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Efforts to Find Santa Underway

Efforts to Find Santa Underway 1

A committee has been formed consisting of department heads at the North Pole involved in the efforts to find Santa. They provide the following update on that effort:

  • Elf Roger Star has announced the deployment of the North Pole Navy by North Pole Flight Command.
  • Elf Crash Murphy has put Tracker Elves around the world on alert. They will be receiving instructions and reporting mechanisms this week at SantaTrackers.net
  • Elf Victor of Reindeer Operations has issued a recall of reindeer from around the world. Approximately 15% of Santa’s reindeer are already on their way back to the North Pole. Another 20% are on alert for reassignment to various parts of the world to be used in the coordinated effort.
  • The Sleigh Department at North Pole Flight Command is marshalling the fleet of roughly 40,000 sleighs to be made ready for use by all departments in the effort.
  • North Pole Security director Elf Agent X is preparing a briefing for all departments to share gathered intelligence of Santa’s last known whereabouts. Elf Agent X reports that “thousands” of agents worldwide are already in the field seeking more information about Santa’s present location.
  • The North Pole News department under the direction of Elf Ed Zachary has engaged in the earliest radio reporting of news in history, the first radio report being shared last week by Elf Frank Myrrh. Elf Harold Star says more updates are planned via SantaUpdate.com and the Santa Tracker Herald Star in the weeks and months ahead until Santa is found.

Elf Ernest is chairing the committee that is coordinating the efforts to find Santa. He reports that the effort will be in full force by May 1st.

Before that date we are expecting another announcement from the Office of Mrs. Claus related to a “prize or prizes” to be offered as part this effort.

Finally, the North Pole News Department has set up a special page dedicated to the news and updates related to finding Santa. You can find it at this link.

Elf Harold

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold! I’m happy to know that it has become more precise now. Thank you for making the special page for Find Santa. I’ll often check it out! It’s fun to know about all elves, including us and Santa well!

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