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Elf Victor, one of Santa’s longest serving elves, is the Head of Reindeer Operations at the North Pole. He has one of the most important jobs in developing and caring for the thousands of reindeer who serve Santa. He came in for a chat during Christmas in July, here is a transcript of that conversation:

Elf Frank Myrrh Elf Victor, as you might know, is the head of Reindeer Operations at the North Pole
Elf Frank Myrrh He is one of Santa’s longest serving elves, having been on board since almost the very beginning
Elf Frank Myrrh He is being assisted in the chat today by Elf Trixie, so she is here with us.
Elf Frank Myrrh They should be here in a minute or two
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Frank! Hello, everyone!
Elf Frank Myrrh As usual, this chat will begin with a brief conversation between me and Elf Victor
Elf Frank Myrrh After which I will open up the discussion to accommodate your questions
Elf Frank Myrrh Thank you for your courtesy as we move forward
Elf Frank Myrrh And there’s the man of the hour right now
Elf Victor Hello Frank!
Elf Ulan Okay!
Elf Frank Myrrh Hello Elves Victor and Trixie!
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Victor!
Elf Victor Yes, Trixie is manning the keyboard for me today.
Elf Victor Hi Elf Ulan
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Trixie!
Elf Frank Myrrh Victor, did you feel that earthquake last night?
Elf Victor We did not, where I was. I only heard one or two who said they felt it. Did you feel it?
Star456 Hello
Elf Frank Myrrh No, but it sure seems like a lot of people did feel it.
Elf Victor I hear it was a big one. But honestly, it was too far away for us to feel it even though it was in Alaska
Star456 Are you a northpole elf
Elf Frank Myrrh Alaska is a much bigger place than people realize
Elf Victor It is, it is HUGE
Star456 Elf victor
Elf Frank Myrrh Victor, one of the first questions we have for you today is about the reindeer that are working on the test flights.
Elf Frank Myrrh How are they different from Santa’s regular reindeer?
Elf Victor They are no different. These are hand-selected reindeer, just like Santa’s reindeer. They are some of the best flying reindeer around
Elf Frank Myrrh How does a reindeer become part of the test flight team?
Elf Victor Well, scoring high during the most recent reindeer games helps. But honestly there is a team of elves who constantly score and evaluate reindeer each season. Test Flight Reindeer come from those efforts
Elf Frank Myrrh Is it difficult to qualify for that team?
Elf Victor It is very difficult. Only the best athletes will do. It’s very rigorous work.
Elf Frank Myrrh Ok, folks, what questions do you have for Elf Victor?
Elf Frank Myrrh Who decides which reindeer make it?
Elf Victor I do. Santa occasionally will want to put a candidate on the team. He frequently will call me with observations and questions
Elf Frank Myrrh Santa’s A Team of reindeer – Donner, and Blitzen, and all the others – they don’t seem to change much
Elf Victor No they don’t.
Elf Frank Myrrh Are there any retirements among that group anticipated?
Elf Victor Not that I’m aware of. The reindeer LOVE working for Santa. It’s the highlight of their life.
Elf Frank Myrrh Victor, the reindeer at the North Pole are very popular. Are they aware of how much people care about them?
Elf Victor They do. I tell them. Santa tells them. They hear about all the letters and the questions. Of course, they know they work for Santa and that is why they are so popular
Elf Ulan Elf Victor, I have a question about getting certified for the reindeer. How can I get the book to learn about them?
Elf Frank Myrrh We don’t seem to be able to showcase enough news and information about the reindeer
Elf Victor I know.
Elf Frank Myrrh We have met with a young artist who is lending her skills to drawing the reindeer and she wants to get to know each of their personalities.
Elf Victor How wonderful!
Elf Frank Myrrh Would it be possible to give her more insight into their personalities. She’s very talented and wants to do a good job
Elf Victor I’m sure we can arrange something for her.
Elf Frank Myrrh A lot of people want to meet the reindeer. Does that ever happen?
Elf Victor It does. Santa frequently will take one or more on tour with him when he travels, especially during November and December when he is seeing so many children.
Elf Frank Myrrh Does he take them all?
Elf Victor No, not at one time. The only time there are really all together away from the North Pole is when Santa’s flies on Christmas. He’ll take just one or two now and then on tour.
Elf Frank Myrrh Are there particular ones?
Elf Ulan Sally, right?
Elf Victor Santa very rarely takes Rudolph. But Donner goes frequently.
Elf Victor Sally is almost always there.
Elf Frank Myrrh Why not Rudolph?
Elf Victor Rudolph doesn’t like the attention and he ALWAYS draws a crowd. When people hear he is there, they come from miles around to see him
Elf Frank Myrrh Really?
Elf Victor Yes, it’s incredible. More people want to see Rudolph than Santa in some places
Elf Frank Myrrh No way
Elf Victor No, it’s true. Santa laughs about that.
Elf Frank Myrrh Why is Rudolph so popular?
Elf Ulan Rudolph is an artist I heard
Elf Victor I think it is because everyone knows his story, or at least they think they doi
Elf Victor Yes, Rudolph is an artist. He’s a very complicated individual. There is a lot to him that people do not know
Elf Victor He’s very, very sensitive
Elf Victor He does not care for his popularity
Elf Frank Myrrh Has he heard the song and seen the movie?
Elf Victor He has seen them all and he does not like them.
Elf Frank Myrrh Really, why?
Elf Ulan I don’t pet them! But I prepare apples a lot!
Elf Victor He really does not like the way his father and portrayed
Elf Frank Myrrh Donner?
Elf Victor Yes, Donner. He says his dad was never that mean. It upsets him to see that.
Elf Frank Myrrh I guess I could understand that. Did the North Pole have any say about how that show was made?
Elf Victor No, we heard about it when the rest of the world did.
Elf Frank Myrrh Well, how did the story of Rudolph get out?
Elf Victor It was told by an elf who left the North Pole. He was interviewed on the radio and the story was heard by the man who first introduced it via a store promotion. The story just spread like crazy
Elf Frank Myrrh So did the North Pole contact people as the song was made and other things about Rudolph came out?
Elf Victor Elf Ernest knows that history better than I do. I know they tried but by then the story got out of hand and there wasn’t much the North Pole can do about it
Elf Frank Myrrh Does Rudolph’s fame affect his relationship with the other reindeer?
Elf Victor No, not any more. They understand him and they love him. But I would tell you that there is much more to Rudolph’s story than what people know.
Elf Frank Myrrh How friendly are the reindeer with each other?
Elf Victor They tend to be very communal. On Santa’s team, they are all close. Like anyone else, to be a member of a special elite team is a singular experience. They are close because they have to be
Elf Frank Myrrh What do you mean they have to be?
Elf Ulan Elf Victor, do the reindeer at 26 ranches around the world know their country languages, how do they communicate when they gathered together at the North Pole?
Elf Victor What I mean is that Santa has to fly at a very high level, and I’m not talking altitude. I’m talking more at speed and efficiency. Only as a team can that happen
Elf Victor Elf Ulan, that’s an outstanding question and I’m glad you asked it.
Elf Victor Reindeer have their own language and despite my years of experience I don’t fully understand how they communicate.
Elf Ulan Thank you!
Elf Radar Reindeer look so strong and powerful. Is it scary for the elves when they first begin working with them? I think I might be a little  nervous.
Elf Victor Santa does know it. I encourage you to ask him the next time you get to.
Elf Victor But there is a language. Now, how well do they know native languages is kind of speculative.
Elf Victor I hate to compare them to dogs, but like dogs they are familiar with routine commands and phrases spoken to them over and over
Elf Victor So yes, a reindeer from your country in Japan is going to understand some Japanese.
Elf Victor I do speak a little Spanish as well as English and I experiment with different languages with the reindeer all the time.
Elf Victor They respond. But their own language, I think, is more telepathic. And that is hard for humans like us to understand.
Elf Frank Myrrh Wait, you’re saying the reindeer speak mind to mind?
Elf Victor Definitely, yes, Frank. Telepathy.
Elf Frank Myrrh Wow, my mind is blown here. Does Santa communicate with them telepathically too?
Elf Victor Of course he does. He has that ability.
Elf Frank Myrrh WOWOWWOW
Elf Victor LOL
Elf Frank Myrrh Can Santa or the reindeer tell what i’m thinking?
Elf Ulan I’d like to learn how to communicate with them too
Elf Victor No, no – it doesn’t work like that. If you can communicate telepathically, they can hear you. But they don’t walk around listening to what is inside everyone’s head.
Elf Frank Myrrh That’s a relief.
Elf Victor Elf Ulan, Santa and I have discussed this a great deal. I want to learn to do that too. I have not, despite all my many efforts all this years.
Elf Victor Watch what you think, Frank! LOL
Elf Frank Myrrh Folks, we’re running out of time. Any last questions for Elf Victor today?
Elf Frank Myrrh If you can’t do telepathy, how DO you communicate with the Reindeer, Elf Victor?
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Victor. I’ll try my best
Elf Victor I have been around them for many years I just…know…what they want or need. If I have big questions or a problem I can’t solve, I’ll call Santa and he’ll come over to help me figure it out.
Elf Radar Thank you for doing this
Elf Frank Myrrh Can you give us an example of a time when that happened?
Elf Victor Sure, long ago we had a time when Elf Vixen was not doing well.
Elf Victor She was lethargic. She did her work and tried real hard but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.
Elf Victor Nobody could and I was worried. So Santa came over to “talk” with her
Elf Victor It turns out she was worried.
Elf Victor She had a persistent tummy ache that no one knew about.
Elf Victor And it got worse and worse.
Elf Victor Santa said she needed to see a vet right away. And I sent for one…or two.
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Victor to ask about me Santa! I’ll prepare for getting certified
Elf Victor She had a growth that needed surgery.
Elf Victor They operated and within a week she started to recover.
Elf Victor Elf Ulan – I remember!
Elf Frank Myrrh Wow. Only Santa could get down to the trouble?
Elf Ulan Thank you so much!
Elf Victor Yes, Vixen didn’t want to disclose the problem. This happened in November. She was worried about losing her place.
Elf Frank Myrrh I see. I notice you called her Elf Vixen
Elf Victor Yes, I did. I frequently address the reindeer as elves. It’s a habit
Elf Frank Myrrh Yes, we have been told that the reindeer are sometimes referred to as elves.
Elf Ulan Are the trainers and the vets tracker elves?
Elf Victor Yes, anyone who works for Santa is an elf.
Elf Victor Yes, we are all tracker elves on Christmas Eve, Elf Ulan. Even me. I track Santa every year. It’s one of the most difficult days for me
Elf Ulan Wow, I hope I can meet them!
Elf Frank Myrrh Christmas Eve is difficult for you?
Elf Victor I’m sure you will one day, Elf Ulan.
Elf Victor Yes, I worry about them and about Santa on Christmas Eve. Can’t help myself. It’s nerve wracking.
Elf Frank Myrrh Elf Victor thank you for being here today
Elf Ulan Exciting!
Elf Frank Myrrh And you too Elf Trixie
Elf Victor It is always a pleasure.
Elf Victor Bye everyone!
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Victor, Elf Trixie, and Elf Frank!
Elf Frank Myrrh Thank you all for being here today. Great chat!
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    Thank you always, Elf Winslow! I waited for this recap. Thank you, Elf Victor, for telling Santa! I really appreciate it. I’m delighted to hear about the reindeer and your job. It’d be great if I could interact and communicate with them someday! I’ll ask Santa how to talk to them next time. And I wish I could work for the reindeer for Santa! Thank you again. I’ll study more about the reindeer, and I hope I can pass the test you made! XD

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