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Christmas in July Chat with Elf Ernest

Christmas in July Chat

Our first Christmas-in-July chat featured Elf Ernest, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at the North Pole. The purpose of the chat was to discuss plans for Christmas in July.

The chat was well attended and featured a lot of diverse questions. Not only was Christmas-in-July discussed but so too was the possibility of a chat later this month with both Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Here is the chat transcript:

Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Max! Happy Christmas in July!
Elf Max Hello!
Elf Max Thanks for being here!
Elf Max It was starting to get lonely
Elf Max I’m not sure how many will be joining us today
Elf Max Hello Elf Radar!
Elf Radar HI
Elf Ulan I hope many people will join here!
Elf Max Ah, there’s the boss now!
Elf Ernest Hahaha….I’m nobody’s boss, Max
Elf Max Still, it’s good to have you here.
Elf Max Elf Ernest, you are the first of the Christmas-in-July chats.
Elf Ernest Yes, how did that happen?
Elf Max I’m not sure, but I’m certain you know more about what is ahead for us over the next few weeks.
Elf Ernest I do know some things, but honestly a lot of Christmas in July is still very much in the planning stages. A lot is up in the air.
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Ernest! I’m apologize for my mistake in your name last chat
Elf Max Are you talking about online Christmas in July or Christmas in July at the North Pole?
Elf Ernest Elf Ulan, you have NO WORRIES! You are the best
Elf Ernest Elf Max, I’m talking mostly about the online Christmas in July.
Elf Max Okay….I saw that some more chats were scheduled publicly today on the Christmas in July page here at Santa Update
Elf NotJack Busy chat today huh
Elf Ernest Yes, and we’ll put out some news on that later…likely Monday
Elf Max Hi Elf Not Jack
Elf Ulan Thank you, you’re so kind.
Elf NotJack Hello!
Elf Max We just kind of jumped in on things when Elf Ernest showed up
Star5556 Hello elf ernest
Elf Ernest Sorry about that!
Elf Ernest Hello Star5556, not sure I know you!
Elf Ernest Welcome!
Elf Max It’s all good.
Star5556 Do you want my name
Elf Ernest It’s just nice to see a new face, Star5556. We welcome you
Star5556 My name is jayden Culver
Elf Max Maybe I should let folks ask their questions first, Elf Ernest?
Elf Ulan Hi, Elf Radar!
Elf Ernest However you want to work it, Max, is fine with me.
Elf Max Ok, let’s take their questions first. Who has a question for Elf Ernest?
Elf Radar Hello Elf Ulan
Star5556 How has the reindeer been
Elf Ulan I do!
Elf Ernest The reindeer are not here at the North Pole right now. They left in January and won’t be back until September or October. That’s normal
Elf Max Go ahead, Elf Ulan
Star5556 Ok
Elf Ernest There are some reindeer working the test flights of Santa’s sleigh, however. But we don’t see much of them
Elf Max Elf Ernest do you get questions like that everywhere you go?
Elf Ernest Well, I don’t go much away from the North Pole. But yes, I’ve been answering questions like that for years and years now
Elf Max “public relations” is kind of a broad title for you….how did you end up doing this?
Star5556 I wish you can come here right now
Elf Ulan Thank you, about the naming of “Christmas”, I thought it was Jesus’s birthday, but is it different?
Elf Ernest Well, many years ago Santa had me working at the North Pole Post Office and I started answering letters that had questions like that.
Star5556 Can you come here elf ernest
Elf Ernest “Christmas” is a word with many meanings, Elf Ulan. Yes, it is the celebration of the birth of Christ. Christ, by the way, is a title, not a name. The word “Christmas” is thought to be a mash up of the words “Christ” and “mass”, mass meaning a celebration.
Star5556 Elf ernest
Elf Ernest Christmas, as we use it today, is both a sacred word and a secular word. It means many things to many people.
Elf Ernest Star5556, I’m probably the one elf at the North Pole who never travels. My work is here 365 days a year.
Elf Max Wow, Elf Ernest – you sure know a lot!
Star5556 Ok
Star5556 Elf max
Elf Max So what would you say is your main job, Elf Ernest?
Star5556 Elf max I wish you can come here
Star5556 Too
Elf Ernest The public is my job. It’s my job to answer questions about Santa, the North Pole and Elf life. I work with many people here at the North Pole to make that happen.
Elf Max Star5556, I’m an elf stationed in Vancover, British Columbia – Canada. I’m a tracker elf and I help run SantaTrackers.net
Star5556 Ok
Elf NotJack I need to go help my mom, but at some point could you talk about Christmas in July like the history, meaning, how to celebrate, etc? I’d love to know more about it! See you guys around!
Elf Max Ernest, are there elves who do home visits?
Elf Ernest Ok, Elf NotJack, we’ll try to cover that.
Elf Ernest An elf never visits a home without Santa’s express direction, Elf Max. It’s kind of rare
Elf Max Have you ever done that? Visited a home?
Elf Radar Are all of the departments up and running on schedule for this time of the year. For some reason I always worry about the wrapping department?
Elf Ernest No, never. Have you?
Elf Ulan Oh, thank you! I didn’t know, it’s the title! I heard Europian celebrate the end of the harvest and winter solstice too. Did Santa already go around the world too then?
Elf Max Oh heck no. I’m still waiting for my first sleigh ride.
Star5556 Hey elf ernest do you have a security elf at the north pole
Elf Ernest Elf Radar – the Wrapping Department has a new director this year and she’s one sharp elf! Elf Harriet is her name. So far, it’s going good in Wrapping this year.
Star5556 Is she a security elf
Elf Ernest Yes, Star5556, the head of North Pole Security is Elf Agent X.
Star5556 Ok
Elf Ernest Elf Harriet is over Wrapping. She was on the radio for the first time just this week.
Star5556 Ok
Elf Ernest If you go back and look at the news this week you can hear her interview on the radio
Elf Ulan I think she’s unique ^^
Elf Max How big is Christmas in July at the North Pole?
Elf Ernest She IS unique, Elf Ulan. She cracks me up.
Elf Radar Thank you. I missed that.
Elf Ernest Christmas in July is a big deal. It’s halfway to Christmas and most here get a little time off to re-charge the batteries during July.
Star5556 Elf ernest are you the only north pole elf on this chay
Star5556 Chat
Elf Ernest Yes, I think so, Star5556
Elf Ulan Cracks? How? Lol
Elf Max How did Christmas in July start?
Elf Ernest She is just very, very funny, Elf Ulan. She makes me laugh. Very spontaneous and very fiesty
Star5556 Elf ernest you are being my favorite elf
Elf Ernest You would have to ask Elf Dr. Smedley exactly how it started at the North Pole. Long ago, I know that Santa and Mrs. Claus used to go away on vacation in July. While they were away the elves would….play.
Elf Ernest Awwwww…thank you, Star5556! That means a lot to me.
Star5556 Ok
Elf Max Can you tell us some of the big plans you can share with us about Christmas in July. I know we have a lot of elves coming to chat that have never done it before. Are all the chats scheduled now?
Elf Ulan I understand it! She talked to Elf Frank like that, lol
Elf Ernest No, there are unannounced things we’re working on. We are trying to get a chat scheduled with Mrs. Claus and, maybe, even with Santa
Elf Max Santa? I thought he wouldn’t be available?
Elf Ernest I’m working on it. He’s got a packed schedule, he tells me, but he has not yet ruled it out.
Elf Max You talked to him?
Elf Ernest Yes, he called me.
Star5556 Elf ernest can you try to come to my house
Elf Max He CALLED you? Did they trace his call?
Elf Ernest Sorry Star5556, I can’t travel. It’s against the rules for me.
Star5556 Why
Elf Ernest Yes, he called me on some business. Not out of the ordinary, even though he is out on walkabout.
Elf Ulan Awesome!
Elf Ernest Star5556, I’m what they call an anchor elf. When Santa is away from the North Pole someone needs to be here to be in charge. Right now, that’s Mrs. Claus. But if she isn’t here, then I’m next in line. As such, I need to stay here in case something happens.
Star5556 Elf ernest who is the boss of the elves
Elf Max How often do you speak to Santa when he’s away like that?
Elf Ulan I have another question
Elf Ernest Santa is the Head Elf, Star5556
Elf Ernest Go ahead Elf Ulan.
Star5556 Who is the chief elf or something amtaht is the boss of the elves
Elf Ernest Santa’s messages to me are admittedly a lot less when he is gone like this. But he did call me this week and we talked some business. I asked if he would come do a chat and we’re working on it.
Elf Max That’s fantastic news, Ernest! Do we have an idea of the date yet?
Elf Ernest Not yet, no. It will definitely be towards the end of the month of July though.
Elf Max Did you get any idea where he is and what he is doing right now?
Elf Ulan Thank you, I was surprised that Coca-Cola ad showed Santa as human size in 1931, tight? Did some elf work at the company? XD
Elf Ernest Oh goodness no. I didn’t even dare ask!
Star5556 Who is the chief elf of the elves
Elf Ernest Santa is the Chief Elf, Star5556
Star5556 Ok
Elf Ernest That Coke thing was many years ago, Elf Ulan. But Santa is a normal size man. They didn’t create anything by that ad
Elf Ernest Santa’s image has been used by many people like that over the years. Santa really doesn’t like that but there isn’t anything he can do about it.
Elf Max Did Santa get paid for that?
Elf Ulan Awesome!
Star5556 How many elves is they’re at the north pole
Elf Ernest NO! In fact, a lot of people think that Santa does get paid when he is depicted in ads and stories and movies and stuff. And the answer is no, he does not. Most of the time they show him in a false light and he cannot stand that. It upsets him.
Elf Ernest That’s part of the reason we have this website and all the stuff we do in public relations. Our job is to tell the right story of Santa and to help people understand him.
Elf Max Is that why Santa won’t watch Christmas movies that has Santa in them?
Elf Ernest Yes, that’s exactly right, Max
Elf Max I like some of those movies, though.
Elf Ernest I understand Max. And if you see them as just entertainment, that’s fine. Just don’t think they represent the real Santa, that’s all.
Elf Max Does Santa have a favorite Christmas movie?
Elf Ernest Yes, Santa loves just about any version of A Christmas Carol.
Star5556 How many elves does santas have
Elf Max Ah, but there’s no Santa in that story.
Elf Ernest Star5556, there are millions of elves who work for Santa all over the world.
Star5556 Ok
Elf Ernest Some of them are here in the chat today. Not all elves are at the North Pole.
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Ernest. I’m happy to work for it together too!
Elf Max Is Christmas in July different at the North Pole this year because Santa is not there?
Elf Ernest Yes. We are having a hard time finding volunteers for the dunking booth this year.
Elf Max Hahaha. The dunking booth? Why? Because Santa won’t be there?
Elf Ernest Exactly. Santa always volunteers and he draws a big line because who wouldn’t want to dunk Santa in the tank?
Star5556 Does he have elf on the shelfs at the north pole
Elf Max But with Santa not being there….people don’t want to do it?
Elf Ernest No, he does not have Elf on the Shelf at the North Pole.
Star5556 Ok
Elf Ernest Yeah, without Santa there people don’t want to do it! I have a feeling something else will be the big event this year.
Elf Max Ok folks, we’re about out of time. Any last minute questions for Elf Ernest?
Elf Ernest Don’t forget, we have another chat in a half hour at SantaTrackers.net. With Elf Trixie!
Star5556 Yeah
Elf Max Thanks for that reminder, Elf Ernest!
Star5556 Hey
Star5556 How is Mrs claus
Elf Ernest Go ahead, Star5556
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus is good! She too will chat this month. Just working on a date for that.
Star5556 Ok
Elf Max That sounds awesome! Can’t wait for that.
Elf Max Thank you everyone for being here. Good information Elf Ernest, thank you!
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Ernest! I’m happy being here. I need the recap please!
Elf Ernest Thanks Max. I see a big future for you as a chat host!
Elf Ernest Elf Winslow will put up the recap likely tomorrow.
Star5556 What ms Santa’s sleigh
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Max!
Elf Max Awww…I’m just a fill in!
Elf Ernest Bye everyone!
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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow! Thank you, Elves Ernest and Max. It was a lot of fun! I’m sorry, and I noticed my questions were not about Christmas in July, even though Elf Max tried to talk back to it repeatedly. (T-T) Thank you, Elf Ernest, for telling us a lot, and I learned how much both are more gentle too. I’m pleased to be an elf to work for Santa with you all. And thank you in advance for the chats with the North Pole elves this month. Amazing, one of my dreams came true! I’m looking forward to seeing other elves and Santa and Mrs. Claus soon too! XD

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