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Leon Day Chat Guests Announced

Leon Day

Leon Day is a big date at the North Pole – it marks the halfway point to Christmas! (Leon stands for “Noel” – spelled backwards)

This month’s North Pole Chat will feature three North Pole elves in recognition of Leon Day:

  • Elf Dr. Grant Smedley, Professor of North Pole and Santa History, Southern North Pole University
  • Elf Crash Murphy, International Director of Santa Trackers
  • Elf Frank Myrrh, Lead Anchor of North Pole Radio News

These three elves will be on hand to discuss Leon Day at the North Pole, the search for Santa and the present details of Operation Merry Christmas.

Also in attendance will be Elf Ernest, who will moderate the chat and update us on details for Christmas in July.

The chat will be held at 11am EST on Saturday, June 24th.

We hope you can join us!

Elf Winslow

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Hello its elf candy cane here I wanted to let you know that i will not be able to attend the conversation due to me having to work

Hello It’s Maxy the Elf here I was wondering where I can find the chat?

Thank you, Elf Winslow! I want to join it. I hope I can stay awake until starting at midnight local, lol.

I’m actually going to make this chat, I hope that I can make more Chats. Happy Leon day Everyone!!!