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Chat Recap: Santa Drops in On Elf Crash’s Chat


The monthly chat from the North Pole featured Elf Crash Murphy. It was a normal, well-attended chat that was running along as expected until a very unexpected visitor showed up:

Elf Ernest Our chat with Elf Crash Murphy begins at the top of the hour.
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Ernest!
Elf Ulan Okay!
Elf Ernest Greetings!
Elf Luna Hey Elf Ernest
Elf Ernest Hello Elf Luna
Elf Ernest Greetings, Elf Buddy Frost
Elf Luna How are you
Elf Buddy Frost Hello fellow elves! Who else is super excited for the chat?
Elf Ernest Doing well. Just waiting for Crash to get here.
Elf Luna That’s great! Elf Ernest can I ask you a question
Elf Ernest Sure thing
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Luna and Elf Buddy Frost!
Elf Luna Am I crazy for listening to Christmas Music for a whole year straight! My family thinks I am crazy
Elf Buddy Frost Hey elf ulan!
Elf Ernest Elf Luna, your family is crazy. Did you know that the Santa Trackers Channel of Kringle Radio, which runs year round, just yesterday had more than 95,000 listeners. You’re not the one who is crazy.
Elf Buddy Frost I can answer that Luna. It’s not crazy at all! Christmas music always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! If it makes you happy then why not?
Elf Luna Hello Elf Buddy Frost! Hello Elf Ulan! How are you guys!
Elf Ernest Just a reminder, Crash is here soon. When he gets here I will introduce him and ask him a few questions before I open the chat up for general questions.
Elf Buddy Frost Doing great! How about you?
Elf Luna Thanks Ernest! That makes me feel better!
Elf Ulan Yeah, me too!^^
Elf Luna Doing really great!
Elf Buddy Frost Got it Elf Ernest!
Elf Ernest Welcome, Elf Crash Murphy to this month’s chat. Thanks for being here.
Elf Luna Hi Elf Crash!
Elf Buddy Frost Hello Elf Crash Murphy! Great to see you!
Crash Murphy Hi Ernest. Always love to do the chat!
Elf Ulan Hi Elf Crash!,
Elf Ernest Crash, this is the first chat opportunity since you became the International Director of Santa Trackers. Is there a message you want to share today to the tracker elves that are here?
Crash Murphy A message? Golly. Yeah, first I’d like to say I’m sorry.
Elf Ernest Sorry, for what?
Crash Murphy I don’t know. Just seems like a good thing to start with!
Elf Ernest Are you under the impression tracker elves are unhappy?
Crash Murphy Some are. I’ve been reading the mail coming in, just to know what is on their minds.
Elf Ernest I haven’t heard that
Elf Buddy Frost No need to be sorry Crash! Your doing a great job!
Elf Ernest What are they unhappy about?
Elf Luna Yeah Elf Crash! You have always been amazing
Crash Murphy Oh…little things. Most really want to come to the North Pole and I don’t know what to do about that.
Elf Ernest Is that even a thing you need to worry about?
Crash Murphy Probably not. But I’m thinking there has to be a way to work that out some day.
Crash Murphy Can you imagine what an awesome field trip that would be for, say, Christmas in July?
Elf Ernest Now that’s a GREAT idea!
Elf Ernest Couldn’t happen without Santa’s buy-in though.
Crash Murphy Right. We can dream can’t we?
Elf Ernest We can.
Elf Ernest Crash, what is the most important thing that tracker elves can be doing right now?
Crash Murphy Honestly, I would think some need to study their geography
Elf Ernest Hahaha — really?
Crash Murphy Yeah, really. I’ve been looking over the report logs and many elves don’t seem to understand where they are and how that affects our tracking efforts
Elf Ernest What do you mean?
Crash Murphy Well, simple things like checking in at the right time. It’s small stuff
Elf Ernest Oh I see. You want them to pay better attention to WHEN things are needed as well as what is needed?
Crash Murphy Yeah, timing is everything on Christmas Eve
Elf Ernest Alright, that’s good information. How are you going to improve that?
Crash Murphy I have no idea!!!
Elf Ernest That’s what I love about you Crash. Always honest
Elf Ernest Ok, folks…who has a question for Elf Crash Murphy?
Elf Ernest He will take your questions now, one at a time
Elf Luna I am super good at Geography! I have always excelled in Geography!
Crash Murphy Great, Elf Luna. Happy to hear that
Elf Luna Crash Has there been anymore santa sightings
Elf Buddy Frost That was my question too!
Crash Murphy I haven’t looked for a few days, after what Elf Petey reported
Elf Luna What did Elf Petey say
Crash Murphy We have been getting about five or six pictures a day but nothing that really looks like Santa to me
Crash Murphy Petey was interviewed by Elf Frank on the radio the other day. It’s here on this website
Elf Ulan Elf Crash, please don’t be sorry. We know you always do your best. My question is how many countries was Santa sighted so far?
Elf Buddy Frost Did you see my post about the guy I saw who looked like they could be Santa? I know it’s probably not him but wanted a professional opinion
Crash Murphy You can hear what he had to say
Crash Murphy Elf Buddy Frost, yeah – that’s not him. But that’s exactly how to report what you saw. I’m proud of you!
Elf Luna Crash am I crazy for listening to Christmas Music all year! My family thinks I am crazy
Elf Buddy Frost Thanks! I didn’t think it was but it was pretty cool none the less
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan, to answer your question we have received reports of possible Santa sightings now in 42 countries. But those are only POSSIBLE Santa sightings
Elf Ulan You’re a great job though!
Crash Murphy Elf Luna, I would never call you crazy
Elf Luna Really why!
Crash Murphy Because many, many people listen to Christmas music all the time. For some, that is ALL they listen to.
Crash Murphy Music is a powerful thing. It helps us. Christmas music is really good medicine
Elf Luna Crash have I been doing a good job as a tracker elf? I have been checking for new news every day!
Elf Ulan Wow, 42 countries! Was there from Japan too? I’m curious if Santa was in my country ^^
Crash Murphy Oh! SANTA!!!!!
Santa Claus Shhhh…Crash
Elf Luna Hi Santa!
Elf Ernest Wow!
Elf Luna How are you!
Elf Buddy Frost Oh wow hi Santa!
Crash Murphy Santa, where are you?
Santa Claus Hahaha….I know that trick, Crash
Elf Ulan Hi Santa!!!!
Elf Ernest I don’t believe this
Elf Luna Hi Santa! How are you!
Santa Claus Hi everyone!
Santa Claus I’m doing just fine. Please let Mrs. Claus know that.
Elf Luna Santa how have you been!
Crash Murphy Santa there’s a few elves out looking for you
Elf Buddy Frost Have you been enjoying your walk about?
Santa Claus Yes, I know Crash. A few have gotten really close
Elf Ernest How close?
Elf Luna Santa can I ask you a question
Elf Ulan Santa, did you buy some hats somewhere?
Santa Claus VERY close
Santa Claus Hey, guys – I’m not here to disrupt or take over the chat. This is Crash’s chat
Elf Luna Just a really quick queston
Crash Murphy No, no, no…Santa, we have lots of questions for you
Crash Murphy It’s okay
Crash Murphy Really
Elf Ernest Maybe we should talk about your walkabout, Santa
Crash Murphy Go ahead and ask your question Elf Luna
Elf Buddy Frost Yes! Would love to hear about it!
Santa Claus Walkabout is great. It always is.
Elf Ernest Do you plan things for walkabout?
Elf Luna Santa have I been doing a good job as a tracker elf! I feel lke I haven’t
Elf Luna like
Santa Claus Sometimes there is a plan. In a few weeks I will be serving as a camp counselor at a summer camp for kids. I look forward to that
Crash Murphy Summer camp? Where?
Santa Claus Elf Luna, I haven’t heard of any problems with your tracker elf activity. But that’s really something your elf supervisor would know or maybe Crash
Elf Luna Oh Awesome!
Elf Ernest That’s been planned, the summer camp, this whole time?
Santa Claus No, the summer camp thing just came together. Elf Trixie actually reached out to me. There was a request, I honored it under certain conditions
Elf Ulan I want to join your summer camp!
Elf Ernest What were the conditions?
Crash Murphy Hahaha, Elf Ulan – me too!
Santa Claus They can’t disclose who I really am. I want to work with these kids without them knowing it’s me.
Elf Ernest Why, Santa?
Elf Luna Santa! Do you or Elf Ernest or Elf Crash love the French Desert Macarons!
Santa Claus I don’t want camp to be about me. I’m there to learn and it needs to be about them. I’m very excited for it.
Elf Ernest What exactly will you be doing?
Santa Claus A lot of leatherwork and teaching crafts like that
Crash Murphy Oh wow, that’s really cool. Now I really want to go!
Elf Luna I do! they are so good! I really want some French Macarons from Paris for Christmas
Santa Claus Wow, Elf Luna.
Elf Ernest Crash, did you call Elf Agent X?
Crash Murphy No
Santa Claus Elf Agent X? Hahaha
Santa Claus Tell him to uncloak himself
Elf Ulan Did you see his team?
Elf Buddy Frost Oh wow this is a popular chat today!
Elf Luna Santa do you or Elf Crash or Elf Ernest like the French Desert of Macarons
Santa Claus I love Macaroons
Santa Claus I have to go, friends. I just wanted to say hi! Merry Christmas everyone!
Elf Buddy Frost I made some pretty good macarons in my college class once
Crash Murphy Ernest, did you know Santa was coming today?
Elf Buddy Frost Merry Christmas Santa!
Elf Luna Crash when can we expect training to start! Elf Crash and Elf Ernest what is your opinion
Elf Ernest Heck no. Total surprise!
Elf Ulan Thank you Santa! Please be safe!
Elf Luna Merry Christmas Santa!
Crash Murphy I wonder if Elf Agent X ran a trace
Elf Ernest You can bet he was going to, look at how fast Santa got out of here
Elf Luna That was a total awesome surprise!
Elf Ulan Yeah, I wonder it too!
Crash Murphy Santa’s too smart and too fast
Elf Ernest You really don’t think we’re going to catch him?
Elf Ulan I know!
Crash Murphy Not a chance.
Elf Luna Crash when can we expect training to start
Crash Murphy Elf Luna, training is ongoing. It never stops. Have you been through Elf University at SantaTrackers.net?
Elf Luna Yes!
Elf Ernest Yes, there are lots of similar questions about tracking Santa this year. But everyone seems to be caught up in this searching for Santa thing
Elf Luna Elf Ernest and Elf Crash what is your opinion on French Macarons!
Crash Murphy We can search for Santa and train at the same time
Crash Murphy We have lots of time.
Elf Luna Okay!
Crash Murphy I don’t have an opinion, Elf Luna, because I don’t think I’ve ever had them.
Elf Ulan That’s cool!
Elf Luna They are soooooooo goooooood!
Elf Ernest Will there be “new” training stuff for trackers this year?
Crash Murphy Yes, I’m working with the Elf Supervisors right now on that
Elf Luna Elf Crash can I ask you a question!
Crash Murphy I will see if I can get my hands on some, Elf Luna
Elf Luna okay!
Elf Ernest Ask any questions you want, that’s why Crash is here
Elf Luna Crash I am popular at the North Pole!
Crash Murphy Do I have to go to France for those?
Elf Luna yes!
Crash Murphy Good golly, I have no idea, Elf Luna. Maybe Elf Crusader would know the answer to that
Elf Ernest Where is Crusader anyway?
Crash Murphy I think he’s in love
Elf Luna Do the elves or Santa at the North Pole ever talk about me!
Elf Ernest You told Frank you’re not going on vacation this year. Is that still true?
Crash Murphy Still true. No play time for me this year. I’m learning too many new things.
Crash Murphy I want to get really good at this job.
Elf Ulan Elf Crash, do you still have a plan for a DJ on Kribgle Radio?
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan, good question. I really want to do more radio work but I’m trying to find time to work on it.
Crash Murphy So far, not so much
Elf Luna Elf Ernest have you ever tried French Macarons! Elf Buddy Frost or Elf Ulan have you ever tried them!
Crash Murphy I think you, Elf Ulan, should do a radio show
Elf Buddy Frost Yes, Luna, I’ve actually made them in class!
Elf Ernest Oooh, that’s a really neat idea
Elf Ulan Great! I’m looking forward to hearing it!
Crash Murphy Are you a teacher Elf Buddy Frost?
Elf Luna Elf Crash and Elf Ernest what is your favorite thing about working for Santa!
Elf Luna did you get to taste them
Elf Ernest Ok guys, our time is spent. Last questions for Elf Crash?
Elf Buddy Frost Haha, nope Crash. I’m currently going for my associates degree in Baking and Pastry arts
Elf Luna Elf Crash and Elf Ernest what is your favorite thing about working for Santa
Crash Murphy Elf Buddy Frost – you are an elf to know!!!
Elf Buddy Frost And yes Luna I did. I love French macraons
Elf Buddy Frost And thank you Crash! That means a lot coming from you!
Elf Luna I combined my question
Crash Murphy Elf Luna, my favorite part of my job is being Santa’s eye in the sky reporter. I love following him on Christmas Eve.
Elf Luna Awesome!
Elf Ernest So you’re sticking with that this year, Crash?
Crash Murphy Yes, absolutely.
Elf Luna They are so good right Elf Buddy Frost
Elf Ernest Thanks everyone for being here today. What an interesting chat this has been!
Elf Luna Elf Ernest what is your favorite thing about working for Santa
Crash Murphy Thanks for having me, Ernest. Bye everyone!
Elf Ulan Thank you Elf Crash, Elf Renest and everyone!
Elf Luna Bye Elf Crash!
Elf Ernest Thank you all for being here.
Elf Buddy Frost Yes this was a very great chat with awesome surprises! So happy I got to be here!
Elf Ulan I hope see yo soon!
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  1. Elf Cinnamon sticks
    Elf Cinnamon sticks says:

    Darn I Missed The CHAT AGAIN… What Did I Hear SUMMER CAMP At The NORTH POLE… When??What Are The Activities????
    SNPU and North Pole Academy Of Science🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🖨

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow. And Thank you, Elves Ernest and Crash, and Santa!! It was amazing being together. I am sorry for the wrong spelling of Elf Ernest, and also sorry to Elf Crash because I asked questions to Santa many; I was not good as a lady elf. They in the chat talked so faster, so I couldn’t do well. And I misunderstood what Elf Crash said to me; is it really I can do a radio show? lol, I’m looking forward to listening new Elf Crash radio show and seeing the next chat. Santa, enjoy your walkabout and be safe! *^^*

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