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Sneaky Santa Evades Elves

Sneaky Santa

The weekly briefing by Elf Agent X of North Pole Security revealed frustrations by elves searching for Santa.

Elf Trixie’s post on Sunday telling the story of Mrs. Claus receiving a letter from Santa was the first thing discussed in the briefing.

Trixie said Mrs. Claus heard from Santa in a letter he wrote to himself. Santa’s office staff received the letter and gave it to Mrs. Claus.

Department heads questioned why North Pole Security was not screening the mail coming in for Santa at the North Pole Post Office.

Elf Agent X said that upon hearing the news a team of handwriting experts reached out to Mrs. Claus to examine the letter. Mrs. Claus said that because the letter contained personal information, she would not share it.

But she did allow them to examine the envelope it was sent in and they did confirm that the envelope did indeed show Santa’s handwriting.

Other things were learned about Santa’s possible location this week:

  • The letter was mailed from Southeast Asia.
  • It took about five days to reach the North Pole.
  • Possible sightings of Santa have been sent in from Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore in the past week.
  • A “significant report” was filed by a school teacher in Thailand claiming Santa may have been a recent visitor. She told the story of a “stranger” who visited to repair playground equipment.
  • The SS Mistletoe of the North Pole Navy has been anchored in the Bay of Bengal. Several search teams from North Pole Security and the Scout Corp of North Pole Flight Command have set up operations in the region.
  • Elf Agent X remarked that “India is a terribly big place for Santa to hide out” and said it will take weeks for operatives to “infiltrate the populace” there.
  • North Pole Flight Command has said reports have come in from other areas in the past week that include possible sightings in Japan, Australia, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and South America.

Elf Agent X said none of the reports of this week are really credible and that he expects at some point for Santa to find a way to drop hints or to give indications of his presence in an area “after he leaves it”. Experts expect Santa to “leave a trail” of some sort.

Here is a map showing possible locations Santa has been so far on his walkabout:

Sneaky Santa

It is expected to be a busy week in trying to find Santa. Standby for breaking news at any time.

Elf Harold Star

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Oh, Santa has already visited my country! I’ll ask my friends if they saw a new person around them recently. He moves so faster! Santa sounds so busy he goes away from us elves while talking to people about Christmas. I’m looking forward to hearing from him about his walkabout later, and it would make Santa and the elves at the North Pole effective more this year! Santa, please take care and enjoy your traveling! ^^

  2. Callum
    Callum says:

    I can’t wait intill chirsmas so pleas next country be United Kingdom and please be it tonight

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