours. If he launches later the theory is he’ll just go faster
Elf Ulan XD I think midnight sounds late if Santa wants to make new record
Crash Murphy Santa doesn’t really specify a bed time. He just sends out a bed time reminder around 8pm local time that it’s a good idea to think about going to bed
Crash Murphy Christmas Eve has a lot of traditions that vary from place to place. If people know that Santa is close they will tend to get to bed so he can come
Crash Murphy Midnight would just be his target for getting in and out of a home, it should not affect how long it takes him for his total flight time.
Elf Ulan XD I’m sorry, but I want to make sure how long the bedtime take?
Elf Frank Myrrh I think what’s being said is that midnight might not leave Santa a lot of options should something go wrong
Crash Murphy In some places Santa delivers as late as 4am. It just depends and where he’s at and how he reads it, Frank.
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan, I’d say if you go to bed between 10pm and midnight, you’d be fine
Elf Frank Myrrh This could be really confusing for people, Crash
Elf Ulan XD Okay, thank you so much! Elf Crash!
Crash Murphy It won’t be. If they listen to Kringle Radio, follow along at SantaUpdate.com and such they will know where Santa is and when to head to bed.
Elf Frank Myrrh Folks, we’re down to just a few minutes left in our chat. Any last questions for Crash?
Elf Ernest Crash, what’s the biggest worry right now for the International Director of Santa Trackers?
Elf Weathertracker Hay crash, just a heads up, the winter here in the area of Sector 5 will have a very bad weather, a lot of ice and snow
Crash Murphy I’m worried about not giving clear information to our team, Ernest. I want everyone to understand what the goal is and how to get it done. Very nervous about that.
Elf Ulan XD And Elf Crash, thank you so much for telling my idea to Santa!! I really appreciate it! How should I do it for the next?
Crash Murphy Just keep us posted on the weather there, Elf Weathertracker. We’re used to snow and ice
Elf Weathertracker Will do Crash. Thank you so much
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan, Santa’s a busy guy so we’ll just have to keep sharing your ideas with him
Elf Frank Myrrh Crash, and I mean this seriously, for being a meathead I think you’re doing an amazing job as International Director of Santa Trackers
Elf Weathertracker How would you like me to send the weather reports as I get the well before hand?
Elf Ulan XD Okay, so how to share with him?
Crash Murphy Oh thanks, Frank. That means a lot coming from a guy with a face made for radio
Elf Ernest You two….
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan, just keep talking about things with me, and Frank, and others, over at [link src=”SantaTrackers.net”]. Include them in your reports. And when Santa chats with us
Elf Frank Myrrh Thank you, Crash, for all the information today
Elf Frank Myrrh Great chat!
Elf Weathertracker Ok, will do Crash
Elf Ernest Yes, thank you Mr. Murphy!
Elf Ulan XD Thank you so much Elf Crash. I’ll do it!
Crash Murphy Thank you everyone! We’ll talk to you again soon!
Elf Ulan XD See you soon!
Elf Frank Myrrh Bye everyone!
Elf Ernest Thanks, guys. Good chat!
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    Thank you for sharing, Elf Winslow! You don’t know how much I appreciate it, lol. Thank you, Elf Crash, Elf Frank, and Elf Ernest! I’m happy to learn all information. I didn’t get any report points last year, yes, zero points, lol, so I should know how to send better reports than last year in advance. Okay, I’ll do my best for the reports and my ideas!
    I’m looking forward to talking again with you all soon! And I’d be delighted to help Santa through the elves, even with a little thing! XD

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