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200 Days Until Santa’s Launch

200 Days Until Santa's Launch 1

North Pole Flight Command is quietly celebrating 200 days until Santa’s launch by expanding the flight routes of Santa’s sleigh. The sleigh, now in test flight stage, has been flying for a week in clear North Pole skies.

North Pole News Network

Preliminary reports about the sleigh are very good. Flight analysts and sleigh engineers are enthused about the early results. As such, their plan now is to extend the flight area.

The Sleigh Department is ready to build 8 prototypes of Version 2 of the sleigh. These should be ready in just days. Eventually, up to 12 sleighs of each test flight version will be built as flights expand to other areas around the world.

In other news, Operation Merry Christmas is reportedly on track. Mrs. Claus has met with department head elves in recent days to be updated on their progress. All appears to be on track.

The search for Santa has stalled. North Pole Security suspects Santa is engaged in some absorbing activity that keeps his movements limited. Many elves think he may have already started the summer camp project he talked about last month.

The North Pole Post Office reports that mail coming to the North Pole is starting to ask a lot of questions about reindeer. There is not a lot of news to share about reindeer at this time. Many reindeer associated with the test flight team are on duty but most of Santa’s reindeer remain in their homelands, as is typical for this time of the year.

The 200-day mark until Santa’s launch usually signals an increase in North Pole News. Please check back often for more updates.

Elf Harold Star

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thanks to you, Elf Harold, we can always learn what happened there. I’m happy to hear these updates and what we can do for Christmas in July and Santa! ^^

  2. Santa of the Woods
    Santa of the Woods says:

    Hoping Santa didn’t get to rambunctious and jumped into any fires. Thanks for reporting Frank.

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