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250 Days Until Santa Launches

Santa Launches

The North Pole quietly marks 250 days remaining until Santa’s launch. It has been a very eventful time at the North Pole the past two months. Here is a brief recap of where things stand:

– Santa is not at the North Pole. He left on walkabout nearly a month ago and has not been heard from since. It may be months before he returns.
– Mrs. Claus has been in charge in Santa’s absence and has announced a number of changes.
– The North Pole now has four senior vice presidents over Production, Operations, Distribution and Public Relations. Several departments also have new leadership, including:
– Elf Roger Star is the new director of North Pole Flight Command.
Elf Crash Murphy is the new International Director of Santa Trackers.
– North Pole Flight Command reports that all preparations for Santa’s launch are on track.
– Santa’s Workshop reports that production is on track for a successful Christmas season.
– All of Santa’s reindeer have successfully migrated back to their native homelands and will return to the North Pole sometime later this year.
– Santa’s new sleigh is still in the design phase and will start test flights soon.

In all, Mrs. Claus reports that all phases of Operation Merry Christmas are optimistic of being ready for Santa’s flight in 2023.

Elf Harold Star