Santa's Flight

Elf Crash Murphy was our first guest of the New Year in North Pole Chat. His purpose in this discussion was to talk about things that happened during Santa’s flight this past Christmas. Here is a transcript of that conversation:

Crash Murphy Hi everyone!
Elf Ernest Hello Elf Crash!
Lil Cream Hey!
Elf Ernest Welcome to our first chat of the new year
Crash Murphy Excited to be here!
Elf Ulan Hi Elf Crash!
Elf Ulan Me too!
Crash Murphy Hi Lil Cream! Hi Ulan!  Happy new year to you!
Lil Cream You too Crash!
Elf Ernest Are you ready for the new year, Crash?
Crash Murphy You betcha!
Elf Ulan Happy new year too !
Elf Ernest Crash we’re expecting a small crowd today. But we’ve billed this chat as a recap of flying with Santa last month. We’re hoping to get some inside stories about his flight.
Crash Murphy Ok….I can do that, I suppose
Elf Ernest I understand you and Frank spent some time in the studio today for a new podcast about kind of the same thing
Crash Murphy Yes, he did something cool. He played some clips from the radio program – some things I had not heard. It was a good time!
Lil Cream That’s cool!
Elf Ernest That sounds awesome. Do you know when that podcast will be ready?
Elf Ulan Yeah!
Crash Murphy Some time in the next day or two, maybe Monday. Not really sure. It was a long one.
Elf Ernest Oh good!
Elf Ernest Were there a lot of clips you had NOT heard?
Crash Murphy Yes, quite a few. A lot of folks don’t realize that there’s a lot going on up there. I have Kringle Radio in one ear, North Pole Flight Command in the other and Santa…kind of whenever he wants to tell me something in between.
Elf Ernest Well, I think that is the kind of insight people want to know about, Crash. Just how you do what you do.
Crash Murphy Well, I don’t do anything special but I have a great seat for it all. I’m happy to talk about it. Glad to be doing it, actually.
Elf Ernest It sounds like you don’t have enough ears for all that flies around on the radio up there!
Crash Murphy Yeah, it’s a very active environment. Frank and I talked about that on the podcast, Ernest.
Elf Ernest You’re up there a long time, too. Don’t you get tired?
Crash Murphy Honestly I don’t get to feeling tired until we’re just about done. There’s no time to really think about it. It’s go go go from the minute Santa launches and it takes my full attention.
Elf Ernest We’re told that Santa set another record this year but he still came in at over 30 hours. That’s a real long time to be in a sleigh.
Crash Murphy Yes and Santa still really wants to break that 30-hour barrier. He wants it something fierce.
Elf Ernest Do you think he can do it?
Crash Murphy Yes, it’s just a matter of time. A billion different variables have to swing his way but he’s darn close to it now.
Elf Ernest Do you have a hard time keeping up with Santa?
Crash Murphy Sometimes.
Crash Murphy But I don’t pilot my own sleigh, Ernest. I have Elf Vernon, who is one of our best test pilots, and he pilots my sleigh. There’s no way I could fly it, keep up with Santa and do all the other stuff I do at the same time.
Elf Ernest I see. Does Santa give you things to do up there too?
Crash Murphy Yeah, Frank asked me that too. Did you guys talk?
Elf Ernest Hahaha – no, no.
Crash Murphy I do little things here and there. Mostly errands, that kind of thing.
Elf Ernest Doesn’t Santa have other elves for that?
Lil Cream What type of errands?
Crash Murphy He does. You wouldn’t believe the number of sleighs up there supporting Santa. But occasionally he’ll ask me to do something for him, usually late in the flight when he knows I’m bored.
Crash Murphy Errands? Mostly getting little things he needs for someone or that he forgot about. A lot of food errands for food gifts. He does that because knows when I’m hungry
Elf Ernest What do all those sleighs do?
Crash Murphy They are there for various purposes. Re-supply of the sleigh is the biggest job up there. But there are sleighs there for emergency situations – safety reasons.
Elf Ernest Are there sleighs up there for “just-in-case” that never actually do anything?
Crash Murphy Oooohhhhh, yes. The ambulance sleigh goes every year and so far I’ve never seen it used but once.
Elf Ernest You mean…Santa got INJURED?
Crash Murphy No, not at all. That’s not happened.
Crash Murphy Once, we were over Mexico City, and we saw an accident happen on a highway below us.
Elf Ulan Does it during a fling?
Elf Ernest Oh my
Crash Murphy Yeah, it looked worse than it turned out to be. A car flipped over and Santa immediately dispatched the ambulance sleigh. But everyone was okay and when the regular ambulance got there our sleigh guys got out of there fast. It could have been worse
Elf Ernest Wow….how long ago was that?
Crash Murphy Golly….five or six years ago.
Elf Ernest I don’t remember that being on the news.
Elf Crusader Sorry I’m late
Crash Murphy That never made the news, Ernest. If I recall Santa didn’t want it on the news.
Elf Ernest Is there a lot of stuff that doesn’t make the news?
Elf Ernest Hi Elf Crusader
Elf Crusader Hello ernest and hello crash
Crash Murphy Certainly. Routine stuff mostly. Stuff that isn’t interesting for the most part.
Crash Murphy Hey Crusader, how you feeling, friend?
Elf Ulan Hi Elf Crusader!
Lil Cream hey!
Crash Murphy I heard you were under the weather
Elf Crusader Yes, I was. Was not fun at all
Elf Ernest Really? Crusader has the flu or something?
Crash Murphy Are you doing better?
Elf Crusader I am! Much better!
Elf Crusader I had covid
Elf Ernest Glad to hear that. We’re talking to Crash about flying with Santa.
Elf Ernest Covid – yow!!!
Crash Murphy Oh that sucks
Crash Murphy You know, I haven’t had it yet.
Elf Crusader Oh! No problem! I’ve got plenty of questions
Elf Ulan Glad you feel better now
Lil Cream I had it exactly a year ago today im pretty sure
Elf Ernest Fire away with the questions, Crusader. You too Lil Cream and Ulan!
Elf Crusader Be glad you haven’t had it. It isn’t fun
Crash Murphy I know too many that have had it. I’m drinking my eggnog. Not gettin’ it.
Elf Ernest Crash, what would happen if Santa got sick for Christmas Eve?
Elf Crusader Ok. Crash, what’s it like up there in the sky? Don’t you get cold?
Crash Murphy I really don’t know. He NEVER gets sick. I don’t know how he does it
Elf Ulan When did you know Santa chose the last sleigh? Elf Crash?
Crash Murphy Yeah, it can get cold at times. I dress in layers and I’m taking things off and putting them all the time. Especially when we start the whole north-south rotation. It’s kinda psycho
Crash Murphy Oh Ulan – that sleigh thing was WILD. I reported on it so I likely knew before anyone else.
Elf Crusader What about the weather up here in Minnesota. It changes a lot , especially in winter
Crash Murphy I wasn’t surprised though. I knew that sleigh last year was never going to fly. I realized it in mid-December
Elf Crusader Why did santa do it?
Crash Murphy My recollection of Christmas Eve in Minnesota this year was that there was snow, but man, was it cold there.
Elf Crusader Always is. Was about 20 something here that night
Elf Ulan Wow, you already knew then. Was the sleigh in the museum?
Crash Murphy Why did Santa do the sleigh thing? Lots of speculation about that. I honestly do think he was testing the sleigh boys a bit. And Flight Command. But part of me says he really want to fly that old sleigh anyway.
Crash Murphy Actually that sleigh wasn’t in the museum, it was in Santa’s barn. He had it because he left it there after flying it to Canada in October.
Elf Crusader Crash, what if you have to, you know, relieve yourself?
Crash Murphy He surprised everyone by taking that sleigh and not the sleigh he used in 2021
Crash Murphy Hahaha – Good question, Crusader and I get it alot.
Elf Crusader Really? So what’s the answer?
Lil Cream Hey guys! I gotta head out, it was nice chatting with you all! Hopefully I’ll see you all soon once the site stuff gets fixed
Crash Murphy I’ll land somewhere usually to find the little elf’s room. But in case of emergency I have a special little elf…uh, porta potty on the sleigh.
Crash Murphy Bye Lil Cream
Elf Crusader Oh? I never knew that!
Elf Ernest I’ll pass it along Lil Cream
Lil Cream Bye see ya! Thanks again!
Elf Ernest Crash…trying to be delicate here….is it an actually walk in porta potty or more like an emergency container of some type.
Crash Murphy Well, I’ll just say it’s NOT a walk-in anything, okay?
Elf Ulan Bye Elf Lil Cream!
Elf Ernest Hahaha
Elf Crusader Oh man! I opened a can of worms
Elf Ernest The rigors of sleigh flight, I guess
Crash Murphy It’s okay, Crusader. Natural question.
Elf Ernest Well, 30+ hours of flight means the issue has to come up once or twice
Elf Crusader Crash, I heard of a funny story of one Christmas Eve where you got hungry and stopped for a meal
Crash Murphy It’s an easy thing for me. Not-so-easy for Santa
Elf Ulan Did the Flight Command elves understand now why Santa operated the test flights last year?
Crash Murphy I did? Was that this year?
Elf Crusader No. It was a few years ago. Elf moe mentioned it lol
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan – I think they all understand in Flight Command now. They think Santa is a little sneaky.
Crash Murphy Yeah…I’ve been known to look for cheeseburgers on Christmas Eve.
Elf Crusader Don’t you ever worry about being seen crash?
Elf Crusader Why? Don’t you eat crash?
Crash Murphy Not at all. Why would I worry about being seen?
Elf Ulan Hahaha, okay! That’s good!
Crash Murphy Of course I eat. I love to eat. But 30 hours is a long time to live on twinkies alone, you know?
Elf Crusader Because some people would laugh at an elf or not believe
Elf Crusader TRUE
Crash Murphy I don’t have time for that kind of worry, Crusader. If someone sees me, they see me.
Elf Crusader You can’t expect to live on sugar crash! You could get ummmmm  fat
Crash Murphy I’m 155 pounds on my heaviest day, Crusader. I live nearly exclusively on sugar.
Elf Ernest We get that same kind of question about Santa, especially after he eats all those cookies.
Elf Crusader Wow! That’s an incredible feat! How come humans get fat then?
Crash Murphy Ernest, I know you know this but Santa is ripped.
Elf Crusader He is? Is he built like the undertaker from wwe?
Crash Murphy Well, I am human, Elf Crusader. I don’t know why I don’t get fat.
Elf Ulan Did you bring pies a lot too?
Crash Murphy Pies don’t travel well, Ulan., But I would if I could.
Elf Crusader I mean, santa probably looks like the rock or hulk hogan
Crash Murphy I don’t know who Undertaker is, Crusader. But Santa has a really low BMI, that’s all I can tell you.
Elf Ulan I think you are active!
Elf Ernest Wow, the time has really flown – last questions for Crash?
Crash Murphy Yes, I am active, maybe more than your average elf.
Elf Crusader Is there any updates on my podcast?
Crash Murphy Good golly, Crusader. I forgot to ask Frank that today. I will though.
Elf Crusader If not, no biggie
Crash Murphy We should have had you on the podcast we recorded today. You have good questions.
Elf Ulan I’m appreciate it if you suggest to me a job or a role this year
Elf Ernest When is that coming out again?
Elf Crusader Thanks crash! Btw, we need to do another podcast sometime. This time, you be in the interview chair
Crash Murphy Tomorrow or Monday
Crash Murphy Or Tuesday
Crash Murphy That’s a good idea Crusader!
Elf Crusader I would love to be a part of it someday soon
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan…I don’t know when the new job thing rolls out. But you’d have my endorsement for anything you want to do.
Elf Ernest Ok, everyone. Thanks for being here today.
Elf Crusader I’m still sector lead right?
Elf Ernest Crash, thank you for all the great information. We look forward to that new podcast!
Crash Murphy Until they say otherwise, Crusader, yes.
Elf Ernest Bye everyone!
Crash Murphy Thanks everybody!
Elf Ulan Thank you, Elf Ernest, and Elf Crash!
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    Thank you, Elf Ernest for updating us immediately! Thank you, Elf Crash; it was fun and passed so fast. I wanted to ask more, but I’m happy to learn a lot. I didn’t know Elf Vernon is your pilot. I wish Santa could fly around the world safer and more fun this year! I’m looking forward to listening to both podcasts! XD

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