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45 Week Until Christmas

45 Week Until Christmas 1

45 weeks remain until Christmas but this week we’re all about Valentine’s Day.

Countdown to Christmas

I got a lot of questions last year about Valentine’s day so I thought I better give a better explanation.

Valentine’s Day, like all holidays at the North Pole, is a very big deal.

But unlike most holidays here it is a very formal affair. There are no costumes, no contests, no food fights – almost no silliness at all.

The big event is the Valentine’s Day Ball and it is sponsored by Santa and Mrs. Claus. They are, of course, the model lovebirds for everyone here at the North Pole and Valentine’s Day is where both Santa and Mrs. Claus show everyone how love is done.

You see, they are very traditional.

Think about it. We all know her as Mrs. Claus. Even when Santa is in front of us he calls Mrs. Claus Mrs. Claus.

Santa believes she is his Queen. He not only holds the door open for her but he includes in most things that he does. They are rarely seen without each other when they are in public. Santa is always the gentleman with her and Mrs. Claus is always the lady. They speak kindly to each other and about each other.

I have talked to Santa and Mrs. Claus about this a great deal. I admire them. Someday I hope to meet an elf who will be just for me and I want that relationship to special. I want it to be like Santa and Mrs. Claus.

That’s why Valentine’s Day likely includes a lot of coaching and direction from both Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Santa, for example, held a little workshop this week he called “How to Treat Your Lady Elf When You’re a Clumsy Oaf”. It was well attended, if you can believe that.

I was able to attend, even though the event was mostly for the boys. Santa said he wished more of the girl elves would attend too, but Mrs. Claus was scheduled to give a workshop too at the same time that all the girls were encouraged to attend.

Santa taught the guys about some very important things. He talked about grooming and the need to smell good. He talked about listening and asking good questions when in the company of a lady. He talked about the basics of being polite and asking for permission. It was not only a very good class but it was comprehensive.

The Valentine’s Day Ball is a formal affair. Black ties for the guys and long dresses for the girls. It is the fanciest event of the year, with fancy foods and a big band for dancing.

The dancing is a favorite part of the event and they do all kinds of dances – from formal ballroom dancing to rumbas. Many of the guys go to dance class in order to be ready for this event.

And yes, I am going. My date is Elf Wilton, my friend from North Pole Flight Command. He asked me two weeks ago to go with him and he was so cute about it I had to say yes.

I had some help getting a long purple formal. I love the color purple and Mrs. Claus told me it’s a good color for me.

In any event don’t get any ideas about this elf. I’m not falling in love and I’m not getting married and I’m not going to get all gooey because it’s Valentine’s Day.

I haven’t done this event before at the North Pole. I haven’t had a date before, for one thing, but for another I’ve been kinda nervous about doing this. I’m not a good dancer and I’m shy.

But, Elf Wilton understands all this. He is a little the same way and we promised each other we’d spend a lot of time at the fancy dessert table with all the whipped cream goodies they have there. It’s a good place to be for those of us with two left feet.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Anything special?

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely story! I always love listening to Santa and Mrs. Claus and the North Pole. I hope their spirit of love spreads all over the world. I agree with you, and Santa and the boys and girls elves around you are so awesome, so please have fun a lot there, and I hope you meet a special elf soon. Wishing you all a happy and joyful Valentine’s Day! *^^*

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    I love reading the North Pole updates. Elf Tricia wrote an excellent report on the importance of social etiquette in relationships.

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