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Elf Trixie Scheduled for April Chat

Elf Trixie Scheduled for April Chat 1

Elf Trixie will for the first time ever be our featured guest in North Pole Chat on April 15th at 1pm EST.

As you may know, Elf Trixie recently accepted a promotion as Chief of Staff to Mrs. Claus, an important assignment in light of the extra duty that Mrs. Claus now has in Santa’s absence. Santa, as you know, is on walkabout and is expected to be gone from the North Pole for several months.

Elf Trixie has a lot of experience with North Pole Chat – but never has she been the featured guest. She has always served Mrs. Claus as an assistant when Mrs. Claus has been the featured guest.

Trixie wants you to know that Elf Harold pushed hard to get Mrs. Claus for the scheduled chat in April. Mrs. Claus wanted to be there but due to scheduling conflicts cannot be there. She was the one who asked Elf Trixie to take her place.

Elf Trixie has been serving as a reporter for North Pole News for the past several years. In her new role, she has suspended her reporting duties. Recent changes at the North Pole have made for a busy time for Elf Trixie and Mrs. Claus.

It is believed that Elf Trixie will be speaking to those changes and taking whatever questions you might have.

It should be a very interesting chat. We hope you can join us.

Elf Winslow

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Winslow! I know Elf Trixie always helps Mrs. Claus every time in the chat, but she hasn’t talked there. I’m curious about what she will say in this chat. I wish I could join it because it’s Sunday at 2 am local time, and my brain can’t work well then, lol. You who can join the chat are so lucky! ^^

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