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Chat Recap of Elf Trixie Talking About Mrs. Claus

North Pole Chat

Elf Trixie is a veteran of North Pole Chat but never as the guest of honor. But with her new role as Chief of Staff to Mrs. Claus she had all kinds of questions coming in. So today she took to chat to answer them. Here is the transcript of that chat:

Elf Ernest Joining us today from the office of Mrs. Claus is her new Chief of Staff, Elf Trixie. This is Trixie’s first North Pole Chat where she is representing herself in an official capacity. Previously she worked in the North Pole News Department as a reporter and a columnist but she has accepted the temporary assignment of Chief of Staff to Mrs. Claus. Trixie, welcome!
Elf Trixie Hi Ernest. It’s nice to be with you!
Elf Ernest Are you nervous?
Elf Trixie YES!!
Elf Ernest Well, relax. You are among friends. How is this new assignment working out for you?
Elf Trixie It is getting better each day. It has been something of an adjustment.
Elf Ernest I bet. But I think emphasizing that this is just a temporary assignment is important. You will only be doing this until Santa gets back from walkabout.
Elf Trixie Yes, that’s what we talked about. I miss my previous work
Elf Ernest And it misses you!
Elf Trixie Thank you, Ernest, it is nice to hear that.
Elf Ernest How did this happen?
Elf Trixie Well, Mrs. Claus and I have been working together off-and-on since I started in the News Department. I kind of helped her on her chats and she kind of helped me in finding people to talk to as a North Pole Reporter. I just love her.
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus has stepped in for Santa many times over the years. But she’s never had a Chief of Staff before. Why do you think that changed?
Elf Trixie I think this might be a kind of test. Santa had a very long list of things he and Mrs. Claus talked about before he left and I think Mrs. Claus is just trying to stay on top of it all.
Elf Ernest Do you have much influence on things that are going on?
Elf Trixie Oh no way. I’m too busy just trying to keep things organized to be part of anything to decide stuff.
Elf Ernest What is it that you do every day?
Elf Trixie A million little things, really whatever is on Mrs. Claus’ mind. When she wants to talk to someone I try to find out where they are. She will have me make phone calls, set up meetings, find out information, get updates from people on little things – a bazillion different things.
Elf Ernest Trixie, we have gathered some questions via email. Do you mind if we answer a few of those first before we take questions from folks here today?
Elf Trixie OK
Elf Ernest How did you become an elf at the North Pole?
Elf Trixie Well, I applied for a scholarship at SNPU and I had to have a referral from a North Pole resident. The only resident I knew about was Santa, so I asked him for a referral for Christmas. And he gave it to me. I came to the North Pole about 4 years ago, started school, and that first Christmas I became an elf, tracking Santa for Santa.
Elf Ernest Yes, I remember that very well. I also remember when you volunteered to intern for the News Department.
Elf Trixie Yeah, that was kind of crazy brazen of me, wasn’t it?
Elf Ernest Not at all! You wanted to be a reporter and what better place to get some experience?
Elf Trixie Yes, I have learned a lot about the news business, thanks to you and Elf Harold.
Elf Ernest What advice do you have for other elves out there who want to come to the North Pole to work as an elf?
Elf Trixie They need to think really hard about that. The North Pole is not an easy place to live and it is far, far away from my family. That’s the hardest thing. I go long periods of time without seeing my family because of school and work here. You have to be ready for that.
Elf Ernest Oh wow! that wasn’t the answer I expected.
Elf Trixie Yeah, but not a lot of people come to the North Pole from far away like I did. Elves I know who already live here do not have that adjustment. But nearly everyone I know from around the world who wants to be an elf does not recognize how hard just being away from their family could be. Elf Crash Murphy is another elf who came from my country and he says the same thing. We have talked about it a lo
Elf Ernest Do you think being an elf at the North Pole is different than being an elf living somewhere else?
Elf Trixie I think so. I hope at some point I can be an elf who doesn’t work at the North Pole. Don’t get me wrong, I like the North Pole and I have learned a whole lot about Santa and Christmas since being here. But I miss my home, I’m not going to lie.
Elf Ernest Wow, Trixie. This is good to talk about. I think at some time we should explore this topic a little more. You have excellent thoughts on this. Are you ready to take questions from those in the chat today?
Elf Trixie Sure!
Elf Ernest Ok, who has a question for Elf Trixie?
Elf Crusader I do
Elf Max I do! I do!
Elf Ernest Go ahead Crusader
Elf Trixie Hi Crusader!
Elf Crusader First off, pleasure to meet you trixie
Elf Trixie The honor is all mine
Elf Crusader Second, what would you consider the hardest part of your job? I know there are things you can’t say
Elf Trixie I think that’s the hardest part!
Elf Crusader Why?
Elf Trixie I’m a reporter…or at least I like to think of myself as a reporter
Elf Trixie I am curious. I want to understand not just what is going on. But why things happen too
Elf Crusader Lastly, would you ever run an article on me and my fame at the pole?
Elf Trixie Hahaha – I would LOVE to do that. But I’d have to interview you as well, Crusader
Elf Trixie Maybe after this gig with Mrs. C is over I can pursue that
Elf Ernest Go ahead, Max, what’s your question?
Elf Crusader I’m open to that. I’ll admit, I am shy like you at first
Elf Sugar Cookie Hi, Elf Trixie! Congratulations again; I’m sure you are doing a fantastic job. I have two questions for you: how are you able to maintain work-life balance with your new job, and how has your new job impacted how you view Operation Merry Christmas?
Elf Max Trixie, do you foresee actually speaking for Mrs. Claus at some point?
Elf Trixie Hi Sugar Cookie. Yes, I have a much bigger appreciation for Operation Merry Christmas. It’s HUGE
Elf Trixie And work/life balance….what is that?
Elf Trixie Max – I sure hope not. Mrs. Claus is completely different from Santa. Santa can get up in front a microphone and just talk. Not Mrs. C
Elf Crusader I think she means how do you balance your job and free time?
Elf Trixie Mrs. Claus is likely to work from written announcements she has worked out with Santa in advance. At least she has so far. I don’t ever want to do that either.
Elf Trixie I know, Crusader….I was joking. There is little free time right now. I’m doing some school online and that helps. But my plate is as full as it has ever been
Elf Sugar Cookie How is school going?
Elf Max I think I’m most curious about Christmas in July. Santa usually makes an announcement or two then
Elf Crusader Do all elves have to go to SNPU?
Elf Trixie School is going great. They have been really good about working with me
Elf Sugar Cookie That’s great to hear!
Elf Trixie I don’t know anything about announcements for Christmas in July, Max. Should I be worried?
Elf Trixie No, Crusader. SNPU is not for all elves. Many go there, but not everyone.
Elf Max Is there a Northern North Pole University?:
Elf Crusader Great question!
Elf Trixie Hahaha, good question, Max. No. There’s a couple of advanced institutions – like trade schools – that specialize in the arts, like Toymaking
Elf Crusader Trixie, will you ever do a podcast?
Elf Trixie There’s also the NP Academy of Science
Elf Trixie No, never a podcast. No radio. Never, ever, ever, ever. No.
Elf Ernest Hahaha
Elf Crusader Why not?
Elf Trixie Nobody needs to hear my squeaky voice.
Elf Max Oh c’mon….I’ve heard your voice. I like it!
Elf Crusader But other elves have sort of squeaky voices and they do it
Elf Ernest I agree. It’s a pleasant voice.
Elf Trixie Sorry, I draw the line at that and working in Wrapping.
Elf Ernest Wait, you wouldn’t work in wrapping?
Elf Trixie Nope
Elf Crusader So if you weren’t a reporter, what would your dream job be trixie?
Elf Max Huh? Why not?
Elf Trixie I’m all thumbs!
Elf Trixie My dream job? I think I’d like to be Elf Ernest someday
Elf Ernest Me?!!!!
Elf Trixie Yeah, Santa’s VP of Public Relations has to be a sweet gig
Elf Crusader Looks like you’re gonna be out of a job ernest lol
Elf Ernest It is, that’s true. 32 years now!
Elf Crusader Is it true Theres a photo of me up at the pole?
Elf Trixie I heard there was a photo of you up at the post office, Crusader
Elf Max hahaha
Elf Crusader Any idea why?
Elf Trixie That’s where all the “most wanted” are posted….
Elf Crusader Oh geez lol
Elf Max Trixie, honest question: are you naturally sarcastic?
Elf Trixie Yeah…..sorry. I’ve been hanging a lot with Elf Ed Zachary this week. Bad influence
Elf Ernest Oh boy….hahaha
Elf Crusader I have a joke for you
Elf Crusader Where does frosty go to cash his check?
Elf Trixie Is it an elf joke?
Elf Max Is Elf Ed Zachary mean?
Elf Crusader It is!
Elf Trixie To the snow bank!
Elf Crusader The answer: the snow bank!
Elf Sugar Cookie LOL
Elf Crusader Yep lol
Elf Trixie No, Elf Ed Zachary is misunderstood. He’s actually hilarious. But some are afraid of him, that’s true.
Elf Max I might be afraid of him.
Elf Crusader I think he’s funny like crash
Elf Ernest Me too
Elf Crusader Trixie, have you ever flown a sleigh?
Elf Trixie He is funny, but in a sharper way than Crash. You just don’t want to get him mad and he gets mad when has has to defend Santa.
Elf Crusader I bet
Elf Trixie I have flown IN a sleigh, but I’m not a pilot
Elf Crusader With Mrs. C
Elf Ernest So, when you are done with this job you’ll be working for Elf Ed Zachary, right?
Elf Sugar Cookie Was Elf Ed Zachary the one who was making some discouraging comments about the Easter Bunny? I prefer to agree to disagree with him on that. LOL. He’s a great writer though!
Elf Crusader There aren’t gonna be any more rumors are there?
Elf Trixie I’ve flown in a sleigh with a few people but I don’t think I’ve been in a sleigh yet with Mrs. C. That’s a good bucket list item
Elf Crusader Yes
Elf Trixie He did? when did EZ do that?
Elf Max It was on the Elf Wall
Elf Trixie Oh, I haven’t been over there for a minute
Elf Crusader Is Mrs. C  your mentor trixie?
Elf Trixie What did he say?
Elf Max He answered someone who was posting about tracking the Easter Bunny. Said we’re Santa trackers, not animal…something
Elf Crusader That the Easter bunny is just an animal and we don’t track him
Elf Trixie Hahaha…yeah, that sounds like Elf Ed Zachary
Elf Trixie Mrs. C my mentor? Kinda. But I’d say Elf Ernest is more my mentor
Elf Ernest Awww, thanks Trixie
Elf Sugar Cookie Yeah, I kept my mouth shut about it since the discussion on this site is usually supposed to be about Christmas.. but I’ll admit I am a fan of EB too. Lol
Elf Trixie I’m going to need to go read what Elf EZ said now.
Elf Crusader Favorite podcaster to listen to? Me, crash and frank, or someone else?
Elf Trixie I think I’ll explore this next year for Easter. Sounds like a good way to get under Elf Ed Zachary’s skin
Elf Max You wanna get under his skin?
Elf Trixie Oh…yes!
Elf Crusader You sound like you like teasing trixie
Elf Sugar Cookie Oh gosh! I’m sorry for bringing it up; I don’t want to start anything! Haha
Elf Trixie That will be some fun
Elf Trixie Sugar Cookie, you might be the first I interview
Elf Ernest I’m not reading this….
Elf Trixie Huh, Ernest?
Elf Crusader Dang, trixie is just like us lol
Elf Ernest I just mean I’ll play dumb about this. Hahaha
Elf Sugar Cookie Really? Thanks; I would be honored! I hope it’s about more than just the Easter Bunny; I don’t want to get anyone mad lol
Elf Trixie Good strategy, boss
Elf Crusader I should give trixie my autograph or something after she interviews me haha
Elf Trixie Real elves don’t do “mad”, Sugar Cookie. Elf Ed Zachary maybe as a stern exterior, maybe Moe does too. But really they are just big soft fluffy snowballs
Elf Crusader I’m just kidding
Elf Crusader I heard moe is getting a new job?
Elf Ernest We’re past time on today’s chat. Any last questions for Trixie?
Elf Max Man, that went fast!
Elf Crusader I have one final one
Elf Trixie I don’t know anything about Moe’s new job.
Elf Sugar Cookie That’s comforting; thank you!
Elf Sugar Cookie It was so much fun getting to talk to you guys! Thank you for the chat!
Elf Max Wait. Moe has a new job? Was anyone going to tell me?
Elf Crusader How frequently do the clauses talk about us trackers?
Elf Ernest No Moe doesn’t have a new job – yet
Elf Trixie Crusader – they talk about you guys ALL THE TIME
Elf Crusader Really? About what?
Elf Max What do you mean YET?
Elf Trixie I’ll never tell, Crusader. But I will tell you this….he knows when you are sleeping….
Elf Crusader Ask elf joel
Elf Ernest Hahaha…Trixie…you are sly
Elf Crusader Oh boy.I need to be careful then
Elf Trixie Sorry. I’m just teasing.
Elf Ernest Thanks for being with us today, Elf Trixie. It was a delight!
Elf Crusader I know lol
Elf Trixie Thank you. I had SO much fun doing this. I’m surprised.
Elf Crusader Yes, thanks trixie
Elf Ernest I hope we can do it again soon!
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you, Elf Trixie! You did great!
Elf Max Thanks Elf Trixie. Great fun!
Elf Ernest Bye everyone!
Elf Trixie Thanks you guys. Miss you!
Elf Crusader See ya
Elf Sugar Cookie Have a great rest of your weekend!
Elf Max Wow, great chat Ernest
Elf Ernest Definitely a good one.
Elf Ernest Thanks everyone!
Elf Sugar Cookie No, thank *you*!
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    Thank you, Elf Winslow. And also, thank you for asking my question, Elf Ernest. I’m happy to learn a lot about Elf Trixie too. I wish I could join the chat. My impression of Elf Ed Zachary is that he is nice and kind! So I don’t want Elf Trixie to misunderstand when she reads the Elf Wall. I look forward to hearing her interview with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves soon! ^^

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