Santa chat

Santa Claus, from an undisclosed location, visited North Pole Chat and talked about a wide variety of topics. Here is a transcript of that event:

Elf Frank Myrrh Santa, welcome to North Pole Chat today!
Santa Claus Frank? Is that really you? Hello!
Elf Frank Myrrh Yes sir, it’s me!
Elf Ulan Hello, Santa!
Santa Claus Wow, I get to chat with the great Frank Myrrh
Elf Frank Myrrh Oh stop it, Santa.
Weathertrackingelf Hi Santa
Elf Frank Myrrh We have so many here who want to talk with you!
Santa Claus Hi everyone!
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Hello Santa sir
Santa Claus I can’t wait to talk to everyone. This is a good change for me!
Elf Radar HI
Elf Ulan Me too!
Elf Frank Myrrh Well, along those lines, Santa….I guess everyone really wants to know if you’re okay. How are you feeling?
Santa Claus I feel stupendous. A little tired from all this heat, but what’s a North Pole guy going to do about that?
Elf Frank Myrrh Without trying to break any rules here, I’ll just ask….is it really hot where you are?
Santa Claus Relax, Frank
Santa Claus Yes, I’ve been in and out of hot weather for the past several months. About 95 degrees and 90% humidity.
Elf Frank Myrrh Yikes, that’s hard on anyone.
Elf Frank Myrrh Santa, I want folks here to ask all their questions. So I’ll just ask from my endless list here as I can. Is that okay with you?
Santa Claus Good plan, Frank. Let’s take care of some customers. Who’s got a question for me who is not named Frank Myrrh?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead I do sir
Elf Ulan I do too!
Santa Claus Crusader, hello! How are things in Minnesota?
Santa Claus Hi Elf Ulan. Is it warm in Japan too?
Weathertrackingelf I have a question as well
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Things are going well, Santa. As you know, I am engaged now.
elf sprinkles I also have a question
Santa Claus Hello Weathertrackingelf. What’s cookin?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead My question for you is what is do you learned during your walk about
Santa Claus Yes, I’ve heard there are a lot of disappointed girls out there now, Crusader.
Weathertrackingelf It’s too hot here. But it’s okay
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead It’s OK Santa. They can still dream
Elf Ulan Santa, yes, it’s very hot now. Is there morning or afternoon there now?
Santa Claus Walkabout has been really fun for me. Very instructive. If I had to use one phrase, I’d say times are a bit difficult right now. I see a lot of individuals and families hurting, if I’m being honest.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Really?
Santa Claus Elf Ulan….it’s always morning somewhere.
Weathertrackingelf Santa, do you have a time frame when you will be back home from your walkabout?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead I was wondering the same thing
Santa Claus Yes, things go in cycles, Crusader. Good years and bad years go by at the same measured pace. I think we’re in rough times in many places right now. I’m learning a lot. I’m glad I went.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Thank you for answering my question Santa
Santa Claus Weathertrackingelf, no, I don’t have a timetable. It depends on what is going on. Right now, in talking with Mrs. Claus and a few others, I think Operation Merry Christmas is on track. So I’ll stay on walkabout for now.
Elf Ulan It’s always morning there, interesting! Santa, do you feel something different about people thinking Christmas than the last walkabout?
Elf Frank Myrrh Santa, how close have elves come to finding you, really?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Yeah. I swear I’ve seen him.
Santa Claus Just Elf Petey and he didn’t even know to look for me, poor guy. No one else has been close that I know about.
Elf Frank Myrrh Do you think you’ll be…um, caught?
Santa Claus Never underestimate Elf Agent X. That’s one smart dude.
Elf Frank Myrrh Hahaha – what about Elf Harriet and team?
Weathertrackingelf Earlier this month we had lost our power, and without breaking any rules did I see you by chance?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead He’s really determined to find you, Santa
Santa Claus Elf Harriet is a pistol. I love her. But no, she hasn’t been close and neither have her elves.
Santa Claus No Weathertrackingelf….I’ve not been in your neighborhood yet on walkabout. But keep looking…I might go that way, you never know
Santa Claus Are you guys really looking for me????
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Have you been here Santa? I swear I have seen you
Weathertrackingelf I am always on the lookout for you Santa
Elf Frank Myrrh I think they are pretty serious, Santa
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Yes
Santa Claus I can’t believe there is that much interest in little ole me!
Elf Ulan Yes!
Elf Frank Myrrh Oh c’mon. You’re Santa!
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead And people love you
Santa Claus Yes, but it’s not even close to Christmas. I was recently on a cruise ship and I walked all over that thing for three days and nobody said a word to me. Just a face in the crowd
Weathertrackingelf ‘@Santa Claus: i am very serious about looking for you, after all I might end up having a little weather tracker running around in 25 santa
Elf Frank Myrrh Were you wearing a disguise?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Huh? You’re pregnant?
Weathertrackingelf Not as of yet
Santa Claus No, I haven’t done a lot of disguises on this walkabout. They are too hot!
Santa Claus Oh my, Weathertrackingelf!
Elf Frank Myrrh If one of these elves here actually finds you, what are you going to do?
Weathertrackingelf If you want to do a disguise, wear T-shirt and shorts
Elf Ulan Santa, I’m afraid but did you hear from Elf Victor that I want to be certified for the reindeer from you?
Santa Claus I’m not sure, Frank. I guess whatever they want me to do. I’m sure they will want to prove that they got me.
Santa Claus Elf Ulan, thank you for reminding me. Yes, I got a message from Elf Victor about it and from Elf Crash. They both love the idea and so do I
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead How will you let them know that it is you?
Santa Claus In fact, I think Elf Crusader should be reindeer certified as well
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Really? I’d love that Santa!!!
Santa Claus All any elf has to do is ask and I’ll tell the truth, Elf Crusader. No questions.
Santa Claus Yes. Is there a local college nearby to either of you?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead There is sir. I attend RCTC
Santa Claus It begins with your local reindeer. There are several species in just about any location. You’ll need to get to know your local reindeer first.
Santa Claus A local college like RCTC should be able to set you up with a local herder or maybe a zoo.
Weathertrackingelf Santa, could I help with the weather dependent at the North Pole sometime?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead There are elk here, does that count?
Elf Ulan Thank you so much, Santa! You mean, I can take the training? Please let me know if I need edit or think about another idea!
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Hey Santa. I work at a zoo currently as a volunteer.
Santa Claus Weathertrackingelf , the weather department at the North Pole can certainly use your help. Your best impact right now is actually staying right where you are. Local eyes on local conditions is crucial
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Not sure if you know about it. It’s called zollman zoo.
Elf Ernest Getting reindeer certified takes some time, doesn’t it, Santa?
Weathertrackingelf Ok, anything I can do to help you with the weather, please let me know
Santa Claus Yes, it can take years Ernest. But anyone can do it. I encourage as many possible to do it. We need more reindeer certified folks. I fully support this. Great questions.
Santa Claus Weathertrackingelf, I will have Elf Seymour Snow contact you.
Weathertrackingelf Thank you Santa
Santa Claus I knew you did something at a local zoo, Elf Crusader.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Have you heard about Zollman Zoo
Santa Claus Being in contact with reindeer- any reindeer – is vital to learning.
Santa Claus I’m not too familiar with Zollman Zoo, no
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead So elk count then?
Santa Claus Elk are great, but they’re not reindeer
Santa Claus Big differences. Like the difference between trout and catfish….
Elf Frank Myrrh That’s interesting.
Elf Frank Myrrh Santa, how did you learn about reindeer?
Weathertrackingelf Off the subject, did you enjoy your favorite cookies I made you last year Santa?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead I’m not sure Minnesota has reindeer
Santa Claus It took me many years, Frank. But I had to be around them. In nature. Spend time,  Earn trust.
Santa Claus Weathertrackingelf, I enjoy EVERYTHING you make. You’re a level up from most!
Weathertrackingelf Thank you, that means a lot Santa
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead I can’t wait to be certified
Santa Claus Yes, Crusader. Minnesota has reindeer. In the Iron Range. They’re small, but they are reindeer.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Hmm. Didn’t know that
Santa Claus I don’t know how you put love in a cookie, but you pull that off Weathertrackingelf
Elf Frank Myrrh Are any of those reindeer from Minnesota in service at the North Pole?
Weathertrackingelf It’s just how I learned to make everything is with love
Elf Ulan Santa, can I visit see the reindeer in Shizuoka, Japan?
Santa Claus Um…yes. I believe Vukovich is from Minnesota
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead My mom made you a big cookie in year. You didn’t finish it all
Santa Claus You mean the ranch there, Elf Ulan?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead He has a Norse name. Go figure
Elf Frank Myrrh Vukovich? That’s a different name for a reindeer
Elf Ulan Yes, Santa!
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead I think it’s norse
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Am I right?
Santa Claus Vukovich was his owners name. A rancher up there had a small herd of reindeer and that’s his last name. When I asked him what his name was he said he didn’t have one, so we used the ranchers name. Vuko is what we call him. Vuko works transport on Christmas Eve – he’s a freighter. Good guy. Nice power, decent speed. A little on the small side so his stamina isn’t super great. But he’s great
Weathertrackingelf Santa, is there any special cookies that you would like to have this year?
Elf Frank Myrrh How many of the reindeer do you know by name, Santa?
Elf Radar That’s interesting.
Santa Claus Gosh, it’s a little early to be thinking cookies…but honestly, anything you come up with for your family is great with me, Weathertrackingelf
Weathertrackingelf Ok
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead What about that giant cookie my mom made you
Santa Claus I can’t name them all. They all do something at some point that makes them memorable to me. Vuko, for example, is a HUGE Vikings fan.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Awes! Skol Vikings!!!!
Santa Claus So it’s easy to remember him being from Minnesota. He’s one of maybe two fans out there.
Santa Claus It took me THREE DAYS to finish that cookie!
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead I’m a Vikings fan now Santa
Elf Frank Myrrh Two fans…hahaha
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead It did? Wow!
Elf Frank Myrrh Are you a football fan, Santa?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead I was wondering the same thing
Elf Ulan Santa, sorry, maybe it’s difficult to visit there, right? So I can’t be certified even if I can use energy therapy on them.
Santa Claus Not really. Hard for me to follow football much because of the time of year. I’m aware of football mostly because so many people ask for football stuff for Christmas
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead I’m going to a twins game on the 16th
Elf Radar I’m sorry i’ve not had a question. I get a little nervous and freeze up during these chats. But thank you Santa for letting work as a Tracker Elf for you
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Like me?
Santa Claus Elf Ulan, I think you’ll find therapy for reindeer is different than it is for other animals and for most people. Energy therapy for reindeer isn’t really a thing they respond to
Santa Claus Yeah, like you Crusader
Santa Claus You’re a Twinkies fan, too?
Elf Frank Myrrh You still follow baseball, Santa?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Vikings fan sir
Santa Claus I try to follow baseball, yes.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Minnesota Twins
Santa Claus Yeah, that’s what I said. Twinkies.
Elf Frank Myrrh Hahaha.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Haha. I get it. You’re teasing me lol
Weathertrackingelf I left you a cup of lactose free milk last year to go with your cookies, I hope that it was ok?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Maybe you can get me Super Bowl tickets this year
Santa Claus Lactosefree is fine…but I enjoy the real thing. I don’t know where people got the idea I’m lactose intolerant.
Elf Ulan Okay, I understand. Thank you Santa. I should give up to be certified for them ^^
Santa Claus If that’s what you guys drink, I’m good with it.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead From the movie the Santa clause
Santa Claus No, Elf Ulan. Study reindeer. Elf Victor will get you into the testing cycles for certification. Right now, you need to study and interact with reindeer.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead What about eggnog?
Santa Claus Oh that movie again.
Weathertrackingelf I know your not lactose intolerant, but it’s the only milk we use, as it’s the only only milk we drink
Santa Claus I love eggnog. But not everyone knows how to make it.
Santa Claus Then it’s all good Weathertrackingelf
Elf Frank Myrrh You don’t like the Santa Clause?
Santa Claus Not much, no Frank.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Do you drink store bought? Some people put alcoholic beverages in their eggnog, which I’m sure you hate
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead What about that finnishmovie about you
Santa Claus I don’t like store bought eggnog in some areas. Although, believe it or not, England still has some good grog. No alcohol for me, no.
Santa Claus What Finnish movie?
Elf Ulan Santa! I’m so surprised and so happy to hear that! Thank you so much! Okay I’ll keep studying reindeer!
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead It’s called Christmas story. It supposedly tells about you as a young orphan boy and how you made wood toys in lapland
Santa Claus Frank, The Santa Clause, first movie, was funny in parts but entirely false. Total fiction about ME. But, entertaining. The 2nd was dumb, the third just stupid. Sorry to be so harsh. Not good movies.
Santa Claus Not sure if I’m aware of that movie. But no, I’m not from Finland. Nice place, but I’m not from there.
Elf Frank Myrrh Elf Ed Zachary said maybe two people at the North Pole know your story, Santa.
Elf Ulan Santa, did you visit Japan this walkabout?
Santa Claus Ed Zachary is, as usual, correct.
Santa Claus No Elf Ulan – I passed OVER Japan, but I still need to head there….soon.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Have you been to Rochester yet Santa?
Elf Frank Myrrh Will you or Elf Ed Zachary ever tell that story?
Santa Claus Maybe I’ve been to Rochester. I’d have to check my journal.
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead You keep a journal?
Santa Claus Elf Ed Zachary has not learned the story. He just heard from me that I’ve not shared it. I’m not inclined to share it, frankly. But if I did, I’d let Elf Ed Zachary share it with the world. He’s outstanding.
Santa Claus Of course I keep a journal. You don’t?
Elf Ulan Okay, please come anytime here, Santa! I’ll keep secret if I saw you lol
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Not anymore. I used to
Elf Frank Myrrh So you’re saying the Great Defender of Santa Claus….doesn’t know where Santa came from?
Weathertrackingelf Santa, when ever your in my area, feel free to stop by, I will feed you and give you some bottles of water for your walkabout
Santa Claus Thank you Weathertrackingelf, I may take you up on that!
Weathertrackingelf Ok
Santa Claus Correct. Elf Ed Zachary doesn’t know the story. That tells you a lot about his work as the Great Defend of Santa, eh?
Elf Frank Myrrh WOW. I’m stunned.
Santa Claus Crusader, its a good habit you should pick up again. You can learn a lot about yourself
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Do you listen to my podcast Santa?
Elf Frank Myrrh Folks, we’re past our time with Santa. Any last questions?
Santa Claus Crusader, I’m behind on your podcast. But I promise I will catch up soon.
Weathertrackingelf Have a safe walkabout Santa, see ya when your in my area
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead In my last podcast with crash, I said hello
Santa Claus Eyes up, Weathertrackingelf! I’d love for you to catch me. At least I know we’ll be eating well!
Elf Ulan Santa, what music do you usually sing or hum unconsciously?
Elf Crusader-Sector 5 Lead Thank you sir
Santa Claus I promise I’ll give it a listen
Weathertrackingelf Yes we will be for sure
Elf Radar Thank you for your time Santa. I hope you enjoy the remainder of your walkabout. Stay safe
Elf Frank Myrrh Santa would you consider another chat before December?
Santa Claus I’m not sure, Frank. These walkabout years are always very busy for me. But we can talk about any ideas you have for that.
Santa Claus Thank you, Elf Radar!
Elf Frank Myrrh Ok, everyone, thanks for being here!
Santa Claus Yes, thank you. Bye everyone!
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  1. Ashlee Catron
    Ashlee Catron says:

    Elf Winslow I tried calling the north pole radio station so I could talk to santa and Mrs clause and the radio station never called me back in time im dissapointed

  2. Elf Ernest
    Elf Ernest says:

    Hi Ashlee,

    I’m not sure where your message was routed but the radio station likely wouldn’t have been able to do much of anything. The chats were this morning. What was it you were calling for? I’ll try to help you if I can understand the need.

    Elf Ernest

  3. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow! Recaps are very important to me. Thank you so much, Santa, Elf Frank, and Elf Ernest! Sorry for that wasn’t good for Ashlee; I hope she can join the next chat with Santa!
    Santa, thank you for giving me a chance to be certified. He is so gentle, and I continue to study reindeer. Please let him know how I can interact with them, but no reindeer around my area. I should’ve asked him about Elf Sugar Cookie and me; we want to join or help with the puppy training workshop someday, lol I hope everyone enjoys Happy Christmas in July!

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