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Santa Heads Out on Walkabout


Early in the morning hours Santa bid adieu to Mrs. Claus, the elves and all at the North Pole as he headed out on walkabout. Where he is headed only he knows and how long he will be gone is unknown.

As Elf Ernest explained yesterday a walkabout for Santa is an adventure that might take him around the world. But instead of going out by sleigh he heads out on foot to meet people and to talk to them.

Mrs. Claus was a little teary eyed when Santa said goodbye this morning. She knows how important this trip is for Santa and she fully supports what he is doing. But she will be taking on most of his duties here at the North Pole while he is away.

The hardest part about this trip is that no one here, including Mrs. Claus, will know exactly where Santa is and if he is safe. That can be a little nerve wracking.

Santa does not want people to know who he is as he travels. He does not want them knowing they are talking to Santa Claus.

Santa told me he sometimes has people who figure it out. But most of the time, because he is in disguise, he doesn’t get caught.

Santa is a very famous man. Sometimes famous people have problems doing things that are important just because they are famous. Santa explains that there will come a time later this year, as he does every year, where he will go out in the world to meet with children as Santa. But for right now, this trip is not about Santa – it’s about what Santa can learn.

Santa left today on the ground with a sled dog team. He is headed for a place called Port Frosty, a North Pole location where many fishing vessels are based. He told Mrs. Claus that he will head south on a fishing vessel until he reaches either Alaska or Siberia, and then he will head out on foot.

That is as much as is known about this trip.

Santa says he usually just “follows his nose” as he travels, stopping when he feels there are important people he can talk to. Santa, of course, speaks many languages and that is usually not a barrier for him as he travels.

But where he is exactly going and how long it will be until we hear from him or when he might return is really unknown.

Santa last time took Elf Winslow with him to keep a journal and report on adventures.

This time Santa has opted to travel alone.

What are the odds of Santa coming to your town?

Right now we have no clue. But you might want to keep your eyes open for him and if you think Santa has visited where you are we’d like to hear about it.

Mrs. Claus has promised to keep us posted on when she hears from Santa. When Santa does check in it will be with Mrs. Claus first.

Elf Harold

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. I hope Santa chose the first town now, and Mrs. Claus felt relieved to hear from him. It’s still cold around there, and I hope Santa stays warm and safe. I look forward to hearing the update anytime! ^^

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