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47 Weeks Until Christmas

47 Weeks

47 weeks now are left until Christmas and 5 whole weeks of this year are behind us. January, kids, is nearly a memory.

Countdown to Christmas

I really have been enjoying the stories coming from Elf Crash Murphy about Santa’s flight. It is interesting, however, to note that most of the stuff he is saying does not actually include Santa.

Santa is more of a bit player in it all. A very central bit player, but a bit player nonetheless.

What’s a bit player? It’s someone who plays a smaller role.

Which is a bit silly to say considering we’re talking about Christmas Eve and Santa’s trip around the world.

Believe it or not, this is actually a hot topic at the North Pole these days.

You see, we have entered that time of the year when elves receive their training.

Now, yes, that means toymakers being trained how to make toys better. And tracker elves becoming better trackers. And candy cane makers becoming better candy cane makers.

But there is more to being an elf than the nuts and bolts of what we do.

It is also about how we think and we are spending a lot of time this year talking about that.

The theme is “It’s Not About You”. Isn’t that a cool theme?

“It’s Not About You” means that everything we do, no matter what it is, is about others.

Is that Christmasy or what?

I just love this idea. I love the idea that I get to work a job that is supposed to be about others. Helping others. Giving to others. Putting others first. This is advanced Christmas-stuff. It is the stuff I really like.

We all want to be important. We want to work jobs that are meaningful. We all want to do things that will be good for our communities. All of that is part of doing elf work.

My Mom says that is the real education I’m getting here at the North Pole. Even Daddy says he’s surprised that teaching about others still happens in this world.

I find it interesting that they started this training for us even before all the elf evaluations are done. The elf evaluations are when we set goals for the year ahead. It’s almost the end of January and I haven’t seen all the goals yet.

Not to worry. We’ll get them. But even those, I am learning, are secondary to “others”.

That is why I am starting to see Santa a little differently. We don’t talk so much about Santa in these stories about Christmas Eve because Santa is focused on others on Christmas Eve.

I can tell you right now Santa is enjoying the stories Elf Crash is telling. He loves to hear about others more than he loves to hear about himself. In fact, Santa does not want to hear about himself at all.

In the elf world, it does not always work like that. Some elves get a little caught up in having a big important job or some kind of fancy title. Elves love to be in charge.

But those elves who actually are in charge don’t get there by talking about themselves or reminding people who they are. They just focus on others.

That’s what I want to be – an elf who is all about others.

How do I know when I have accomplished that?

I’m not sure. That’s my next question for Santa about being the right kind of elf.

Until then, I’ll keeping studying and I’ll keep trying. What about you? What kind of elf do you want to be?


Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Trixie! It’s already past 5 weeks. Wow, time is Santa’s sleigh, lol. I agree; Elf Crash’s story is always very interesting! You’re so lucky to hear a lot from him. I’m curious about what Santa wants to do and where he wants to go this year. I’m delighted to make him more fun like Elf Crash does! See you soon XD

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